French manicure is a classic that is easy to combine with current trends. In the autumn-winter 2023 season, nail masters recognized almonds as one of the most fashionable forms of nails, so today we’ll talk about French options that can be tried on almond-shaped nails

French on almond-shaped nails: manicure features

Sufficient length is usually needed to create this trendy shape. Therefore, almonds are most often found on elongated nails. It is distinguished by its graceful narrowing of the tips.They are not strongly sharpened, so the result is more feminine than bold and predatory, especially if such a shape is emphasized with an appropriate manicure.

French manicure looks good on almond-shaped nails precisely because it emphasizes the tips. Using different shades and techniques, you can make this accent soft or, conversely, bold and catchy.

There are no special rules for creating a jacket on almond-shaped nails with a design. Of course, everyone is familiar with the classic version of the jacket with white arcs at the tips of the nails, but more and more often this simple design is being remade to your taste or according to trends: French manicure can now be with drawings, and with rhinestones, and with sparkles.

Perhaps the only nuance that is important to consider is the width of the color block at the tips: ideally, it should be close to the width of the strip of overgrown nails. However, some nail masters deliberately ignore this recommendation too - in order to try on a jacket with interesting effects on the almond shape.

Whatever version of the jacket you choose, we advise you to watch our video tutorial first.

French on almond-shaped nails: new 2023

Do you want your jacket to match the design trends - 2023? Pay attention to examples from the fall-winter 2023 shows: at fashion shows, French manicure often adorned the nails of models. Moschino opted for a classic jacket that has been almost forgotten due to the craze for more modern versions of this design.If you decide to repeat, Essie's "Craftswoman" shade will come in handy.

Philipp Plein used flames as an accent on the tips - this pattern looked very impressive. And at the Marco de Vincenzo show, the tips of the nails attracted attention with shimmering sparkles, which were applied deliberately carelessly, capturing the skin at the nail plate. It is quite possible to be inspired by these options by trying on French options for almond nails.

You can take a closer look not only at manicures from the catwalks, but also at the nail design ideas with a jacket that popular nail art masters offer: they share their work on social networks and also set trends that rhyme perfectly with the shape of almonds.

Color French

This beauty solution is not new, which, however, does not affect its popularity. Recently, it is fashionable to decorate each nail in a new color. Often, a colored jacket on the nails is created with an iridescent transition of colors, using bright or, on the contrary, soft pastel shades of varnishes on the tips of the nails.

French with ombre effect

The difference from the classic ombre is that the border of the transition of colors is shifted closer to the tips of the nails, creating an emphasis on this particular area. Thanks to the smoothness of changing shades using the ombre technique in such a manicure, you can easily combine a variety of shades, even those that seem incompatible.

Curly jacket

Changing the shape of the "smile" on the tips of the nails is one of the most striking trends in French manicure. The tips are separated from the main part of the nail plate, for example, by zigzags or wavy lines. Lines can also form into hearts, triangles, stars, and other shapes. With a certain skill, you can achieve the effect of drops flowing down or flames facing the hole. Lots of options.Take the ones you like as a basis or let your own imagination run wild.

Print French

Long almond-shaped nails are perfect for french manicure with designs. In this case, the tips of the nails are again separated by a line and filled with drawings. For example, animalistic - with a leopard or zebra print. This is one of the most popular versions.

Modern french design on almond nails

What else can be a jacket on almond-shaped nails? Very different, but most of the ideas are available even to those who do not have the skills necessary for highly artistic nail art. These are inherently simple beauty solutions that look extremely original, although in fact the differences from the classic jacket are insignificant.You can repeat them literally “from the picture” - without detailed instructions.

With voluminous decor

At first, you can slightly deviate from the classics by trying a jacket on almond-shaped nails. Paint "smiles" with white polish, but leave a couple of nails blank to decorate them differently later. For example, create a voluminous decor using stones and rhinestones. The result will be far from the severity inherent in the basic version of the French manicure.

Black jacket

It will be even easier to change the accent color in French manicure from the usual white to black. Sheer contrast will make the tips of your almond-shaped nails more visible. But you can also experiment with a black jacket on an almond shape. Try, for example, to extend the lines of "smiles" and circle the nail plate along the contour - you get an elegant graphic manicure.


