Perfect black hair color is the dream of many. We decided to open the cards and tell who suits the dark color, how to choose it and how to maintain it so that the result of successful coloring pleases as long as possible

Features of black hair color

Dyeing your hair black is not an easy task. But, having tried, many no longer want to look for other tones. To decide whether to dye your hair black, our analysis of the pros and cons will help.

So, the advantages of this coloring.

When people talk about clothes, they often notice that black makes you slim. But the optical illusions that this color is capable of are not limited to the parameters of the body.

After dyeing hair in a dark color, the face looks more expressive, and the oval becomes visually clearer.

Especially if you wear a short haircut, such as an elongated bob or bob.

When changing the color to black, it is easy to achieve the effect of shiny hair.

Dyeing does not require multi-stage preparation, as, for example, in the case of lightening to platinum blond. In addition, it is believed that black pigments are the least traumatic for hair.

Now let's talk about the cons.

If you paint over your gray hair, then coloring your hair black will be on the agenda much more often than it would be when choosing light shades. Re-coloring will have to be done earlier, as gray hair is very noticeable in contrast with black.

But there is an alternative way out of this situation. Keep L'Oréal Paris's Magic Retouch Instant Root Cover-Up Tinting Spray handy for quick coverage of blemishes when there's no time for full coverage.

On black hair, split ends are more noticeable, so, firstly, you should renew your haircut every 2-3 months, and secondly, use hair care products regularly.

Perfect, for example, oil-elixir Fructis "Transformation for hair. Triple Recovery" with 3-glyceride and fruit oils from Garnier.

Experts stress it's important to use oils regularly - do a hair spa on a weekly basis!

Many people are afraid that dyeing their hair black will make dark circles under the eyes more noticeable.The fears are greatly exaggerated. But if you need guarantees, then it will be useful to know how to masterfully mask these imperfections. See the video below for detailed instructions.

When choosing, we focus on skin tone

" Who suits dark hair color?" - the question in 2023 is rather idle. Every girl, regardless of eye color and skin tone, can find the right paint to make the dark hair color look as harmonious as possible. Photo evidence!

Colorists believe that the main thing in this matter is to correctly determine your color type and build on this in choosing a shade. By the way, many draw conclusions about their color type without looking in the mirror - for this they just need to carefully examine their wrist. Learn more about how to accurately identify your skin tone here.

  • Snow-white skinShould porcelain skin wear black? Most often, girls are afraid that against the background of blue-black hair, their features will fade.But under two conditions, this will not happen. Firstly, you should choose either chestnut shades with caramel tints, or a deep black color without a hint of red, blue and purple undertones. Secondly, it is important to correctly emphasize your appearance with makeup. How to do it for girls who have a light skin tone, we told here.
  • Dark skinNaturally tanned skin is the most natural background for black hair. But we want to find the perfect combination, so we recommend "dessert" shades of coffee or dark chocolate.
  • Skin with yellow and red undertonesIt's no coincidence that these two undertones are in the same place. After all, girls with olive and peach-pink skin are shown the same shades. We advise them to take a closer look at natural colors. Moreover, the fashion for a natural dark chestnut tone is unlikely to ever pass.
  • Beige leather

    Dye for the most common skin color should also not be pure black. It is better if the color is cast in shades of dark mocha or cocoa.

How does eye color match black hair?

How do you know if black hair suits you? To do this, you need to clarify the "color palette" of the face.

Let's talk about winning combinations, starting from eye shades. By the way! Hair color can be tried on the websites of dye manufacturers.

Brown eyes

With such initial data, it makes sense to dilute the uniform black color with other shades.

Experts advise brown-eyed girls to choose paint with golden brown and almond tints. Such a play of colors will advantageously emphasize the look of brown eyes.

Green eyes

It doesn't matter what shade you have: emerald, marsh or interspersed with other colors - dyeing your hair black will visually make your eye color brighter even without makeup! The combination of black hair and green eyes makes the dark skin tone especially attractive. So summer is the perfect time to do this hair color test.

Blue eyes

Cold black hair color is perfect for blue eyes. Coloring will add rigor and nobility to the image.But in this case, it is necessary to ensure that red reflections do not appear on the strands. Shampoo and conditioner for colored hair will help to keep the color unchanged longer.

Grey eyes

Colorists are sure that dark hair makes gray eyes look more expressive, even without resorting to complex coloring techniques. For girls with golden and dark skin, stylists advise putting black and red shades in the basket, and for girls with light skin - cold ash-black.

Black color review

If you are one of those who suits black hair color, then it's time to move on to practice.

Dying your hair black at home is perhaps the easiest thing to do. But the choice of paint should be approached responsibly, so we have collected funds from different lines for you and will tell you why they are good.

  1. The main bonus of this paint is its nutritional composition. Garnier laboratories have developed a formula with three oils that are beneficial for hair, so it is quite possible to combine coloring and care.

  1. This paint helps to achieve a brilliant black shade in one coloring. Special thanks to the authors of the formula, who added wild rose essence and mother-of-pearl to it.

  1. The creators of ammonia-free paint promise that the quality of the hair after dyeing will not suffer. Worth a try!

  1. This remedy is for those who usually pull with re-coloring. Special components have been added to the composition that prevent coloring pigments from washing out ahead of time (up to 8 weeks).

  1. You don't need a paintbrush to apply this paint. To begin with, the two parts must be mixed in one container. And then, using a special built-in applicator, distribute the product through the hair from roots to ends.

Brunette hair care tips

Would you like the black color of your dyed hair to stay the same for weeks? Follow these simple rules that are easy to follow even at home.

  1. Use shampoo for color-treated hair and avoid heavy cleansers. Yes, the latter add volume, but they also contribute to the accelerated washing out of color. We vote for Botanicals shampoo for color-treated and dull hair. Geranium" from L'Oréal Paris, which as a bonus adds extra shine to hair.

  2. Do not blow-dry your hair on a hot setting. Stylists have long been saying that hot air is not the best friend of hair. Therefore, we advise you to switch the hair dryer settings to medium or cold blowing. So you save not only a uniform shade of hair, but also their he althy appearance.

  3. Protect your hair from the sun. Dyed strands are more prone to fading than natural hair. A fashionable scarf or wide-brimmed hat will help to maintain the saturation and brightness of the color on hot days, otherwise an inappropriate redhead may appear.

  4. Groom your hair all the way. No color will look attractive if it comes with split ends.

    For deep restoration of hair, apply a nourishing mask once a week. By the way, it is better to use specialized products for dyed hair. For example, a mask to preserve the color of dyed hair.
  5. Avoid contact with s alt or chlorinated water: it not only dries the hair, but also contributes to the rapid washing out of color.