Star predictions for the last month of the year

Aries (March 21–April 20)

Martian invasion in December is not about alien aggression, it's about you. Your sign is ruled by Mars, and now he is not only in his native home, but also in a favorable aspect to the Sun. That is, it is almost impossible to be stronger than you are now. Forward: move mountains, turn rivers back - what other feats do you have planned? In fact, there are no restrictions. However, there is one thing. Make sure that when moving and turning, do not inadvertently hurt anyone, drown, etc.You can be too abrupt and impetuous and forget about the interests of other people. Be more careful with others, especially in the second half of the month. This is not only an energetic and productive, but also a conflict and even explosive period. Although the launch of fireworks, perhaps, will help solve this problem - but only with strict observance of fire safety measures, you know. Greet 2023 in full brilliance, as required by the year of the White Metal Ox. Find ideas for matching makeup here.

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

December is usually fraught with serious spending. But you, unlike many, can get a plus: the first half of the month is very successful financially. True, you should not count on winning the lottery, but competent management of your funds will bring excellent results. You can even optimize cosmetics purchases by giving preference to multifunctional products, which we wrote about here. Significant contributions from outside are also quite likely, whether it be loans, grants, or, for example, manifestations of the generosity of your partner.In partnership relations, by the way, a period is expected to be both stormy and harmonious. But it is not easy to withstand such a heat of passion for a long time, and you will certainly be glad when Venus, the mistress of your sign, moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius in the middle of the month. In the new position, she is less sensual, now her romance is the romance of distant wanderings. It is the thoughts about them (and if you are lucky, then the preparation for them) that will occupy you at the end of the year to the greatest extent. About what cosmetics is better to take on trips, we wrote here.

Gemini (22.05–21.06)

Remember the saying about chasing two hares? It would be nice not to forget about it all December. In this case, there may be not two hares, but much more. And you even have enough agility to catch up with many of them. That's just a great risk that it will be the wrong hares. And even not hares at all So, it seems, enough already allegories. The bottom line is that in December you need to be as focused as possible on the most important goals and methodically move towards them, without exchanging for trifles and extraneous projects.Hares and other animals are best considered as inspiration for manicures with animal prints and animal prints. New undertakings now are unlikely to be very successful. In any case, the numbers up to the 20th are exactly the same. But then you will not need any astrological or any other advice. Mercury enters Capricorn and will be extremely collected, pragmatic and disciplined. And you are with him, and therefore there will simply be no unsolvable tasks in the last ten days of December for you. Red lipstick will help you feel like a real power girl. An overview of the best and tips on how to use them are waiting for you here.

Cancer (06/22–07/22)

The previous month ended with an eclipse of your mistress, the Moon, and you will have little strength in early December. Do not be surprised, and even more so do not despair, if even the most simple and familiar things at this time will slip and move painfully slowly.In a good way, for the first half of the month you should not plan anything important at all. It is better, according to the precepts of the "sun of Russian poetry" , to think about the beauty of nails, and at the same time the right New Year's mood. Our article on manicure ideas for the New Year will help with this. Having joined the Sun on December 14, the Moon will begin to rise. The same will happen with your strength and self-confidence. In a few days you will only laugh at the difficulties that seemed almost insurmountable a couple of weeks ago. And in the very last days of the year, energy will even be abundant. Failure to manage it can cause serious quarrels. Wouldn't it be better to spend it on searching and choosing gifts, combining business with pleasure.

Leo (23.07–21.08)

Even ideas and undertakings that at first seemed unrealistic can be realized in December. Luck always accompanies the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius - this is the time. And the friendship of the luminary with Mars provides a full charge of your batteries - these are two.So don't be afraid and go for it. Just remember that there will be a solar eclipse on December 14th. Neither on this date, nor for two days before and after it, anything particularly serious can be done. This period is suitable only for summing up, drawing up plans and getting acquainted with trends. You can find out what makeup and manicure will be in fashion in the coming year here and here. On December 21, the Sun will enter Capricorn. There is, of course, some kind of injustice in the fact that your master always meets the New Year in one of the strictest signs of the zodiac. But this is a guarantee that on New Year's Eve there will definitely be a person who will catch the falling Christmas tree, put out the fireworks that broke out in the middle of the living room, wake up friends who have fallen asleep in a snowdrift (or salad) and generally make sure that everything goes well and ends well. Do you already know who it is?

Virgo (08/22–9/23)

This may upset you, but the truth is: Santa Claus doesn't exist.And you should not expect that he will come to you with a bag of gifts and magically solve all your problems. But you will still hope for his visit. The location of the stars suggests that in the last month of the year it will be difficult for you to objectively perceive reality. Despite the fact that your sign is famous for its ability to stand firmly on its feet, in December you will prefer to have your head in the clouds. This applies to finances, careers, and romantic relationships. Please get back on the ground and look under your feet more often. The make-up of a business woman will help to focus. How to create it, we explained in detail here. You can solve any December task - but on the condition that you notice it, soberly assess the degree of its complexity and will not wait for someone else to solve it for you. Do not lose heart: the numbers from the 19th-20th will become much easier. And there, you look, and Santa Claus will ring the doorbell. Why not melt his heart with a hot new look with an unusual hair color? How to dye your hair for one day, you will learn here.

