Star predictions for the last month of autumn

Aries (March 21–April 20)

The active Mars that controls you is still in your sign, so it’s unlikely that you will be able to relax in November, even if you really counted on it. In the first half of the month, the fiery planet will be retrograde, forcing you to redo the same thing several times, but from November 14, when it turns around and goes forward, you will feel an extraordinary surge of energy and a willingness not only to start new business and projects, but also actively put them into practice.Focusing on work will be the right decision, otherwise there is a risk of wasting excess vitality on random connections. Many will be drawn to you - in such a situation it is difficult not to succumb to temptation, but if you go all out, you can miss the signs of fate. Venus moving through your partner house favors family plans right now. When you feel that you have met the “same” person, do not take him by storm - show softness and femininity. For dates, make-up in the New Look style is perfect - an expressive look with red lips, lush eyelashes and a “lively” skin tone. We left a video instruction on how to create it here.

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

Taurus, like Aries, will not have time to rest in November. In addition to Uranus, which has been in your sign for a long time and does not get tired of presenting surprises (not always with a plus sign), the Sun from Scorpio will put pressure on you, forcing you to reassess your values and revise your landmarks.You will want to change something in your life, and you will put a lot of effort into it. From November 11, Mercury will also enter the sign of Scorpio, for which every little thing is important, he does not forgive the lack of attention to detail. However, you just need to pull yourself together and focus so as not to give the stars a reason to plunge you into chaos. You will have the strength to cope with the task - Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, standing in Capricorn, will guarantee this. And most importantly, all month you will be supported by your ruling planet Venus, walking on Libra (the sign that she herself controls). On the 20th, she will move into the sign of Scorpio, which promises you the beginning of a deep and mysterious relationship. So that Mercury does not confuse plans, train attention to detail - do an artistic manicure, giving preference to ornate patterns and complex decor. Draw lace on your nails (you can find step-by-step instructions here) or oriental ornaments, the work on which requires accuracy and composure.

Gemini (22.05–21.06)

This November is good for a career, building new connections and relationships. For the first three days, Mercury will be retrograde, holding back your progress, but then it will turn around, and the scales (it is in this sign now) will tilt towards your professional growth - there will be an abundance of new ideas. On the 11th, Mercury will move into Scorpio and force you to cut off absolutely crazy ideas, which will only benefit you, preventing you from wasting and wasting intellectual resources. Another planet in the air sign of Libra, which is close to you in spirit, is Venus. She will make sure that beauty does not decrease in your life. A meeting with an elegant man who is ready to share your aesthetic views is not ruled out. On November 22, Venus will move into the sign of Scorpio, and the Sun, on the contrary, will leave this sign and move into the possession of Sagittarius. This alignment promises endless enthusiasm and a new wave of plans. But this time we will have to start working on their implementation.Brilliant ideas will definitely not fade if you support them with external brilliance. We talked about how to use glitter and shimmer in makeup here.

Cancer (06/22–07/22)

Hard work will continue to be the backbone of your life in November. In addition to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, pressing on you from Capricorn, Mars from Aries and Venus from Libra will also disturb you. This means that you will always have to look for a balance between work and family, between colleagues and competitors, between emotions of opposite charges. Mercury will help balance everything when it enters your sister water sign Scorpio on the 11th. On the 21st, Venus will become his neighbor in sign, which promises you new acquaintances and a surge of inspiration. In no case should you lose faith in a better future and succumb to negative emotions! There is not much time left to work in such an inhuman mode, because closer to the New Year, Jupiter and Saturn will leave the sign of Capricorn, and the pressure on you will stop.The good news is that your second ruler, Neptune, will no longer be retrograde and will give you a chance to finally relax and fully relax on New Year's holidays. But these are still prospects, but I want warmth and attention right now. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and give yourself a “knitted” manicure. Transfer the pattern from your favorite pieces of clothing (whether it's a chunky knit scarf or a textured cashmere sweater) to your nails. Our instructions will help to do this according to all the rules.

Leo (23.07–21.08)

The Sun ruling you will be in Scorpio until November 22, forming a square to your sign, which means that fate will test you. You will have to change something in this life, but the stars do not advise quitting your job. On the contrary, it will become a support for you, an island of stability in the troubled sea of life. You will be energized by Mars, walking along the fiery Aries, and the Sun promises to give an additional charge towards the end of the month when it passes into the sign of Sagittarius. Assertiveness is useful in a professional environment, and in personal relationships, care and tenderness will be the right tactic.The transition of Venus into the sign of Scorpio (November 21) may force you to radically rethink your relationship with the world and people. But it is possible that a new romantic adventure will distract you from global thoughts. Dare to be adventurous, enjoy it, and daring make-up will set the right mood: experiment with the Lancôme cosmetics collection, created in collaboration with Mert & Marcus, the most famous photo duo in the fashion world. You can find photo instructions here.

Virgo (08/22–9/23)

Dreaming and fantasizing this month will be driven by planets in water signs. Neptune will try to catch up with the fog of illusions, which is located exactly opposite your sign, in Pisces. However, on November 29, it will change direction from retrograde to direct, and the real world will become a little closer and clearer. Your ruling planet Mercury will also help to be a little more collected, which will cease to be retrograde on the 3rd, which means that there will be chances to put things in order.Mercury will stay in Libra for another week, where, together with Venus, it will prepare the ground for everything to work out in your personal life as well as possible. There is every chance for this, unless you keep your head in the clouds. Otherwise, the rhyme for the word "dreams" may become "tears." Seeing and understanding a living person is more difficult than trying to fit him into an ideal image. More difficult, but much more promising. Nail design, which requires composure and clarity, helps to keep the focus on the important and necessary. 115 ideas for a very real manicure, including those with geometric patterns, are waiting for you in our review at the link.

