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In translation from English, "carving" means "carving" , but in the world of hairdressing, carving has a different meaning.

Carving - what is it?

We asked this question to hair stylists and found out that carving is a relatively harmless alternative to perm for hair. In other words, it is a styling made in a special way, which allows it to last extremely long by styling standards.After carving, your hair will become wavy and gain extra volume for several weeks. Not thinking about styling for a few days - isn't this the dream of any girl?!

How long does carving last on hair?

On average, the effect of carving lasts 2-3 weeks. In the third week, the volume noticeably decreases, and the curls begin to smooth out. But the first weeks of styling looks flawless. Hairdressers say that carving can last up to 3 months, but it depends on the structure of your hair and how exactly you care for it to prolong the effect of the procedure. But if you have thick and dense hair, then even with optimal care, carving will not last several months. Girls with thin hair, on the contrary, have every chance to enjoy the result for longer, unless, of course, they forget about supportive care.

Pros and cons

Of the pluses, it is worth noting the following.

  • Carving is a hair-friendly procedure.

  • The result looks natural - no one will think that you did a special perm.

  • The curls unroll gradually and the styling looks good all the time.

  • For thin hair, carving gives the desired volume.

Carving has only one drawback: it does not allow you to get elastic curls, as after a perm.


There are times when hair stylists don't recommend carving.

  • Girls with too weak hair should avoid the carving procedure. It is better to postpone any perm for a while, but for now, do everything possible to restore he alth to your hair.

  • If two weeks have not passed after dyeing, it is better to wait with carving.

  • Dandruff, flaking, itching or damage to the scalp are also contraindications. First we need to solve these problems.

What is the difference from other hair curling technologies?

Carving is often confused with perm and hair biowave. But the difference still exists.


Compared to perm, carving is a more gentle procedure for hair. The means by which carving is performed are less aggressive, they do not destroy the structure of the hair, so that the strands look more alive than as a result of a perm. Another important difference is that after carving you will not get such elastic curls as after a classic curl. The result will be soft wavy curls. If your goal is small curls, then it is better to prefer the perm procedure to carving.


Carving differs from biowave in that the means used to fix a given shape envelop the hair, as it were, remaining on the surface, which does not interfere with ensuring the durability of the result for a couple of weeks. In addition, the goal of carving is not so much to make hair curly as to give it volume. This is the main task of the procedure.

Who is carving for?

Carving is ideal for girls with straight hair who lack basal volume. As for the length, there are no restrictions, since carving does not radically change the hairstyle.

Short hair

Do not be afraid that short hair after carving will become a few centimeters shorter: the curls will be smooth, without the effect of springs.

Medium length hair

The most suitable length for carving. On such hair, you can make both smooth waves and curls of medium volume. Carving will look especially good on medium-length hair cut in a ladder or cascade.

Long hair

On long hair, carving is done less often. If you have a thick head of hair, then the curls will unwind under their own weight, and the effect of the procedure will be short-term. For happy owners of thick hair, for a long-term result, it is better to do a chemical or biowave. If the hair is long, but light, then carving will work just fine.

Varieties of hair carving

Carving can be of different types. Arriving at the salon, you can choose the most suitable option for yourself.


Basic carving is not done to curl the hair and make it wavy, but to add volume to the hair at the roots.


The most suitable option for girls with medium length hair just below the shoulders. For curling, special rollers of medium diameter are used.

Big curls

In this case, the stylist will choose large curlers. Carving with large curls is good for girls with light hair of medium length. Dense and heavy will not be able to keep the given shape for a long time and will quickly return to the original.

Small curls

Spirals or bobbins are used to create small curls. As a result, the hair is very voluminous. But again, this will not work on long and heavy hair.


Vertical carving is performed along the entire length of the hair using special spirals.


For texture carving, curlers of different diameters are used, thereby creating curls of different volumes.

How to make hair carving at home: step by step instructions

Carving can also be done at home, on your own, but for this you need to clearly follow the instructions.

Before the procedure, be sure to test for an allergic reaction - apply a drop of the active composition to a small area on the bend of the elbow . If no irritation occurs after 24 hours, you can start curling.

Prepare everything you need for the procedure:

  • active composition,
  • mixing container,
  • curlers,
  • comb,
  • applicator for application,
  • fatty cream,
  • plastic cap,
  • gloves,
  • towel.

Step-by-step instructions for self-carving.

  1. Divide your hair into small sections. The smaller the strands, the more pronounced the curls will be.

  2. Wrap each strand on curlers.

  3. Apply a heavy cream to the skin along the hairline to protect it from the effects of carving.

  4. Using the applicator, carefully distribute the composition through the hair.

  5. Put on a plastic cap and wrap your head in a towel.

  6. Keep the composition on your head exactly as long as it is written in the instructions.

  7. Rinse off with water without removing the curlers.

  8. Spray your hair with a setting spray and wait as directed.

  9. Remove curlers, rinse hair again with water and dry.

Carving ready!

Hair care after carving

To keep the perm for a long time, you need to properly care for your hair after the procedure.

  • Stay away from combs with wide teeth - use only combs: they will prevent your hair from straightening ahead of time.

  • Use a conditioner or leave-in conditioner every time you wash your hair.

  • And most importantly: do not wash your hair immediately after carving, otherwise the curls will not retain their shape.

When can I wash my hair

To lock the strands in the desired configuration, you can not wash your hair for a couple of days after the procedure. You can do this on the third or fourth day, and preferably with a special shampoo for curly hair.