If you are looking for a noble color that will not lose its purity, becoming "rusty" , take a closer look at the mocha range

First, let's find out what shade it is.

What does mocha hair color look like?

This is a neutral shade of coffee scale - without redness and red tint, so it is especially good for girls with a cold color type, suitable for home coloring. It is not too dark, unlike some chestnut shades, and not too light.Calm muted mocha color looks noble in any outfit.

Advantages and disadvantages of mocha color

There are several arguments in favor of dyeing mocha.

  • Mocha colors are easy to achieve. Blond hair will easily accept it. As for the dark ones, only the most intense shades will have to be lightened to a mocha color.

  • Mocha is a very natural color, but for blondes it is also suitable for a cardinal image change. See for yourself by trying, for example, Casting Crème Gloss in Hazelnut Mocha by L'Oréal Paris.

  • Mocha coloring has a visual anti-aging effect, the image becomes fresher.

  • The mocha color looks beautiful in a solid color, but can serve as the basis for an ombre or, for example, a balayage.

The relative disadvantage of this range is that mocha color is not for everyone. It looks most advantageous on girls with a cold color type. However, for those who have it warm, you can find suitable tones.

Who would suit mocha hair color?

This shade can be chosen by many girls. First of all - "snow white" , the owner of a cold color type. They are best suited neutral mocha without golden reflections.

You can choose a matte shade with the addition of ash-gray blotches. If you have a warm color type, then you need a mocha color with a subtle golden glow. A particularly successful shade of mocha will emphasize brown-green, hazel and light brown eyes.

Popular cold and warm mocha colors

Coffee mocha

This is pure mocha, no golden shimmer, no ashy undertones. It resembles coffee beans or milk chocolate. It is the "purity" of this shade that makes it so popular.

Dark mocha

This shade is more like dark chocolate. And there are no impurities in it either - no redness, no red undertone. A good example is L'Oréal Paris's Casting Crème Gloss, Cool Mocha.

Dark mocha will appeal to those who do not want to take their color to a warmer one. This deep shade makes the image very expressive.

Nut mocha

Mocha walnut shade is lighter and softer. It has warm notes. This option will appeal to girls with a warm color type who do not want to "darken" their image too much.

Ash mocha

Brown and gray are equal in this shade. This is a cold color that will suit girls with the same color type. On the hair, he, contrary to expectations, looks very soft and gentle. Therefore, noticeable accents are recommended in makeup for contrast.

Gold mocha

This result is obtained by combining mocha with caramel tones. Hair takes on a warm tone and golden reflections. By the way, the result can be more effective if you make mocha color as the base of dyeing, and then supplement it with caramel strands.

Light mocha

To imagine a light mocha, think coffee with cream or cocoa with extra milk. This shade is pretty close to blonde. And more often than not, light mocha is more warm than cold; this should be taken into account and correlated with your color type.

An example of a light mocha is L'Oreal Paris's Casting Creme Gloss hair dye in Dark Blonde.


How to choose mocha paint?

If you decide to dye mocha and start choosing a paint, look for a product according to the following scheme.

  1. Resilience

    Do you want to look like a new color for a little while? Or do you expect long-term results? In the first case, you will need a temporary dye (even formats such as foam or tint shampoo may be suitable), in the second - permanent.

  2. Shade development

    When a specific remedy is found, it remains to choose the shade that will look most advantageous on your hair. If we are talking about a dye for home use, it is easy to understand with it how the composition will manifest itself on the hair.The packaging usually shows how the natural color changes after dyeing. But it is important to pay attention to one nuance: the result for blondes and brunettes differs markedly.

  3. Formula

    You probably care about your hair, so look not only for "your" color, but also for a quality composition with caring ingredients that will provide your hair with the necessary care.


Overview of the best mocha colors

If you decide to dye, pay attention to these products. The editors are sure that they will not let you down.

  • Color Sensation 6.12 Sparkling Cool Mocha by Garnier

    Use shade 6.12 "Sparkling cold mocha" is possible for both light blond girls and those with dark brown hair. Garnier promise that the color will appear in all its glory in both cases. Most of all, it is suitable for those who want to get an expressive monochromatic coloring and achieve the radiance of smooth hair. Mother-of-pearl is responsible for this effect in the Color Sensation formula. In addition, with this dye, the hair will receive additional care: the composition contains the essence of a wild rose, which softens the effect of the product.

  • Casting Crème Gloss No. 513 Frozen Cappuccino, L'Oréal Paris

    Homemade mocha coloring is easy if you choose Casting Crème Gloss in shade 513 Frosty Cappuccino. The shade should be medium - not too light and not too dark. Thanks to the neutral undertone, it will look best on the owners of a cold color type.This paint, by the way, is also suitable for painting over gray hair. In any case, you will get rich color and he althy shine. The result is beautiful and well-groomed hair.

  • Color Naturals No. 5½ Mocha, Garnier

    While working on the formula for Shade No. 5½ Mocha, Garnier ensured that the color was obtained without reddishness and did not become reddish over time. A noble shade will look beautiful even without additions in the form of highlights on individual strands. Shine on the surface of the hair creates a play of light and shadow, which makes the color look more multifaceted. Shine hair give caring components of the paint, including olive oil, shea butter and avocado. They also provide nourishment to the hair and help to avoid dryness, which hair often suffers from after the dyeing procedure.

Mocha Hair Color Fashion Ideas

For short hair

Perhaps one of the best options for owners of short haircuts is dyeing in dark shades of mocha. They will make the image with short hair catchy and spectacular. If you have a pixie, asymmetrical bob or, for example, a bob to the middle of the neck, dyeing in coffee shades of mocha with an ashy undertone will be a particularly good solution.

For medium length hair

In this case, mocha coloring is the best solution. If you complement it with styling with waves or curls, then the color will shimmer due to the play of light, and the image will become even more expressive. A few strands near the face can be dyed in a lighter shade of mocha.

For long hair

Girls with long hair have a chance to show off the full depth of the mocha shade.It is quite possible to do without accents on individual strands - monochromatic coloring can also look expressive. And if you want to add some volume to long hair, dilute the main color with highlights of lighter shades.

Post Color Care

To prevent coloring from affecting the he alth of your hair, pay attention to hair care after the procedure. Without well-chosen products, the new color will quickly “wash out”. You will need a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair, which will hold the new shade in the hair structure. In addition, masks, indelible balms and oils will be useful: they will nourish the hair and prevent them from dehydration. These same tools will help maintain the effect of radiance. Useful, for example, hair mask 3 in 1 Fructis SuperFood "Goji Berries" from Garnier.

Ever tried mocha shades in your coloring? Write about your impressions of the color in the comments.