Libra (09/24–10/23)

The darkest weather-wise month of the year promises you the endless joy of love and creativity. For 10 days that Mercury will spend in your sign, it will give you a lot of new ideas and plans, and active Mars, which continues to walk in Aries, will give you the strength to put them into practice.But the main role in the overall harmony will be played by your ruling planet Venus, which will stay in Libra until November 20th. All this time, your natural charm will be twisted to the maximum, you will bloom, give inspiration and receive well-deserved compliments. Both in personal and professional life, there is a high probability of new interesting acquaintances with promising prospects. The hypnotic effect that you will have on others will help to prolong and fix the shadow palette with the speaking name Hypnôse from Lancôme. With this palette it is easy to create any make-up: natural daytime for the office, delicate for a date, rich fatal and even art make-up for a crazy party. Details at the link.

Scorpio (10/24–11/22)

For most of November, the Sun will be in your sign, which means you'll want things to be your way. You will strive for this, but you will have to make very big, sometimes unjustified efforts - especially in the first half of the month.Difficulties will be related to the fact that Mars, which controls you, is retrograde until November 14th. When he turns around and goes forward, it will become easier, so until that time the stars advise not to waste energy. The matter is further complicated by the fact that Mars is opposite Venus, and this opposition can lead to unwanted confusion in the tactics of dealing with people. The pressure that is necessary in work will not lead to anything good with loved ones. And vice versa, gentleness, which now would come in handy in the family circle, in the office is fraught with the surrender of positions and a rollback back up the career ladder. The development of affairs will be positively affected by Mercury, which will enter your sign on the 11th. And on the 21st, Venus will join him. She promises a creative upsurge and a romantic acquaintance. The latter is possible while traveling, on a business trip, or even during a spontaneous “outing” to the nearest park. We talked about how to make the perfect makeup for a walk in the fresh air here.

Sagittarius (11/23–12/22)

There will be a lot of work, but for you it is rather an uplifting circumstance, especially since the work will be creative and will bring material results - many people only dream of such an alignment. Your ruling planet Jupiter is in Capricorn, the sign of big money, which means you can safely count on serious profits. At the same time, it is better to postpone all practical decisions related to the implementation of what was conceived to the second half of November, when Mars, the planet of active energy, will cease to be retrograde. Until November 20, there are high chances of the birth of a new romance or the exit of the old relationship to a new level. The fire of love will be fanned by Venus, inspired by the air element of Libra (the sign she rules). If you are not ready to surrender to passion, you can sublimate sexual energy into creativity, and success will also await you along this path. Toward the end of the month (on the 22nd), the Sun will enter your sign and you will feel an extraordinary burst of energy. This is a great time for new beginnings.To prepare yourself for the change, start by changing your hairstyle or hair color. You can read about new types of paint and fashion trends in coloring here.

Capricorn (December 23–January 20)

In November, you can safely count on career advancement. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and large-scale affairs, and Saturn, which controls you, which is responsible for diligence and wisdom, are now following your sign. If you start something new, then now is the time, because the Sun is moving in Scorpio, the sign of change and transformation, and the chances of launching a promising and long-term project are really high. In personal life, things will not be so rosy. On the one hand, you will feel the influence of energetic Mars, and on the other, gentle Venus. Balancing these diverging forces will not be easy. However, it is better to try to find the right use for them: enthusiasm is useful in work, and delicacy in family and friendships.The Eastern practice of attracting positive Feng Shui energy, which is applicable to various areas of life, will help to maintain a balance of power, and self-care is no exception. Why not get a feng shui manicure? You can find instructions and a list of necessary tools here.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

You won't be able to relax in November. Saturn, who rules you, is in Capricorn, which he rules, but is in the house of inner work, so you have hard work ahead of you, the results of which will make themselves felt later. Your second ruling planet, Uranus, is in Taurus and is still retrograde, which means you can’t count on financial success this month. Judging by the stars, they will overtake you after the New Year, but for now you just need to work, coming up with new ways to solve old "production" problems - the Sun, which is in Scorpio until November 22, will call for this. Compensation for labor costs will be a positive alignment on the personal front.Venus, the planet of love and creativity, is moving into the sign of Libra this month, which promises at least a burst of inspiration. It is likely that an interesting romance will begin, but it is important not to miss the chance for a promising acquaintance before the 20th, when Venus leaves your related air sign. A translucent watercolor make-up will help to maintain a feeling of lightness.

Pisces (20.02–20.03)

November promises to be very fruitful for you. The guarantor of these promises is the Sun, which until the 22nd will keep you active from your close water sign Scorpio. On the 10th, Mercury will join the Sun, responsible for logic and order in business, which will allow you to finally gather your thoughts and find a constructive solution to many problems. Your ruler Jupiter (the planet of luxury and fortune) is moving in Capricorn (the sign of hard work and big money), which promises you financial success. By the end of the month, Neptune will no longer be retrograde.Turning around, he will give you a sea of \u200b\u200bjoy. The waves of this sea will wash away even those obstacles that previously seemed insurmountable from your path. But happiness would be incomplete without love. Well, in this area in November, everything is fine. On the 20th, Venus will move into the sign of Scorpio close to you - and even the coldest Pisces will feel the hot breath of passion. Scarlet lipstick is indispensable here, but it is important to handle it correctly. You can find a detailed briefing here.