It's no secret that coloring can both favorably emphasize the appearance and make it brighter, and, conversely, spoil the image. In this article we will tell you what hair color suits green eyes

Rules for choosing hair color for girls with green eyes

Choosing hair color “like a girlfriend” is one of the mistakes that many girls make. Colorists urge you not to make hasty decisions and emphasize that the paint you buy should not only please you on its own, but also be combined with your type of appearance.

When choosing a hair color for green-eyed people, it is important to take into account skin tone, color type, gray hair and other factors. Conveniently, a virtual color try-in is available today.

Thanks to the rapidly developing beauty industry - today it is not a problem to choose a hair color for green eyes, however, with a small caveat. First you need to decide on a strategy: do you want to become a brunette, like Eva Longoria, or a blonde, like Natasha Poly, or maybe you like a redhead, like Emma Stone? After this issue is resolved, you can move on to tactics - choosing the right palette and specific paint.

Would you like to become a blonde? Pay attention to light golden shades - they are in great demand among girls with green eyes for a reason. Looking for something less popular? Then go for honey shades that soften the look and make it more natural.

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Prefer to stay "on the dark side" ? We understand! The contrast combination seems to increase the brightness of green eyes to the maximum. Choose between copper and cognac shades.
Dreaming of red hair? Bingo! Most shades of this color and green eyes harmonize perfectly. In order not to make a mistake in choosing the paint of your dreams, check the information below.

We select the hair color according to the shade of the eyes

You don't have to turn to colorists for help - just look in the mirror, determine the shade of your eyes and listen to our advice. By the way, what makeup to complement fresh coloring, you can see on the video:

Grey-green eyes

We start the analysis with this combination for a reason. Grey-green eyes are perhaps the most common combination. Often this union is dominated by gray, but I would like to focus on a greenish tint. In this case, you should not choose halftones.

If blond - then let it be flashy, if dark color - then burning. But red shades will cope best with the task of highlighting the green spectrum.

The bright sunny colors look especially attractive in the summer on girls with freckles. In a word, a bright and rich hair color suits gray-green eyes, so you should not rely on pastel and muted tones.

Kare-green eyes

Brunette with hazel-green eyes is a classic look. But girls want variety, so they keep experimenting.

Try to choose a shade of paint that is as close as possible to natural natural colors. Stop either on a warm chestnut shade, or on light brown-golden. So you add an image of nobility and emphasize the depth of green eyes. And to make the focus on the eyes as expressive as possible, mascara will help - black, brown or purple-burgundy.

Swamp shade

Don't miss this item if your eyes are hazel or olive. It so happened that these shades are classified as marsh according to the classification.The blonde version will rhyme well with wheaten or platinum hair dye, making your hair look like it's your natural color. And for those who think that they have dark olive eyes, it is better to dye their hair blond or black.

Emerald eyes

An unusual and beautiful duet is a combination of red hair with bright green eyes. In the photo, these shades compete with each other, but in fact they are on the same team. This union will earn 10 points out of 10 if you choose the right red shade. The ideal color for you should be cast in copper, bronze or chocolate gloss. But the amber shade may be inappropriate - with a bright green iris, it is better to avoid it. By the way, the emerald color is considered a rarity, so God himself ordered to emphasize this zest in the most advantageous way.

Blue-green eyes

Do you belong to the category of people who find it difficult to unambiguously determine the color of their eyes, and depending on the lighting, clothes, can you classify yourself as either blue-eyed or green-eyed? Many call this shade turquoise. Speaking about the choice of hair dye, it should be noted that two colors go to the green-blue shades of the eyes. If you have fair skin, dye your hair copper red, and if you have dark skin, dark brown.

We select hair color according to skin tone

Choosing a hair color for green eyes, taking into account skin tone, is a task with an asterisk. Above we discussed what is generally suitable for both fair skin and dark skin, and now let's approach the choice of hair dye in more detail.

For fair skin

Pay attention to copper, red and caramel shades of paint. Feel like experimenting? In this case, you can try applying Colorista hair coloring jelly from L’Oréal Paris for a couple of days. If you do not know what hair color is suitable for green eyes and pale skin, take pink without looking. By the way, you can watch the video on how to use this paint correctly here.

For dark skin

At first glance, our proposal will seem unusual, but it is the charcoal hair color against the background of dark skin that will create a mysterious look that you will want to return to again and again. And if you still make a bob haircut, then increased attention is guaranteed.True, we must warn that the shade is capricious. Firstly, it needs to be updated more often than others, especially in the presence of gray hair. Secondly, this color can make you look older. And thirdly, it is important that the black color does not have a blue or reddish tint - with a dark skin tone, this is useless.

Taking into account warm and cold skin undertones

The next task is to determine the skin tone. If there is no doubt about eye color and skin tone, then people rarely know their skin tone. So let's do a little test.Girls with warm undertones can usually describe their skin color as honey, golden peach or slightly yellowish. It is possible that you have freckles. Colorists recommend girls of this type with green eyes to choose warm hair colors - honey or caramel. But the color itself can be anything - blondes, brunettes, and redheads will find a suitable “sweet” shade.

The owners of a light undertone are girls with either pink or reddish skin. For them, it is not the first year that cold coloring a la the Snow Maiden is recommended, namely ashy and light brown shades.

Review of shades of hair colors suitable for owners of green eyes

  1. A paint with an appetizing name is what girls with green eyes and a warm skin tone need. By the way, honey is present not only in the name of the product. In the set with the main product, you will find a honey-based hair balm that makes the strands softer, shiny and silky.

  1. This shade is worth hunting for owners of hazel-green eyes. On the one hand, it looks very saturated and bright, on the other hand, it looks natural. The tool effectively covers gray hair and is not washed off from the hair for up to 8 weeks.

  1. A shade that expressively emphasizes gray-green eyes. And the paint from this line should be chosen not only for its pure platinum color, but also for its special composition. Mother-of-pearl and floral oils have been added to the product, which make the hair shiny and leave a pleasant aroma on them.

  1. Looking for pure black? It looks like we found it! And in the collection of products that enhance hair shine by 3 times! An important plus of Colorista Permanent Gel is the amount of funds. One package is enough to cover even long curls.

  1. And here is an option for owners of emerald eyes! A noble red color was found in the Olia series. A nice bonus is the fragrance of the product, a composition of notes of patchouli, jasmine and lime.

Hurry, try a new look and share your impressions.