Who doesn't dream of perfect eyebrows? Such that make the face harmonious and attractive, emphasizing its natural beauty. Advice from makeup artists will help make your dream come true

Fashion changes very quickly, including makeup and eyebrow shape. Once upon a time, everyone without exception aspired to the notorious “threads”, now “sable” eyebrows have long been at the peak of popularity. But in an attempt to keep up with the trends, one must remember that the best stylist and brow-master is nature. In most cases, eyebrows need only a little correction and maintaining a beautiful shape.Recreating them is not the best solution. The most obvious method of correction to preserve the natural beauty of the eyebrows is available to everyone - this is plucking. In this article, we will tell you how to properly pluck your eyebrows at home, analyze the features of this procedure and find out how experienced specialists advise doing it.

Face types and eyebrows

Before plucking your eyebrows, you need to decide on the most harmonious shape for your face, which largely depends on the type of face.


Eyebrows suit an oval face without a noticeable break. It is important here not to make the face even more elongated and narrow.


In this case, you need to slightly narrow the face visually and soften the features, so our choice is eyebrows with a slight bend.

Round face

In this case, narrow eyebrows with a more pronounced corner and a sharp tail will look organic. They will add clear lines and expressiveness to a round face.


The main feature of a triangular face shape is a massive upper part and a pointed chin. Arched and raised eyebrows will help balance the features.


Defining "our" eyebrow shape

There are certain rules that allow you to achieve harmony on your face. It is easy to find a suitable eyebrow shape on your own using any cosmetic pencil. For example, Brow Artist Xpert by L'Oréal Paris.

  1. To determine the place of the beginning of the eyebrow, you need to attach the pencil vertically to the wing of the nose so that it crosses the inner corner of the eye. The point of intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow will be the optimal beginning of the eyebrow.

  2. Apply the pencil to the nose diagonally so that it passes through the center of the eye. The point of intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow will indicate the highest point of the bend of the eyebrow.

  3. Building a third point with a pencil: put the pencil on the base of the nostril and direct it diagonally so that it crosses the outer corner of the eye. The point of intersection with the eyebrow will indicate the point of departure of the tail of the eyebrow.

  4. Now you can connect all the marked points, creating a path that will help you pluck your eyebrows to get the optimal shape for you.

Which tweezer to choose?

If you need to pluck your eyebrows beautifully and evenly, it is important to take the time to choose the main tool for this procedure - tweezers. There are several types of tweezers, each of which is specialized in its own tasks.

  • Straight tweezers are designed for tough thick eyebrows, it can remove several hairs at once. It is used to remove excess volume.

  • Beveled tweezers allow you to gently remove hairs one by one, it's easy to do your own eyebrow correction.

  • Tweezers with rounded ends are suitable for plucking thin and inconspicuous hairs that are difficult to grab with ordinary tweezers.

  • Sharp tweezers are used in the salon by experienced brow-masters to remove ingrown hairs, as well as for more precise eyebrow correction. These are best left to professionals and not used at home.

As you already understood, the most common and easy to use is beveled tweezers. It is he who is best suited for self-plucking eyebrows at home.


How to pluck eyebrows beautifully: step by step instructions

This procedure can be divided into several stages, and below we will analyze step by step and with a photo how to properly pluck eyebrows at home.

  1. Preparation for plucking is an important step, and you should not neglect it. Think about your "workplace" - exactly where you will pluck your eyebrows. It is optimal to do this by the window in natural daylight: this way the most inconspicuous hairs will be visible. As a last resort - under bright artificial lighting, which does not create shadows.

    • Hairs are best removed when the skin is steamed and the pores are open, so it is best to correct after a shower.

    • Since dry skin is easier to injure, it must be moistened first. To do this, 10-15 minutes before the start of the procedure, lubricate it with a non-greasy cream and let it soak in.

    • To minimize pain, you can use ice - wipe the skin around the eyebrow with an ice cube.

    • Don't forget to sanitize your tweezers and skin to prevent infection and inflammation.

  2. Before the correction, the eyebrows should be combed with a special brush - this way you will see which hairs need to be removed.

  3. Tweeze eyebrows in the direction of hair growth. Basically, hair grows from the nose to the temples, but in some areas, for example closer to the bridge of the nose, it can grow up towards the forehead. It is important to consider this feature.

  4. With your free hand, you can stretch the skin a little, so that it is more convenient to grab the hair closer to the root with tweezers and pull it out with a sharp movement. Try to keep the tweezers parallel to the skin.

  5. Comb the hairs up with a brush. If there are too long, they can be carefully cut with scissors, but it is important not to overdo it.

  6. After the procedure, treat the skin with lotion to soothe it and avoid irritation.

Some more useful tips you will find in this video.

Advice and life hacks from experienced brows

  • Don't pluck one eyebrow first and then the other. It is best to remove several hairs in turn from each. This makes it easier to achieve a symmetrical result.

  • The tweezers must close tightly in order to effectively capture the hairs. Do not use blunt tweezers: this can lead to microtrauma of the skin.

  • It is easiest to remove hairs under the eyebrow, above it it should be done only as a last resort.

  • Our face is asymmetrical, so the eyebrows should not be one hundred percent the same. Remember that "eyebrows are sisters, not twins."

  • Using an ordinary large mirror is much better than using a magnifying one. In this case, the whole face is visible, and you will not remove the excess.

  • Makeup after eyebrow correction is best done after a couple of hours.

How to emphasize eyebrows with beauty products?

  • If the eyebrows lack saturation and color, we recommend using a special mascara.

  • Fill in your brows and make them more visible with a real alternative to permanent make-up - a permanent brow tint.

How to choose the right shade?

  • For blondes, a color that matches the natural hair color is suitable.

  • Blondes need a tone in the color of the roots or a tone darker.

  • Brunettes should choose an eyebrow shade a tone lighter than their hair color.

For those who have naturally thick eyebrows, there is no need to add color to them - just fix a beautiful shape. Transparent gels are ideal for this.