Which image do you prefer: blondes or brunettes? If you can't decide but love experimenting, add a third option - fiery red hair. This is an option for a bright, but at the same time natural transformation. You will find arguments in favor of such a choice in our material

Girls with naturally red hair are used to the attention of others. With this hair color, it is difficult to go unnoticed, and if you like to impress with catchy looks, dyeing in red color will come in handy.There are many shades in this palette, among which everyone can find their own.

Red hair color: who will suit?

The palette of red shades is warm, but does this mean that red hair color is only suitable for people with a warm color type of appearance? It is a myth. Some shades of this range can be successfully combined even with cold features. Let's talk more about who suits red hair.

Warm skin tone

In life, red hair is often found in girls of the “spring” color type with fair skin with a warm undertone and light eyes (blue, green or hazel). Freckles can be a characteristic feature of appearance. In this image, golden-red hair without bright red pigment looks harmonious.

Cool skin tone

Girls with a cold skin tone, contrary to stereotypes, can also choose this palette of colors. But the result should not be bright red hair color, but light red - closer to blond.

Neutral skin tone

If the skin tone is neutral, then there are more options when choosing a shade. There are many options - from chestnut color with red pigment to copper-red, which "burns" red. At the same time, in addition to skin tone, eye color will also need to be taken into account. Try L'Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss Caramel for example.

Combination of red hair and brown eyes

Red hair color can be very well combined with brown eyes if it is a calm, muted red. A caramel shade or a chestnut color with a hint of red is what brown-eyed people who have chosen this palette for coloring need.

Combination of red hair and blue eyes

Red-red hair color, fiery red and dark red are contraindicated for blue-eyed. Blue eyes against their background will look brighter, but the image will be unnatural.Therefore, it is better to choose more natural shades without a “flashy” redhead. Honey, caramel, golden red will suit more. Choose light variations of these colors.

Red hair and green eyes

But green-eyed girls can afford the whole range: light red, dark red hair, natural red, and extremely bright shades of red-orange, like from a can of paint.

If you decide to diversify the coloring, several strands can be highlighted with a different shade. For example, pink or purple. Use Colorista Hair Makeup by L’Oréal Paris.

And how to use it, we told in this video.

Shades of red hair

The red color palette is extremely diverse! Deciding on the choice of shades is not easy, because each of them is beautiful in its own way. To make the right choice, be guided by your natural data and style preferences.

Dark red hair color

This is a rich color that is close to burgundy, but there is less red pigment in it than redheads. If you like such deep, expressive colors, then you can stop at dark red. It will become a bright accent in your image.

Light red hair color

Red blonde is much softer than the dark shades of this color. It is closer to neutral wheaten shades, with an admixture of peach tones. As a result, even a little pink can be caught in light shades of red. For girls of the "spring" and "summer" color types, this is a win-win choice.

Fiery red hair color

Are you ready to become a bright flash against the background of others? The fiery red shade of hair will literally burn and thereby attract a lot of attention. True, such catchy shades of red have one unpleasant property: they, as a rule, emphasize the imperfections of the skin.When deciding on a fiery red color, it is important to weigh the pros and cons.

Did you decide? Look out for Paprika from L'Oréal Paris' Préférence Feria range.

Copper red hair color

This is a more restrained color - red-red. Despite its saturation due to the presence of red pigment, it is perceived quite naturally.

Cool red hair color

This also happens: warm notes are present in these shades, but not as pronounced as in the case of brighter shades of red, such as copper red or chestnut red. Cool shades that suit blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls include lighter red options, such as light brown-red hair color.

Chestnut Red

This is another natural shade from the red range, only dark. It allows brunettes to add a golden glow to their image and make the image a little warmer.


How to choose red color paint?

Dyeing red in most cases is a bold decision. But the result largely depends on what paint you choose.

Keep in mind: the red pigment is very much "eaten" into the hair, especially in blond ones. Therefore, it makes sense to weigh the pros and cons before the procedure. And it is also important to carefully approach the choice of shade - you should not rely on chance.

If you are more concerned about the he alth of your hair, then you can become red with henna. This dye has one important advantage: it significantly strengthens the hair. However, it is problematic to know what the final shade will be 100% in this case. For those who are ready to take a certain amount of risk in terms of the result, henna is quite suitable.

When choosing products and shades, remember that red hair will most likely not "take" dark hair. And this applies not only to light shades of red. "Base" will have to discolor.In order to minimize damage to the hair, it is better to choose coloring with strands. However, they will also require an oxidizing agent.

In case your hair is already bleached, you should first try a tint balm, not a permanent dye. The last one without re-bleaching the hair will be difficult to remove if the result is not to your liking.


Trendy red hair color ideas

Whatever your haircut, it will not prevent you from becoming a red-haired beast. Any length has its advantages.

