How to get the perfect matte finish without the mask effect? Consider Maybelline NY's Fit Me foundation, which has already become a global bestseller

What do we want from one of the most important components of makeup - foundation? It's simple: we need the perfect tone throughout the day; makeup should look great and stay that way until it is washed off. Another requirement is that it is important that the pores are hidden and the oily sheen does not make you nervous and look for an opportunity to powder. Of course, I want to achieve such a result without a dense coating, which is noticeable on the face and does not allow the skin to breathe.It looks like Maybelline NY has managed to create a product that meets the requirements of buyers around the world - Fit Me Foundation.


Fit Me foundation comes in a plastic tube, without a dispenser. You can apply it with a sponge or just with your fingers. Fit Me is suitable for normal, combination or oily skin, as well as those who are concerned about enlarged pores. A big plus of the Maybelline NY foundation is a rich palette of 19 shades, each of which additionally adjusts to the skin color. Now you don't have to mix several shades to get the perfect discreet tone.

To achieve a matte finish, which excludes the appearance of unwanted shine on the face, powder particles and clay derivatives in the composition allow. Thanks to these components, you can not use powder in makeup, because the skin becomes velvety anyway.

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We already wrote above that Fit Me by Maybelline is presented in 19 shades. In addition to the standard ones: ivory, porcelain and classic beige, there are, for example, opal pink, warm beige and many others.

Maybelline divides all shades into 3 groups:

  • for owners of very light skin shades No. 095, 100, 101, 104, 105, 110;

  • for fair to medium skin tone - shades 111, 112, 113, 115, 116, 117, 118;

  • for those with dark skin -119, 120, 121, 128, 129, 220.

Indeed, a variety of shades makes it possible to say with confidence that absolutely everyone will find their Fit Me tone.


Applying Fit me to skin

The texture of the cream is liquid, it can be applied to the hand and draw the required amount of product with a brush, sponge or fingers, then distributing it over the face from the center to the periphery. It must be remembered that any foundation is applied to cleansed and well-moisturized skin.

Tips for using Fit Me

In makeup, any tool has its own characteristics. It is useful to know how best to use it, how much to apply, how to increase durability and so on. The foundation is no exception. Below are the basic life hacks on the use of Fit Me, shared by experts.

  1. Skin preparation

    Before using foundation, apply a primer, moisturizer or nourisher. It is important to give this “base” time to absorb into the skin. For example, the FIT ME primer from Maybelline New York is suitable. We showed three ways to apply the primer in this video.

  2. Application

    The cream is applied with driving movements. For a more natural and natural make-up, one layer of Fit Me is enough for every day. If you are doing evening makeup, then re-coating is acceptable.

  3. Extend foundation wear

    The layering technique is also good for making makeup last longer. Powder can be omitted, as Fit Me itself contains powder particles that will keep unwanted shine under control. If you really want to fix your makeup with powder, we advise you to apply it in a very small amount only on problem areas: forehead, nose wings, chin. You can use Maybelline New York powder from the same line.


Pros of Fit me by Maybelline:

  • provide a light, natural matte finish;

  • no mask effect;

  • no need to use additional powder;

  • oil control;

  • effective pore coverage;

  • easy to remove with makeup remover or skin cleansing.

Now it's clear how Fit Me gained worldwide popularity and became a hit among foundations. With it, it is easy to achieve perfect makeup without weighing down the skin. A matte velvety finish is the most desirable result. If you use Fit Me foundation, please share your hacks with us!