If you paint, then blonde or brunette? You can do without extremes and choose something in between in the palette of available shades - for example, fashionable caramel hair color. We tell who should pay attention to him

What does caramel hair color look like?

This is a very natural and at the same time unusual color. It contains shades of red, brown, golden honey and copper-red palette. Caramel shades of hair dye give a very interesting result.Sometimes after dyeing, it seems that the hair has acquired a dessert pinkish tint. One way or another, most dyes convey the sweetness of caramel, and here not only color plays an important role, but also the glossy shine of the hair, which is so pleasing to the eye.

Who would suit caramel hair color?

We have already said that this is a complex, multifaceted color with many nuances. But this should not scare you if you have not tried caramel hair coloring yet. You can be sure that any girl will find a suitable option in this range. Not all shades are universal, so it is important to consider the features of your appearance.

Warm skin tone

Caramel hair color is perfect for skin with warm undertones. The fact is that caramel shades are united by a soft copper-golden glow. At the same time, girls with a fair skin tone should choose lighter shades of caramel. For example, "Spicy Caramel" from the Casting Crème Gloss line from L'Oréal Paris.

And for those who have dark skin, a more saturated hair color like chestnut-caramel.

Cool skin tone

Girls with cool skin tones are more suited to caramel blonde hair color. In light brown shades there is a gray pigment, which, when combined with caramel, neutralizes its warmth, which is exactly what is needed in the case of a cold skin tone. Another option for those with a cool skin tone is a caramel shade with a pinkish sheen.

Neutral skin tone

Neutral skin tone owners can try on both cold and warm shades of caramel hair color - from light honey to red.

For brown eyes

Most of all, caramel shades go to girls with light brown eyes. This combination gives a soft effect, creating a relaxing image. Hazel eyes also allow you to safely choose the color of caramel hair dye. The result of staining will harmoniously complement and favorably emphasize the color of the eyes.

For blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls should focus on the range of caramel blonde. They will be decorated with a honey-caramel shade or a light caramel-blond hair color. For example, "Caramel Cappuccino" from the Casting Crème Gloss line from L'Oréal Paris.

A slight contrast between warm hair and cool eyes refreshes and makes the face more expressive.

For green eyes

For green eyes, caramel red hair color is better. Like other shades of red, it goes green-eyed, but in the case of caramel, the result will be softer and more restrained - a solution for girls who strive for maximum naturalness.

Shades of caramel hair color

If you decide on caramel coloring, go to the choice of shades. We have grouped them into major categories.

Light caramel hair color

Even blonde can be "sweet" - these are light honey shades that give a warm golden glow. Therefore, honey-caramel hair color goes to girls with a warm color type. But a light blond shade with caramel can be chosen with a cold skin tone.

Caramel red hair color

Once you opt for this color, you will see that the caramel shade subtly softens the fiery redhead. With the addition of caramel, the brightness of the color is muted, the image becomes more restrained. This "safe" red color is for those who don't want the new shade to be too conspicuous.

Caramel blonde hair color

These shades are distinguished by the combination of a neutral ash-gray pigment, which is present in the light brown range, with a warm caramel undertone.The color in the end is neither warm nor cold - neutral. Therefore, caramel-blond hair color will suit almost everyone, while maintaining the harmony of the image as a whole.

Chestnut-caramel hair color

Those who want to become or remain a brunette, having made a choice in favor of a caramel shade, can stop at a chocolate-caramel hair color. It is darker than all the previous options, the redhead is not so noticeable in it, but the warm caramel tone still distinguishes it from other chestnut shades. A little copper, a little red, a hint of pink, a hint of honey - all together gives dark hair a special charm and expressiveness.


How to get caramel hair color?

Some will prefer to trust the professionals and go to the salon, others, having decided on a new look, will try to figure out how to get caramel hair color at home. In fact, making such coloring yourself is not so difficult.

  1. Choose the shade that suits you

    It is important to take into account not only your color type along with skin tone and eye color, but also the original hair color - the result will largely depend on it. As a rule, the paint package shows how it appears on light and dark hair and medium tones. Focus on these examples to avoid surprises.

  2. Prepare everything you need for dyeing

    This is not only paint, but also accessories: a comb with a ponytail for dividing hair into sections, a brush for applying paint, gloves. A greasy cream will not be superfluous - it is advised to apply it to the skin along the hairline so that the paint does not leave marks. A towel will also come in handy. Throw it over your shoulders before dyeing, it will protect clothes from stains.

  3. Test the paint

    It is recommended to do this a day or two before coloring. It is better not to rush and not neglect such a test in order to minimize the risks of an allergic reaction during the procedure.

