Understanding how to choose the perfect shade of chestnut color and what you need to care for dyed hair

Who suits chestnut hair color?

Chestnut is the most versatile and natural hair color, but before you dye your hair, you should determine your color type and understand which variation is right for you.


Girls with the "summer" color type have skin with a cold undertone, eye color varies from blue and gray-blue to green and light brown. Chestnut hair color in this case can be light or dark, but certainly with a grayish tint.


Under the color type "autumn" they mean the following set of characteristics: dark skin, brown eyes, brown hair. Such girls will suit both natural chestnut hair color with a warm shade, and warm chestnut on the verge of a copper tint.In addition, a bright red tone will perfectly emphasize a tanned skin tone.


Girls of the "spring" color type are owners of fair skin with a warm tint that turns golden when tanned. Dark chestnut cool shades will definitely not suit this type, so you should pay attention to light or dark chestnut with a reddish tint.


For girls with dark hair and fair skin, frosty chestnut coloring with an obligatory cold tint is suitable.


Trend shades of chestnut color for hair coloring

Fashion for hair shades is not so changeable, new bright trends in this area appear infrequently. All the more attention they deserve.

Dark shades

Which dark shades of chestnut should I look for?

Dark brown with copper highlights

This color is suitable for girls whose own pigment is warm and their skin is slightly tanned. In this case, a dark tone will visually lighten the skin slightly and emphasize the eyes.

Frost Chestnut

For those with fair skin with cool undertones and brown eyes, frosty chocolate will be a trendy color. At the same time, it is better if the color is evenly distributed along the entire length: this way the hair will visually look thicker.

Light shades

Sweet caramel is the trendiest light shade of chestnut. It visually makes facial features softer, so it is ideal for girls who love delicate looks.

How to choose the right chestnut color paint?

  1. When choosing a paint, be sure to consider your own hair pigment - to prevent the appearance of an undesirable shade after dyeing (the presence of gray hair must also be taken into account).

  2. The numbers on the package are important. The first number indicates the color itself. From 2 (dark) to 5 (light) there are shades of chestnut color. The second number indicates the shade: if you want a natural shade, then choose the paint with the number 1. From 4 to 6 - warm shades, 7-8 - cool browns.

  3. If you just want to give your natural hair color the desired shade, then choose a dye with an ammonia-free formula.

  4. Have you ever dyed your hair yet? Lightening paints will help you: they can lighten the natural color by several tones, and with the help of ammonia-free paint they can be given any shade.

  5. If you have already dyed your hair before, then this time you will have to bleach it again to achieve an even chestnut color.

  6. In order to use artificial dyes, you must wait until the color is washed out from natural dyes (for example, henna).


Trendy ideas for brown hair color

If basic hair coloring seems too easy for you, we advise you to take a closer look at these fashionable techniques.


Highlighted strands, just like in the 1990s, are back in trend, so don't be shy, choose a few tones of light chestnut and paint. Coloring balayazh in the style of J.Lo will remain relevant for a long time.

Bronde on medium length hair

If you have blond hair and want to freshen up the color a bit, then use the bronde technique. This coloring is a cross between a shade of blond and a chestnut color.

Sombre on short hair

For owners of a short or elongated caret, sombre coloring will be relevant. Now it is fashionable to lighten the ends of the hair a little without a sharp transition, so that it looks natural.

Nude on long hair

For long hair, we advise you to turn to chestnut nude - dyeing in the most natural color, as if it were your natural shade, brightly playing in the sun.

Instruction: how to dye your hair deep brown?

  1. Before applying paint, throw an unnecessary towel or special cape over your shoulders, put on gloves.

  2. Distribute the hair into several sections along the parting: horizontally and then vertically. The result should be four separate islands.

  3. Start with one section and pin the rest with tongs. Start dyeing one thin strand from the section from the ends to the roots.

  4. After all the sections are painted, put on a swimming cap for a better effect.

  5. Wash off the paint until the water is crystal clear. Washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner immediately after removing the color is not recommended - it is better to wait at least an hour.

Hair dyes that give you the perfect chestnut shade

Rating of hair colors of a chestnut palette - to help those who decide on home dyeing.

  • Préférence, L'Oréal Paris

    Exactly the dye that will give you a luxurious deep chestnut hair color and will not damage them. The special composition provides protection to the hair, and the color formula - durability.

  • Prodigy, L'Oréal Paris

    Ammonia-free long-lasting color contains micro-oils that give the hair a bright pigment and provide a radiant effect. Shade "Chocolate" is our favorite.

  • Magic Retouch, L'Oréal Paris

    A lifesaver for touching up roots, this spray can instantly change the color of your roots and provide a sombre effect.

  • Colorista Balayage, L'Oréal Paris

    This cream paint will help you create a balayage effect at home: the paint is applied using a special expert comb that allows you to paint over individual strands.

How to care for hair after coloring?

To make the new chestnut hair color last as long as possible after dyeing and not fade, do not be lazy to use additional care products.

Elseve Color Expert Gamma, L’Oréal Paris

Shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in treatment will keep your hair soft, shiny and vibrant. In addition, the durability of staining is significantly increased. Another bonus: flax oil in the composition provides a laminating effect.

Botanicals hair mask, L'Oréal Paris

If you notice that your hair has become dull, a mask with geranium extract will restore its former freshness and shine. The Botanicals series will also appeal to eco-activists: the formulas of the products do not contain silicones and parabens, and the packaging consists entirely of recycled materials.