How to dye your hair to become a brunette, but not fatal? What shade to choose? The optimal solution is a chocolate palette with its soft and at the same time rich colors. Why is she good, we'll tell you right now

Chocolate gamma attracts not only professional colorists, but also amateurs. The fact is that in this palette you can find tones ranging from warm to cold, with caramel, honey and even berry notes. In a word, whatever your color type and initial hair color, you will definitely find a suitable chocolate option - and not just one.

Who suits chocolate hair color?

Can shades of chocolate hair color be considered universal? In general, yes. Of course, each girl must first carefully study the palette in order to find the most advantageous among all the richness of chocolate shades, taking into account the individual characteristics of her appearance. All the details of the image should be in harmony - only in this case it turns out to be whole.

For brown eyes

Chocolate hair color and brown eyes - isn't it a perfect match? It remains only to add contrasting accents to your taste in this monochrome image. Hazel-brown eyes of light shades are especially beautifully combined with caramel or honey-chocolate hair color. Golden reflections complement each other beautifully.

For blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls should take a closer look at cold chocolate hair dye. Chocolate-coffee shade of mocha is just what you need to emphasize blue and gray-blue eyes with icy “sparkles”. When choosing a color, it is better to avoid too dark shades - for example, bitter chocolate with a cold undertone can make the image gloomy and not very natural. However, there are still successful (and even stellar) examples of the combination of blue eyes and dark chocolate hair color - remember at least Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox.

For green eyes

Warm shades of chocolate hair color are a good choice for girls with green eyes. It is worth paying attention to milk chocolate with caramel: this hair color is distinguished by the presence of honey and reddish notes, thanks to which the result is multifaceted and therefore especially expressive. In addition, chocolate-colored hair with highlights is shown to green-eyed girls - a game with overflowing shades always looks spectacular.

Warm skin tone

In order not to be mistaken with a shade for coloring, it is important to consider also the skin tone. It is with him that the option that does not suit you according to the color type will “argue”. In the case of warm skin tone, it is best to choose a chocolate color with a slight golden glow, for example, try on honey-chocolate shades.

Cool skin tone

With a cold skin tone, you can use dark chocolate hair dye, but without strong darkening. In addition, gray-brown shades of milk chocolate with coffee notes should be suitable. The main thing is not to contrast the cold skin tone with golden reflections in the hair.

Neutral skin tone

Here you are not limited in the choice of options. A slightly warm chocolate-chestnut hair color with soft nutty notes, and a colder shade of milk chocolate hair dye with an ash-gray finish will look equally harmonious. With a neutral skin tone, you can color in exactly the color you like the most.

Chocolate hair color palette

Bitter chocolate

This is one of the darkest shades of the chocolate palette (only dark chocolate color will be darker). This is a deep and expressive shade, with which all the features of the appearance become brighter.

Chocolate brown hair color

If you think bitter chocolate is too dark, you can choose a chocolate chestnut shade for coloring. It is also rich and contrasting, but the nutty notes soften it a little.

Milk chocolate

Chocolate shades from this range look lighter and feel warmer. They have a creamy softness. If you did not plan to add contrasts to your image, such chocolate tones will suit perfectly. Among the many shades of milk chocolate, there are both warm and cold (with smoky gray notes), so for any initial, if we talk about individual features of appearance and color type, you can find the best option.

Caramel chocolate hair color

This spectrum of chocolate scale is distinguished by the presence of redhead, honey-caramel sheen. Warm caramel-chocolate shades are suitable, perhaps, only for girls with a warm color type, both with fair skin and swarthy.

Light chocolate hair color

In the light shades of the chocolate palette, honey and caramel tones are especially noticeable - they can be said to prevail, leaving only a hint of chocolate itself. Best of all, this hair coloring rhymes with fair skin with warm undertones, as well as green or hazel eyes.

How to get chocolate hair color?

If you decide on chocolate coloring, you need to decide how to get the desired color. The first option is to go to the salon for a new color and trust the professionals.The advantage of this option is that the experience of colorists allows them to quickly analyze the features of your appearance and choose the shade that is right for you, mixing, if necessary, paints of several shades to get the perfect one.

The second option is to dye your hair yourself. How to get chocolate hair color at home? In general, if you do not plan to complement your new color with multi-layered highlights, achieving a chocolate shade without outside help will be easy. Especially with paints that are designed specifically for individual use.

If you want to try home coloring, then the procedure is as follows.

  1. Preparation

    You don't need to wash your hair before dyeing. Just make sure that you have everything you need for the procedure at hand, namely: paint, brush, comb with a ponytail to divide the hair into sections, cream (it is applied along the hairline so that there are no stains on the skin after dyeing) and towel (throw it over your shoulders so as not to stain your clothes).

  2. Coloring

    Usually everything you need to do is detailed in the instructions for the paint - it will be difficult to make a mistake! First you need to mix the components of the coloring composition, then apply it to the hair roots, then distribute it along the length, and then wait about 20-30 minutes - the time depends on the initial color and the desired intensity of the result. After that, the paint is washed off under running water until it becomes transparent, and then a balm is used to fix the color and care for the hair.

  3. Styling

    Now it remains only to dry your hair and - if you wish - to do styling: so you can not only fully appreciate the result on straight hair, but also see how the color plays, for example, on curls.


How to choose a chocolate color paint?

