Pistachio-colored manicure today can be safely considered a new classic. From season to season, this color is gaining popularity and in the winter of 2021 was at its peak. With what shades to combine it, what nail techniques and design options to give preference to, we tell in this article

Features of pistachio manicure

Pistachio manicure seems bold, but in moderation. That is why he lingered in the fashion charts. It was not by chance that designers used this color at the shows of autumn-winter collections: the muted shade of green goes well with other colors and is good for both office manicure and nail design dedicated to holiday parties.Calm and noble, he balances the image, giving it dignity and charm at the same time.

Show your imagination, you can use this color for a variety of results, from classic elegant manicure to bold and avant-garde. For example, try experimenting with Essie's Secret Fastener shade.

Design options in this palette of short and long nails, nail art in green tones or pistachio-colored manicure in combination with other shades - there are a lot of ideas for a cool and unusual manicure. Let's take a closer look at them.

Types of pistachio manicure

Like any other color, pistachio looks different on nails depending on the finish. We will tell you what manicure options you can choose.


Matte finish nails covered with pistachio polish look reserved and noble. This manicure goes well with strict office suits. At the same time, it will successfully complement the look with jeans, warm sweaters and boots with massive soles.


Mirror shine is the choice of cheerful and optimistic girls. A glossy finish is always uplifting, especially on rainy and slushy days.


Shimmer coat is a great idea for a festive pistachio manicure. Shimmering lacquer is also worth adopting for those who are looking for inspiration or are romantically inclined. In any case, the inclusions of shimmer add mystery to the coating.

Mother of Pearl

Pearl pistachio manicure promises to break all popularity records this season. The only thing worth remembering is that such a coating does not tolerate negligence. Divorces on the cuticle will not go unnoticed, and the impression will be spoiled. The delicate pearl-pistachio coating looks equally stylish on both short nails and long ones, regardless of their shape (any one will do - from oval and almond-shaped to square and “ballerina” shape).

Combinations with other colors

Pistachio is one of the universal shades that rhymes beautifully with other colors. It can become the base for an art manicure, but it also looks great in monochrome.If you like to use several colors in nail design, then you should figure out which shades of pistachio will look the most advantageous.

  1. Black

    The contrast of pistachio and black is always original. You can resort to nail design by decorating one or two nails with a geometric pattern, ornament or rhinestones.

  2. Pink

    Combining pistachio with pink is a great idea. Nails with pistachio varnish as a base look very stylish, on which decorative elements are made using pink varnish. Lace patterns, floral motifs or geometric prints are welcome.

  3. White

    The pistachio-colored nail design with white lines is one of the hits of the coming season.

  4. Gold

    A harmonious combination of pistachio and gold is a great choice for a holiday. It should be adopted on the eve of the New Year holidays and a series of corporate parties and meetings with friends.

Nail design in pistachio shades: novelties and fashion trends

Fashion shows prove again and again that a manicure is a part of the image, without which the picture will be incomplete. It is on fashion shows that nail artists and beauty bloggers draw inspiration in every season. As for the pistachio nail designs, the reading of the trend was varied.

Pistachio manicure with design is a great idea! For example, drawings in the form of leaves, hearts and stems were integrated into the manicure of models by the masters who worked at Vivetta shows.

The Roksanda brand relied on a contrasting manicure, where the pistachio served as the base, and black varnish was responsible for the edging with thin lines.

Models of the Alice + Olivia brand confirmed with their release that the jacket is not going to leave the catwalks. It just changed a little: the tips of the nude nails are now decorated not with white stripes, but with stripes of a calm pistachio color. This manicure looks fresh and creative. You can try this design with Essie Mint Glaze.

As you can see, there are many examples of creative design. But we advise you not just to follow the example of the models from the shows, but to be inspired by the trends to create your own versions of the trendy pistachio manicure.


Trend nail art ideas for long and short nails

We offer to adopt the finds of star stylists and bloggers who share many interesting ideas on their Instagram accounts. Why not take them as a basis, preparing for the next session of home manicure?

Delicate solid color finish

Pistachio manicure on short nails is a stylish and fun solution for every day. The main thing is to remember that a monochromatic coating must be done flawlessly.

Bright design

Graphics, moon design, simple drawings on a pistachio background, glitter, foil or rubbing - choose what suits your mood or fits a specific occasion.

Glitter or rhinestones

Pistachio manicure with sparkles and rhinestones is a good choice for holidays and parties.


Geometric patterns and thin graphic lines never go out of fashion, but require a firm hand and certain skills.The result is worth the patience shown: a manicure in pistachio tones with clear lines, strict squares and perfect circles is an extraordinary solution that will make even the most conservative look attractive.


Actual manicure techniques

What kind of manicure to do - french, moon, ombre? Or maybe you want to get a strobing effect? In our photo selection there are many interesting ideas that will help you make your choice.


Lovers of laconic and stylish jacket got carte blanche to choose from color combinations. The color of the strip on the free edge of the nail may well be pistachio. Such a “smile” will be in harmony with any nude color polish or white variations.

How to do a French manicure yourself, we told in this video.


Lunar design is still at its peak. Here is an idea on how to use pistachio color when doing a manicure in this technique.


We advise you to pay attention to the gradient or ombre manicure - this is a win-win way to draw attention to your hands.

Playing with textures

Finish may not be entirely matte or glossy. Different parts of the nail or design elements may have different finishes.

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Review of nail polishes in pistachio tones

Don't know which polish to choose? Pay attention to these. According to the editors, they are one of the best.

  • Mint Glaze Nail Polish, Essie

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