Today, fashion subcultures are increasingly emerging online. The soft girl style first took over TikTok and Instagram, and now the trend has gone offline. Let's tell you how he conquered fashionable teenagers around the world

Cute and even touching make-up with hearts, cozy outfits in pastel colors, hair tied with hairpins - these are just some of the details that make it easy to recognize soft-girl looks. What else do you need to know for those who want to follow the bright trend born on the TikTok platform?

What is typical for soft girl style?

The key to the soft girl style is femininity, but with a touch of childish dreaminess, tenderness and naivety. The image must be complete. Not only soft girl makeup is important. Hairstyle, manicure, clothes, and accessories should be kept in this style.

Soft girl makeup is worth a special mention, because this is not about a delicate nude make-up or “makeup without makeup”, but about special techniques that are hardly familiar to those who do not follow TikTok, or, for example, anime culture.


The centerpiece of soft girl makeup is the blush. Proponents of this style go for a peach palette and apply blush of these pastel shades in a rather noticeable layer, which makes them look a little embarrassed and very gentle.

Some soft girls don't stop there and do cloud makeup. What does it mean? They cover with blush not only the "apples" of the cheeks, but also the area of the nose, as if connecting the color spots to each other. It turns out the effect of a cloud, which adherents of the soft girl subculture can supplement with painted freckles.

Sometimes, instead of such a make-up, soft girls choose make-up with hearts: the role of freckles in it is played by small hearts, with which girls strew their cheeks and nose. The result looks like a cute filter from Instagram has been transferred to real life.


Eyes are given less attention in soft girl makeup. Girls often use only black eyeliner, but they can do makeup without arrows - with pastel shadows (often using different colors on the right and left eyelids) and lush doll-like eyelashes.


It is important here that the lipstick or gloss is the same color as the blush. This achieves a soft accent that harmoniously complements the overall mood of the image.


There are no clear requirements for soft-girl makeup eyebrows. Each girl can be guided by her taste: to focus on the eyebrows, or, conversely, limit herself to a transparent gel that will help fix the desired shape.

How to paint eyebrows, we told in this video tutorial.

What makeup do you need to create a soft girl look?

You can get by with a minimum of funds or use a whole arsenal, but there is a certain set that will definitely allow you to achieve the desired result. What does it include?


In the subculture we're talking about today, blush is the number one tool. Doing soft girl makeup to school, young trend followers can only limit themselves to them. To create a blush, girls choose a soft pink or peach shade.

If it's a cream product, then it can be immediately applied to the lips - this way you get a light soft-girl makeup.

Tint Balm

When creating a soft girl look, the easiest way is to use the same product on the lips as on the cheekbones. But this technique, as we mentioned above, is good if you use cream blush. In the case of a powder product, a tinted balm is applied to the lips in the color of blush.


Do you like eye makeup with a haze of shadows on the eyelids? In this case, a palette of shadows with delicate, like flower petals, pastel shades will help turn into a real soft girl.

Eyeliner and pencil

Another must have is the classic black liner. Blush-clouds are often complemented with neat black arrows. For drawing, you can use, for example, Tattoo Signature from L'Oréal Paris in felt-tip pen format.

Check out what our readers think of this product here.


Besides eyeliner, soft girls use brown eyeliner, but not for its intended purpose, but as a tool to create freckles.


The “surprised” puppet look also supports the soft girl look. When choosing mascara, look for products that both lengthen your lashes and add visual volume to them.

The new mascara from Maybelline NY Sky High copes with these tasks - the result can definitely be compared to the effect of false eyelashes, mascara can be layered, lengthening the eyelashes more and more.

How to do soft girl makeup: step by step instructions

Complex professional technicians are not required. Even amateur makeup artists will have no problems with this makeup.However, a creative approach is only welcome: soft girls are not shy about adding more color, drawings and other bold details to the image. Below is a step-by-step instruction for creating soft-girl makeup.


Even out skin tone and spot-cover imperfections with concealer, if any.

Apply powder blush with a fluffy brush (cream blush can be smudged on the apples of the cheeks with your fingers). Don't be afraid to overdo it. Blush is perhaps the main focus in such a make-up.

If you want to do makeup with clouds, apply blush also on the bridge of your nose. Then take a well-sharpened brown pencil and dot the freckles.

Eyes and eyebrows

As a make-up base, apply a special base on the eyelids, and then blend over the entire surface of the shadow of any pastel shade that you like and will be in harmony with this particular soft girl look.The haze of shadows can be complemented by black arrows. Don't forget your mascara - apply generously in two coats for a doll-like look.

As for the eyebrows, you can highlight them in the usual way for you - for example, slightly emphasize the shape with a color and fix the result with a transparent gel.


Spread a blush-colored lipstick or balm over your lips. You can do it a little casually, without reference to a clear contour of the lips. So you add to the image of the very “childishness” characteristic of the soft girl style.



How to complement the image: clothes, accessories, manicure and hairstyle

How to become a real soft girl? There are many components to this look, so you should not limit yourself to just makeup.


Soft girls choose oversized mom jeans or pleated skirts (like tennis players) that are worn with t-shirts (cute slogans or prints are welcome), crop tops, hoodies and sweatshirts. This is a comfortable and cozy style, so representatives of the soft girl subculture replenish their wardrobe with just such things. The final chord is shoes. High white sneakers or "school" boots that can be worn with high knee socks will do.


Among the favorites of soft girls are “toy” jewelry: plastic beads and earrings, as well as colored hairpins.

When choosing hats, girls most often prefer berets. If you are going to school or university as a soft girl, you can add points to all this.



Soft girls don't have the task of changing their appearance beyond recognition. Many of them keep their natural hair color and wear it loose, styling it with gentle waves and pinning strands near the face with hairpins. Other soft girl hairstyles that are popular are messy voluminous buns, pigtails (usually two), and high ponytails.

If the image of a soft girl is really close to you, then you can dye your hair in pastel shades.

Nail Designs

Many soft girls indulge in nail art manicures. Cute cartoon designs, clouds, hearts, stars, rainbow stripes and other motifs appear on the nails, reflecting childish naivety.

However, you can do without design. Soft girl nails rhyme perfectly with a solid pastel finish.

Essie's Purple Mania, Mint Glaze, or Fair Lady may be useful.