The choice of hair dye is one of the key points in dyeing chocolate. So that the result does not disappoint you, it is important to take into account several important points.

For those who initially have fairly light hair (for example, light blond), it is important to understand that 3-4 weeks after dyeing in dark chocolate color, the image will become sloppy. With regrown light roots, it will be difficult to avoid this effect. Frequent renewal of color will be required, which is very traumatic for thin blond hair. With lighter chocolate shades of hair, this will not be a problem, so it is better to opt for options such as milk chocolate. This is, for example, in the Casting Crème Gloss line from L’Oréal Paris.

If the original hair color is dark, then light chocolate paint will fall on them only after lightening.Are you ready to bleach your hair (with all the ensuing he alth consequences) for a new shade? For those who do not want to take risks, we advise you to carefully study the range of bitter chocolate to obtain chocolate shades of hair with copper, bronze, blackberry or raspberry notes. The transformation will not be radical, but it will make the color much more expressive and richer in terms of the play of shades.

Overview of the best chocolate color paints

If you are confident in choosing a chocolate palette, then we are ready to suggest which hair dye collections contain the most popular and expressive chocolate shades. According to the editors, these are one of the best.

  • Persistent Color Sensation cream paint, Garnier

    This collection deserves special attention of those who are looking for hair dye shades of cold chocolate.Among the dark options, you should take a closer look at shade No. 4.03 Chocolate Topaz - this is the perfect choice for getting a rich result without redness. No. 6.12 Sparkling Cold Mocha looks a little lighter on the hair, it is distinguished by soft coffee notes, and No. 5.32 Chestnut Topaz is what you need if you are looking for dark chocolate hair dye. Whatever you choose, the shade will be expressive and radiant thanks to the composition with mother-of-pearl and floral oils.

  • Resistant cream color Excellence, L'Oréal Paris

    L'Oréal Paris's Excellence line also has many options for those who are thinking about chocolate coloring. No. 4.15 "Frosted Chocolate" will achieve a cool shade, No. 5.3 "Light chestnut golden" will give hair a warm color of honey chocolate, and No. 6.13 "Dark blond beige" will be a godsend for fans of milk chocolate color.

    Coloring with Excellence includes an element of hair care: the thing is that the dye contains prokeratin and serum to protect the hair, so you don’t have to worry about their condition after the transformation.

  • Permanent dye, Matrix

    Beautiful chocolate hair color can be obtained with the help of professional products. from the Matrix color palette. True, one cannot do without a certain experience with such paints. But if you know exactly how to select and mix shades, you can achieve the result as close as possible to the shade of your dreams. Shades No. 6MV, No. 4MV, No. 6AM will allow you to get an image with chocolate hair color from the range - this is the line of the mocha palette. No. 4MR, No. 5MR, No. 6MR are suitable for those whose goal is chocolate hair color with reddish tints.And 6MG is a delicious shade of honey chocolate. These are just a few examples, so if you're up for some professional coloring at home, the collection is a must-see.

Chocolate Hair Color Fashion Ideas

The coloring that is the same in terms of color choice will be perceived differently from the side depending on the texture, length of the hair and even the haircut. In the photo below you will see how the chocolate color looks on the hair, taking into account these nuances.

On short hair

Bitter chocolate coloring

It is generally accepted that coloring in one tone looks the most advantageous on long hair: the color is revealed as expressively as possible. However, at a short length, you can also get a spectacular result. If you choose dark chocolate for your laconic caret, you will get a concentrate of color - it will look saturated and make your look brighter.

Medium length hair

Ombre milk chocolate

This length already allows you to color with a soft transition of colors from the roots to the tips. Choose, for example, one of the shades of milk chocolate and add shine to it by lightening a few strands closer to the tips using the gradient technique.

Cold chocolate color

Coloring with a matte finish also looks very impressive. Especially at medium length, if the hair is naturally not devoid of volume and, for example, curly. From the range of chocolate shades, cold coffee and chocolate tones are most suitable for such an experiment.

On long hair

Chocolate caramel color

Iridescent milk chocolate color with caramel is a great choice for long hair. Beautiful glossy highlights have a place to roam, attracting attention with a magical play of light.

Chocolate coloring with highlights

To achieve the effect of coffee with milk in chocolate coloring, highlighting techniques will help. For a natural and beautiful result, lighten very thin strands at different levels - not only on the top layer of the hair, but also in depth. Thanks to this, expressive overflows will be especially noticeable in motion.


Post Color Care

Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that after dyeing, hair requires special care - more thorough and intense. What to pay attention to?

  1. Daily routines

    It is recommended to change the usual shampoo and conditioner for special products for colored hair. These products have a gentle formula and slow down the washing out of color.In addition, they moisturize and nourish the hair more intensively than conventional products. These are, for example, products from the Elseve Color Expert line from L’Oréal Paris.

  2. Extra Care

    After coloring, it is important to include the use of masks, leave-in balms, oils and other products to maintain hair he alth in your beauty routine. Even after high-quality dyes, the hair becomes a little drier, so it will be useful to strengthen the care. Try, for example, Fructis "SuperFood. Banana" by Garnier.

  3. Styling

    Yes, this item also applies to care, and here's why: thermal exposure with a hairdryer or ironing injures hair, which becomes more brittle after dyeing. Therefore, be sure to use products to protect your hair from high temperatures and do not abuse hot styling - if your schedule allows, let your hair dry naturally so as not to harm it again.