Do you think that black-tipped jacket is gloomy gothic? Then try any other colors in your version of the French manicure, including metallic ones. The beauty of the almond shape is emphasized by both matte silver and a brighter holographic shade with iridescent shimmer.


Let only outlines remain from the jacket: draw a thin line parallel to the free edge of the nail, and leave the space between them empty. The result should look like you forgot to fill this area with color. This design of nails looks most advantageous with a nude background. Thanks to this French manicure solution, long almond-shaped nails will look gentle and elegant, regardless of the color you choose to draw lines. Pay attention, for example, to "Dress for the evening" from Essie.

French with drawings

When making a french on almond nails, you can decorate their tips with drawings, separating an area sufficient for this from the main part of the nail plate with a clear line. There is another option: coat the tips with varnish in a contrasting color, and add drawings on top.

French with halves

What if you paint only half of the arc on the tips of your nails? Ready-to-experiment nail masters have already asked this question and can demonstrate the answer in practice. French, in which only half of the free edge of the nail is marked with color, is perceived as an ironic version of the popular manicure. Meanwhile, it looks stylish and concise.


The combination of French and moon manicure is another good nail art option for almond-shaped nails.Holes and tips can be decorated in different shades. Or varnishes with different textures: for “smiles” choose a regular one, and for holes - with glitter. The space between the holes and the tips of the nails can be left empty in such a manicure. Or turn into an additional color block.


When trying on an almond-shaped jacket, play with the options for the location of the color accent on the tips: among the trends of 2023, there is still a beveled jacket, which implies a shift of the “smile” to one side of the nail plate. In this case, the line can be straight (and in this case the jacket turns out to be graphic and restrained) or, for example, wavy. The result is in any case perceived as unusual.


French manicure on almond-shaped nails, taking into account their length

On very short cut nails, it will not work to make an almond shape. However, almond-shaped nails are both shorter and longer. The former can be visually lengthened with the help of a French design, and the latter can be beautifully emphasized.

Short nails

Slim French

If your almond-shaped nails are not yet grown enough to make a jacket with a wide strip at the tips, draw a line along the very edge of the nail plate so that it is as thin as possible.

Sharp French

What French manicure design to choose to visually stretch short almond-shaped nails? Separate the tips with a triangle - so that you get an arrow pointing up. Your jacket will set the direction, as it were, and thanks to this, the nails will appear longer. Try Essie's Pinnacle Hair Color for this design.

Moon design

Oddly enough, on short almond-shaped nails, a jacket combined with a moon manicure will also look good. This beauty solution is no longer a novelty. It is adopted by those who want their nails to look neat until they reach the optimal length for almonds.

Long nails

Flower jacket

Girls with long almond-shaped nails can afford a jacket with color patterns - why not replace them with arc-smiles? Draw something that creates the right mood: flowers, snowflakes, stars, hearts, or use stickers with ready-made drawings so as not to spend a lot of time and effort on design.


When creating a jacket on long almond-shaped nails, you can layer stripes of different colors overlapping each other and get a bright colored French manicure that will become a noticeable detail of the image.


You will get another version of a multi-layer jacket if you move the strip from the very tip of the nails a little lower - as if you made a small indent from the edge.This version of the French manicure will look unusual, but in the case of long almond-shaped nails, it is very organic.


Review of varnishes for creating a French manicure

Pay attention to these polishes. According to the editors, they are perfect for creating a jacket.

  • Essie nail polish

    Surely in your home collection of varnishes there are bright shades that can be used to experiment with a jacket. But for the classic French manicure, you need a separate set. First, it is important to choose a translucent nude polish with a beige or pink undertone. Essie has a number of such proposals, including No. 06 "Ballet Shoes" , No. 05 "Seduction" , No. 11 "Not Just a Pretty Face" or No. 08 "A Limousine Incident" .A couple of them will be the shade from which the numbering of Essie varnishes begins - No. 1. With these tools, you can even make your own wedding jacket, which, however, may well perform everyday beauty tasks.

  • Collection of nail polishes Colorama, Maybelline New York

    In the Colorama collection, look for colors to embody the most unusual ideas for transforming a jacket. In addition to nude shades (which are also presented here), you can find here any varnishes, from acid neon to delicate pastels.