If you did everything, all that remains is to mix the dye components according to the instructions, apply, hold for the right time and rinse. Manufacturers of home dyes make sure that the process is as simple as possible and that you can dye your hair yourself, without outside help.


How to choose caramel color paint?

Paints are divided into products for home use and compositions designed for professionals.

  • The first option is for those who have chosen a caramel hair color and are ready to limit themselves to monochromatic dyeing, knowing that the paint will “take” and the original shade will not have to be bleached beforehand.

  • The second one is for those who want the color to turn out to be multifaceted, with highlights and overflows. This result will allow highlighting on caramel color, but in this case it is better to trust an experienced colorist. It is also recommended to go to the salon for those who doubt that they can handle the coloring themselves. It is known that an incorrectly selected dye in the initial blond can give a greenish tint; it is easier to avoid such a risk than to correct mistakes later.

If you just want to "try on" caramel shades to your hair, use a tint balm. A temporary color tool will help you evaluate whether you want such a transformation. If the answer is yes, it will be easier for you to decide on a procedure with a long-term effect. You can get a temporary effect, for example, with Colorista Hair Makeup by L'Oréal Paris.

How to use it, we told in this video.

And what our readers think about this tool, you can find out here.


Review of caramel palette colors

The fashion for caramel shades of hair is gaining momentum, and beauty brands are fueling this interest. The "dessert" palette is presented both in the lines of paints for home use and in the assortment for professionals. It remains only to choose the most suitable option. According to the editors, these are worth paying attention to first of all.

  • Casting Crème Gloss, L'Oréal Paris

    Casting Crème Gloss has many options in the range of shades - from caramel blonde to dark caramel hair color. These are No. 724 "Caramel" , light shade No. 832 "Creme Brulee" with warm honey notes, No. 635 "Chocolate Praline" - closer to brown, and also No. 543 "Maple Syrup" - with a noticeable redhead.Casting Crème Gloss contains no ammonia, so the formula does not injure the hair structure. The product contains caring components and has a smoothing effect; balm, which is used after the paint, is based on natural honey. Coloring is thus accompanied by care.

  • Resistant cream paint Olia, Garnier

    The Olia color collection from Garnier is distinguished by a special technology of dye “delivery” with oils, which account for 60% of the composition of the products: the pigment penetrates into the depths of the hair at a maximum concentration, so that the result is a very saturated color. If you want to get a caramel shade, pay attention to No. 8.31 "Ash Gold" and No. 8.0 "Light Blonde" - they will give your hair a beautiful golden glow, like caramel syrup.

  • Resistant dye SOCOLOR.beauty, Matrix

    Those who are ready to work with professional coloring products should take a closer look at the SOCOLOR.beauty range from the Matrix palette. The formula is based on Color Grip technology, which is responsible for the saturation of the shade, and the Cera-Oil conditioning complex strengthens the hair cortex, provides it with the necessary nutrition and generally maintains it in good condition. For caramel coloring in darker variations, No. 6MG (mocha with a golden sheen) and No. 6BC (brown with copper notes) are suitable. When choosing a light color, pay attention to No. 7C - copper with golden reflections.

Trendy caramel color ideas for hair length

A rich, nuanced caramel shade should be the center of attention. Therefore, simple haircuts are preferred.On hair with a straight cut or a laconic ladder, this coloring looks best. Below in the photo are some successful examples of transformation with caramel hair color.

Short hair

Honey caramel

Ombre coloring from the roots of the original color to a caramel blonde with a golden honey glow will add extra volume to a short haircut. This coloring works especially effectively in tandem with styling waves.

Medium length hair

Caramel ombre

An unusual combination of copper and honey caramel on the hair: the roots should be dyed in the first color, and caramel should be applied below, achieving a soft transition from a darker shade to a lighter one. This is a fresh look at the usual ombre coloring with the effect of burnt hair.

Caramel brown hair color

To make the caramel notes on the dark chestnut play expressively, add a few lighter strands.

Copper caramel coloring

Beautiful warm overflowing shades on the hair can be obtained by combining copper color and caramel.

Long hair

Caramel red hair color

The length allows the color to fully open up, so even a solid caramel shade looks great in this case. But if you want more, complement the coloring with styling waves.

Post Color Care

Changing your hair color to caramel, do not forget about the rules of care.

  • Use special shampoos for colored hair. Such products do not wash out the pigment, unlike regular shampoos, and your "dessert" color will retain its attractiveness longer. Try, for example, Elseve Color Expert Shampoo by L’Oréal Paris.

  • Add hair masks (preferably 2-3 times a week) and leave-in balms to your beauty routine, which are recommended to be applied before styling.

  • Don't overuse heat styling. Temperature exposure will make dyed hair, which is already stressed, more fragile. Careful attitude to the hair will allow them to remain in a new color he althy and radiant.