When we hear the phrase "platinum blonde" , unforgettable images of brilliant Hollywood movie stars of the 1950s come to mind. Since then, this color has remained one of the most desired and mysterious

Who suits platinum hair color

This color certainly catches the eye of others. But before you opt for a platinum palette, you need to decide whether it will be winning in your case. Pay attention to the skin of the face: if there is redness or dark spots, the blond will only emphasize this. With swarthy and dark skin, excessive contrast will be created.There are no more rigid contraindications, but for a more accurate understanding of who should choose the “platinum blond” paint, we advise you to start from the features and type of appearance. You can also try a virtual fitting at L’Oréal Paris or Garnier.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisPlatinum blonde really suits many, but not everyone, because it can add age and turn a rather young woman into a mature lady. Therefore, it is impossible to recommend a color without seeing the client. There are a large number of color stretching techniques that, due to slightly darkened roots and light ends, allow us to both hide gray hair and not harm the client. If we are talking about painting over gray hair at home, I recommend paying attention to Preference permanent hair dye, which does an excellent job of creating a beautiful blond and lightening hair by several tones.

Eye color

Excessively cold shades will not suit brown-eyed people. It is better to choose a muted platinum, such as light brown blond. And here we tell you what makeup suits blondes with brown eyes.

The owners of green eyes, on the contrary, will suit ashy blonde options.

Who really suits platinum, without any reservations, is girls with blue and gray eyes. Light eyes are in harmony with the coldest shades - the result will only please. How to emphasize the gentle image of light-eyed blondes, read in our material.

Our video tutorial on creating Hollywood make-up for blondes.

Skin tone

We've already talked about how to determine your skin tone.

If you have pale skin with blue undertones, the cool palette is for you.

For olive and pink-peach skin, shades with ashy and light brown notes are suitable. You can try platinum blonde coloring.

Swarthy girls will suit warm shades of blonde.


Platinum blonde suits almost all age groups. It will not look very natural only on very young girls, but if you are over twenty, then this type of coloring will surely be another way to successfully refresh the image. It is worth noting that platinum does not age - on the contrary, it gives the image of aristocracy and elegance. So, choosing her at a respectable age, the ladies will definitely not lose.

Hair structure

Before deciding on a cardinal lightening, evaluate the structure of the hair. If they are thin, prone to brittleness, dryness, devoid of density and vitality, such coloring will not benefit them.

How to dye your hair platinum blonde

First, let's figure out how to get a platinum blonde.In the hair of natural blondes, the dark pigment melanin is contained in small quantities - this is the reason for their light color. But brunettes, brown-haired or fair-haired, in order to achieve lightening, you will need to drown out this pigment or completely get rid of it with the help of bleaching agents.

  • Burning brunettes should not do this procedure on their own. At one time, it will not be possible to achieve the desired effect - the process of turning into a blonde must take place in several stages with an interval of at least several days. For competent clarification, it is better to turn to professionals in order to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

  • For light and fair-haired girls, it will not be difficult to dye your hair in platinum. You can do without discoloration and use cream paint. She will be enough.

  • Owners of red hair can turn into a blonde on their own, but here you will have to pay attention to stronger means to remove the red or yellow tint, or resort to tinting after dyeing.


Platinum paint - how to choose?

What allows you to lighten hair and drown out dark pigments? Permanent paints contain ammonia, although it is more correct to call it ammonium hydroxide. It is he who ensures reliable fixation of the color, creating an alkaline pH of the dye, as a result, hydrogen peroxide begins to decompose, opening the cuticle scales, and the pigment easily penetrates deep into the hair and is securely fixed there. Of course, not the most beneficial effect, but only in this way can maximum clarification be achieved. At the same time, ammonia evaporates very quickly from the surface of the hair, and its residues are easily washed off.

A unique formula developed in the L'Oréal Paris laboratory protects color from fading, nourishes hair, prevents thinning and creates a protective barrier on the surface. Due to the active effect, L’Oréal Paris Préférence paint will suit even owners of dark hair.

Ammonia-free paints, which also cope with the task of lightening, should not be left without attention. L’Oréal Paris’ Casting Crème Gloss ammonia-free cream paint palette also has shades of blond.

When coloring with Casting Crème Gloss from L'Oréal Paris, the hair structure is not disturbed - special components have a caring and smoothing effect. The paint will not take dark hair, but it will work great on fair-haired.

Another find among products without ammonia is the Garnier Olia line. The composition of these funds includes flower oils of sunflower and camellia.They moisturize the hair, give it shine and neutralize dryness after dyeing. In addition, oils have a beneficial effect on the scalp.

Do you want more shine in your hair? The Garnier Color Sensation series of super brightening cream paints will give a mirror shine without problems.

Trendy platinum hair shades

Platinum Blonde

Classic platinum blonde has not lost its position over the years and is still popular. But the classics will be complemented by colleagues in the platinum shop.

Pearl Platinum

Pearls are a real beauty trend in both manicure and makeup. Feel free to choose it for coloring.

Pink Platinum

This option will be chosen by girls who are not afraid of bright experiments.

Silver Blonde

Silver shades will shimmer beautifully on both short haircuts and long wavy curls.


The most daring can decide on a transforming color and catch admiring glances.

Types of staining

Platinum blonde is chosen not only for coloring hair along the entire length. Colorists also use this palette when working with more complex techniques.


Blonde (not only platinum) looks very nice in gradient coloring. The main thing is to make the transition as accurate as possible, without leaving clear boundaries.


On separate strands, blond will serve as a beautiful accent in the image and add visual volume to the hair, including in the palette for more intense color highlighting.

Dark roots

Any colorist will confirm that the most winning transition is from dark to light, it is universal for both dark and fair skin.


Blonde curls, as if burnt out in the sun, will remind you of summer. This coloring is best done on strands framing the face

Platinum blonde care

The main problems of blondes after bleaching and dyeing are dry ends, brittleness and dehydration of hair. Another disadvantage is that the color is quickly washed out, loses its brightness, and instead of cold shades, unwanted yellowness or redness breaks through. Therefore, care for a platinum blonde should be intensive - restoring and preserving color.

  • Mask, shampoo and balm always work together, so for the best result, we advise you to immediately choose products from one line. For example, Botanicals "Rose and Geranium" from L'Oréal Paris Elseve for colored and dull hair with rose petal extract. The oils contained in these beauty products, as well as rose petal extract, not only restore and nourish the hair, but also protect the color from washing out.

  • To give your hair a he althy shine and protection from external influences, L’Oréal Paris Elseve Color Expert Express Conditioner for colored hair is suitable. Apply it to damp strands before styling or dry hair for easy combing.

  • Garnier Fructis Transfiguration Elixir Oil is used in different ways: before shampooing it is applied for intensive nutrition, on wet hair after washing - for easy styling and protection from negative environmental factors, on dry curls - for shine . Convenient packaging format allows you to distribute the oil through your hair, wherever you are. If the hair tends to be greasy, we recommend applying the elixir not along the entire length, but only at the ends.

  • L'Oréal Paris Elseve's Purple Color Expert Shampoo and Mask for blond hair and highlighted brunettes, against yellowness will help preserve the color. A strong violet pigment quickly and efficiently copes with unwanted shades of yellow and red and restores a cold glow to the color.

Is it necessary to do subsequent toning when dyeing in platinum blond or is it enough to use special care products?

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf the result after dyeing turned out to be cold, then it is enough to use care products for dyed hair. But cold pigments are the smallest of all, so they leave the very first. In order to keep the shade cold until the next staining, you can use toning.