Short hair

Pink with red

You can emphasize a daring short haircut with no less daring coloring - for example, in a peach shade. This result can be achieved by combining the red color with pastel pink.

Red orange color

On short hair, this shade will look bright and extravagant - without the pink pigment softening the intensity of the color. Bet on the "purity" of the color - orange is perfect for this.

Reddish coloration

The color of wine or mulled wine on your hair? Why not?! A light ombre effect with a transition from burgundy to red-red at the tips will make the result even more expressive.

Medium length hair

Red highlights

Brunettes should not choose blond for coloring with strands: the contrast between the main color and the tint will be too strong, and the result risks looking vulgar. But the red tones in this case are just indicated for use - the hair will acquire additional volume due to beautiful natural highlights.

Two tone coloring

If you like experimenting with hair color, then there is no need to restrain your creative impulses. Firstly, you can choose extremely bright shades (red-red and orange close to neon are suitable), and secondly, combine them in your image using the color-blocking technique.This is a good and bold option for those who have bangs: it, along with strands near the face, can be dyed in one color, and the rest of the mass of hair in another.

Rose gold

With such a shade of red, the coloring will turn out to be no less spectacular. However, the result will not be as bright. Golden red with a pink undertone is an unusual and noble shade. His restraint makes him "safe" . It will appeal to girls who dream of an original transformation, but are not yet ready for radical changes.

Blonde with red strands

You don't have to dye your hair red all the way. Individual strands can also be red. Coral highlights at different levels of the hair will make the blonde look a little mischievous.

Long hair

Copper red coloration

If girls with long hair lack volume, they can choose to color using several shades. Techniques such as highlighting or ombre will help out. For those who, on the contrary, want to get an expressive color without “impurities” on the surface of their long hair, a deep copper-red shade is recommended.

Red ombre

The goal of classic ombre dyeing is the effect of sun-bleached hair with light strands and tips. But light can be red. And the result in this case will be non-trivial.

Red Blonde

How can a light red coloring look that will suit girls with the spring and summer color type with light eyes and skin? It is almost blond - only with a golden (not yellow!) tint.

Dyeing red: step by step instructions

The procedure for painting depends largely on the chosen paint. If you plan to carry out the procedure yourself, then use the tool for home use. Working with such paint is quite simple.

  1. Preparation

    Keep everything you need during the dyeing process at hand: the dye itself (it needs to be tested on the skin a couple of days before dyeing to make sure that the formula does not cause an allergic reaction), a comb with a separator, gloves, a towel (it will need to be thrown over the shoulders to protect clothes from stains). It is better not to wash your hair on the day of coloring - this will make it easier to distribute the dye.

  2. Coloring

    Using the instructions, mix the paint with the developer and apply first to the roots, gradually moving the parting line, and then to the hair along the entire length.You need to keep the paint on your hair, as a rule, for about half an hour (check the instructions). After that, it is washed off until the water runs clear.

  3. Styling

    It remains only to dry your hair to fully appreciate the resulting color, and style it to your taste.

Review of the best red hair colors about the opinion of FashionVIPdergisi.com

The paints from this collection, according to the editors, will definitely not let you down. Pay attention to them if you decide to color.

  • Casting Crème Gloss, L'Oréal Paris

    Coloring with this tool, they promise L'Oréal Paris, will be akin to salon hair care. As part of Casting Crème Gloss there is no ammonia, but there is a protective complex that protects the hair structure from damage.The balm, which is also included in the kit, contains bee milk. The tool will help maintain the he alth of the hair after dyeing.

    Among the shades that you should look at when planning a red coloring are No. 534 "Maple Syrup" (a shade with a soft redhead), No. 7304 "Spiced Caramel" , No. 432 "Chocolate Truffle" (chestnut- reddish hue). And for those who are looking for a red blond, No. 832 Creme Brulee will come in handy.

  • Cream-paint Color Sensation, Garnier

    Intense color and silky sheen with Color Sensation. The dye contains mother-of-pearl, which provides shine to the hair, and rose essence, which cares for the hair, providing it with an attractive look.

    In the Color Sensation range of shades, those who want to get a red color can choose No. 7.40 “Amber bright red”, No. 6.45 “Amber dark red”, No. 8.24 “Sunny amber”, No. 6.35 “Golden amber ". There are options for both a catchy transformation and natural coloring.

Post Color Care

After dyeing, hair needs special care. Despite the sparing formulas of most modern paints, they still make the hair dry, so additional nutrition and hydration become more relevant than ever. Include masks and leave-in balms in your care and use them on a regular basis. For example, from the Elseve Color Expert line by L’Oréal Paris.

As for the shampoo, it should be with a formula for colored hair. As a rule, this is indicated on the label. Such products do not wash out the color, providing the most delicate cleansing. It is recommended to choose an air conditioner from the same line. It will help prolong the durability of the pigment and strengthen the hair structure.