There is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate on a cozy autumn evening. And what about chocolate, which is always with you? This season, a reminder of your favorite treat will delight you even on your nails!

Features of chocolate manicure

"Chocolate Manicure" not only sounds delicious, but also looks very beautiful: warm shades of brown will perfectly complement the autumn wardrobe and make-up. The darker ones will emphasize the noble pallor, and the lighter ones will be in perfect harmony with the tan, reminiscent of a vacation. Ultra-dark manicure looks bright and spectacular on both long and short nails, while lighter solutions are more suitable for short and medium lengths.Don't forget that chocolate palette goes well with beige.

With a manicure in such warm, natural shades, you can safely collect likes on Instagram under a photo with autumn leaves in your hands! A detailed guide to chocolate manicure awaits you further.



Velvet manicure of any color looks noble and unusual, and chocolate shades are no exception. Matte chocolate manicure most of all resembles hot chocolate with thick foam.


A glossy manicure will accentuate the shape of nails of any length and evoke thoughts of fresh hot coffee or a thin bar of chocolate.


Who said chocolate can't sparkle? Dark nail polishes, including brown ones, look great interspersed with small sparkles and are successfully combined with foil, glitter and metallic.

If you decide to complement your manicure with foil, you can find useful tips in this video.


Why take half measures when you can carry a whole box of chocolates on your fingertips? With the help of voluminous fondant, experienced craftsmen and craftswomen will be able to recreate the most amazing sweets right on the nails - it looks tempting and original. Essie's Treat & Love shade will come in handy.

Best color combinations


Milky white contrasts with both dark chocolate and lighter coffee-caramel shades.


Gold nail polishes and foil will be a great addition to an autumn manicure in chocolate tones - it's not for nothing that gold is so often used in the design of boxes of chocolates!

Beige and sand

Noble beige will help to beat and highlight chocolate accents without too bright contrasts and is perfect for lovers of a more neutral manicure.

Green, orange and yellow

Shades of green, ranging from rich dark to delicate grey-green, rich orange and mustard yellow tones accentuate the warmth of natural chocolate hues and complement them with seasonal autumn tones.

Blue and light blue

The contrasting combination with shades of blue and blue will look mysterious if you use dark tones of brown, and in combination with lighter coffee shades, it will remind you of summer, sandy beach and blue waves.

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Chocolate color nail designs: novelties and fashion trends

In the upcoming fall-winter 2023/21 season, the usual manicure trends remain with us such as design on a transparent and translucent background, minimalism, foil, stilettos and almond nails. In addition, trends that have not faded into memory are triumphantly returning to the catwalks: gradient, holes, reverse and color jacket, animal prints, as well as bold volumetric design.Chocolate manicure with gold will be popular closer to the New Year holidays.

Trendy nail art ideas for long and short nails

How to make a chocolate manicure? We have collected some trends and ideas for "sweet" nail art with designs for every taste.

Milk chocolate

A laconic warm option for short nails, which will look quite contrasting on fair skin and will beautifully emphasize swarthy or tanned fingers. A matte top will add an additional zest to the milk chocolate manicure.

Chocolate Milka



Favorite chocolate that is always with you is an unexpected idea for a playful chocolate manicure that is good not only for girls, but also for adult women!

Dark chocolate

A warm fall take on a classic ultra-dark finish that looks like a cup of hot chocolate. Such a simple but rich color looks good in a manicure at any length and favorably sets off fair skin.


Glitter or rhinestones

If chocolate desserts are decorated with sparkles, rhinestones and foil, then why not decorate manicures in chocolate tones as well? Such nails will sparkle even on the most cloudy autumn day.




Box of chocolates

A bold decision for those who do not like half measures and love chocolates: with the help of foil, texture contrast and 3D design, you can remind your favorite treats with your fingertips! This nail design looks especially good in the matte version of chocolate manicure.



Chocolate latte and cappuccino


With the help of a coffee-chocolate gradient, you can recreate the images of your favorite drinks right on your nails: a gentle effect of coffee with milk and chocolate syrup is easy to achieve with an ombre or a spectacular gradient from dark coffee on the little finger to milky white on the thumb.

Dropping glaze


Lumps or French with the effect of flowing glaze look minimalistic and interesting, especially on long nails and in contrasting colors. The same result can be achieved with texture contrast. A glossy "icing" on a matte finish will look like a dark ganache on a chocolate biscuit!

Color French


Who said that you have to choose between a gradient and a color jacket? Mix and match textures and colors for a unique manicure without losing the chocolate nails effect.

Chocolate minimalism




Fans of geometry manicures can stay true to their favorite trend in fashionable chocolate tones - these warm shades are capable of interesting contrasting combinations no worse than bright colors, and also go well with other dense tones.


Trend manicure techniques

What chocolate manicure to do in 2023? Here are seven fashion ideas.

Solid finish

The monochromatic coating focuses on color, emphasizing the shape of the nails and the manicure itself. But not everything is so simple: with such a choice, it is important to choose the texture of the top and the color that best emphasizes the hands and mood.



French gives room for imagination, allows you to play with both color and texture, as well as beat the shape of nails with the shape and width of the strip.



Chocolate-coloured manicure with holes draws attention to the natural contour of the nails. Looks great on short nails and allows for both neutral and bold color combinations.



In chocolate tones, the gradient gives the effect of cappuccino or latte. There are several techniques for creating a gradient - using a brush, a sponge, and even an airbrush.

Acrylic Powder


Acrylic powder helps to make the design voluminous - for example, a chocolate-colored manicure with a knitted pattern decor on your favorite autumn sweater!

Broken glass


Chocolate nails are covered with pieces of holographic film for the effect of broken stained-glass windows - this technique will help you create both tough and the most delicate images. At the same time, the film is not felt on the surface of the nail - it is completely covered by the top.


The veil technique is easy to create lacy patterns on nails and works great with both ultra-dark and light tones.


Review of chocolate manicure polishes

Pay attention to these polishes. According to the editors, they are perfect for creating a chocolate manicure.

  • Wicked, Essie

    The almost black rich color of dark chocolate will set off light skin, beating on the classic black manicure in warmer tones. A chocolate manicure with a design looks great in this design: patterns, drawings, inscriptions.

  • Mink Muffs, Essie

    Cold brown shade of milk chocolate can be used alone or in a gradient.

  • Fueled Up, Essie

    Delicate beige is suitable for a chocolate gradient and successfully sets off tanned skin.

  • Expresso Double Shot, Essie

    The color of coffee with milk will work with any chocolate shades of warm tones.

  • Mid-day Mocha, Essie

    Caramel polish is a great team player in a gradient manicure with richer chocolate colors.

  • Dress Is More, Essie

    Semi-transparent light polish is good for creating an effect. It can also serve as a base for a trendy design on a translucent background - such a manicure is considered trendy.

  • Summit of Style, Essie

    Gold sparkles will perfectly complement chocolate manicure.