Libra (09/24–10/23)

Your sign is famous for its ability to find allies and delegate authority. So in December you will again prove yourself an unsurpassed master in this area. Your own forces and means, quite possibly, would not be enough for half of what you intend to accomplish in the last month of the year. But you will be able to involve many people, including very influential ones, in solving your problems. The image of a cute girl with a puppet look will help you position them towards you. To achieve the desired effect, use our instructions. You will achieve excellent results. It is possible, however, that they will be accompanied by the envy and jealousy of "well-wishers" , who call the ability to find allies and delegate authority the ability to rake in the heat with the wrong hands. Well, okay - this does not detract from your achievements. Remember that maximum activity should be developed in the first half of the month. After the 15th, Venus, who rules your sign, will move into Sagittarius, where she is not so much acting as inspiring change.You may want to change your image. Check out the color trends. There are many ideas to take note of.

Scorpio (10/24–11/22)

" Happy New Year, new happiness!" - traditionally written on greeting cards. This time, happiness may be a little ahead of schedule and visit you at the beginning of the month. The stay of Venus in your sign promises the flowering and harmony of existing romantic relationships or the stormy and joyful beginning of new ones. If roses are blooming in your soul, then you can hint about this to others with the help of an appropriate manicure. We left the instructions for creating a nail design with the queen of flowers here. At such a time, it is easy to forget about everything else, but worries will remind you of themselves in the second half of the month. And the week from the 21st to the 27th even threatens to be very tense. The two rulers of your sign, Pluto and Mars, intend to quarrel at this time. It will not be very wise to appoint important matters and negotiations at this time.But intensive training will be very helpful. To keep your face on the treadmill, check out our gym makeup tips.

Sagittarius (11/23–12/22)

If you are equipped with a suitable connector, then during December you can easily charge mobile phones from you. And also car batteries. You definitely cannot complain about the lack of energy. Firstly, the Sun itself spends most of the month in your sign, and therefore you will be envy active. It is doubly pleasant that at the same time, activity is also expected to be very meaningful: most likely, you will not waste your energy on empty undertakings. Then the Sun will leave your sign, but before there is an even more important event. Your lord Jupiter will move from Capricorn to Aquarius. And if in Capricorn he was limited for a whole year by strict rules, conventions and rigid frameworks, then in Aquarius Jupiter is a daring and determined experimenter who infects everyone with a thirst for positive change.In short, do not be surprised if you meet this New Year somehow very brightly and unusually. Like to like, as they say, start with your own image. Make coloring with a shimmer - we talked about the means for obtaining a radiant effect here, and bright eyebrows will help support the concept of an unbanal image. Details about the new trend and how-to guide can be found here.

Capricorn (December 23–January 20)

You know how to plan and, more importantly, know how to follow your plans. Make sure your December to-do list is empty by December 19th. Up to this point, you will be collected, focused and very efficient. For new cases, the month, however, is not very suitable, but it is fully suitable for completing the ones that have been started earlier. Well, what will happen there after the 19th, one can only guess. Lord Saturn, having spent more than two years in his and your sign, finally leaves it and passes into the sign of Aquarius. He, however, is also the patrimony of Saturn - but only in part.The main thing is that the characters of these signs are almost opposite. Capricorn is patience, discipline and toughness. Aquarius - a flight of fancy, freedom of spirit and unwillingness to reckon with any restrictions. Saturn, and you along with him, will take some time to adjust to the new conditions. Avoid abrupt and thoughtless actions at the end of December. And if possible, follow the rules - well, at least the rules of the road and the rules of makeup, okay? And the key to a festive mood will be a fashionable New Year's look. What it can be - read here.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

Financial turmoil and complications in partnerships (by the way, it cannot be ruled out that the first and second are interconnected) can spoil your mood in early December. It is important not to succumb to emotions and not to cut off the shoulder - neither in relationships, nor in matters of work and career. Instead of furrowing your brows, think about how to tidy them up.You can read about fashion trends in eyebrow design here. Most of the problems of the first week and a half can easily be corrected in the second half of December. That is, it may not be very easy, but the main thing is that it will be possible to fix it. First, your sign lord Uranus forms a positive aspect to the Sun. And secondly, Jupiter and Saturn will enter the sign itself (also, by the way, a planet not alien to Aquarius). As a result, the last decade of December promises to be bright, rich and interesting. Also, a little unpredictable. In the sense that in the last days of the year you are able to surprise yourself. An unusual metallic manicure will help you tune in to changes (ideas and tips for its implementation are here). It is the best fit for the celebration of the year of the White Metal Ox.

Pisces (20.02–20.03)

Throughout December, you should turn on the economy mode. To turn this challenge into an interesting experiment, beauty products that work perfectly for other purposes will help, thereby saving both money and space in a cosmetic bag.But the closer to the end of the year, the more difficult it will be for you to restrain yourself in spending. It is clear that gifts, and outfits, and a memorable holiday are needed. But it will be very difficult for you to stay within the budget. However, in the second half of the month, the receipts may turn out to be more generous than you expected - and in general, things can go uphill. When looking for special gifts, look to niche perfumes. These are unusual compositions that are produced in small editions. And do not think that few people can afford them - there are budget options in this category too. If we talk about positive moments, then the end of the year is very good to comprehend and realize a lot. Of course, not a single New Year's feast is complete without listing all the most important things that happened during the year with an on-duty glass in hand. But it's not about that at all. You now really can understand something very important about yourself, your aspirations and about those who are close to you. And, proceeding from this, to make the coming year much more successful than 2023.

Author: Yuri Zubtsov