Pink liner, translucent powder, shimmery cherry lipstick and other online shopping gems

In 2023, we had to rethink our consumer habits. The pandemic has affected the beauty industry in the most direct way - in order to prevent the disease, it is temporarily impossible to test product samples in the corners of brands, whether it be lipstick, lip gloss or foundation. However, many have found a way out by creating convenient online fitting rooms, but there is another way. We are talking about L’Oréal Paris products, which are sold only online and do not require “trying on”.

  • Color Riche Shine 470 Map to Nirvana

    Deep burgundy lipstick is an absolute must have in any makeup bag. You can safely buy this in several copies at once, it will suit both a friend and a mother who loves art experiments. What makes this version of Color Riche Shine special is its shiny, glittery texture: thanks to the fine pearl pigments in the composition, the product looks not only spectacular, but truly festive on the lips.

    Other elements of the image can be left neutral - an accent on the lips will be enough. You can even not paint your eyelashes with mascara. The combination of bright lips with “zero” eye makeup remains trendy for more than a season.

    And you can, on the contrary, complement bright lips with no less bright eye makeup, as in our video.

  • Infaillible Magic Setting Spray

    How do you know if you have a reliable fixative spray? Firstly, it really guarantees the durability of makeup until it is removed, even if you have not used a special primer or persistent tonal products. Secondly, it not only does not harm the skin, but also cares for it. The Infaillible Magic Setting Spray delivers on both counts: skin stays hydrated throughout the day without compromising long-wearing make-up.

    Important: the product should be sprayed from a distance of at least 15 centimeters, after which you need to give it time to be absorbed properly - a couple of minutes will be enough.

  • Infaillible Les Macarons Ultra Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick 828 Raspberry Confit

    Even if you haven't bought the fixing spray we talked about yet, you won't regret it with this lipstick. The durability of this tool is impressive - up to 16 hours. And the ideal cold shade of red will suit both snow-whites and dark-skinned women. Separately, it is worth mentioning the name of the Les Macarons line, which was not chosen by chance: all liquid lipsticks have a pleasant sweet aroma, like the famous French dessert.

  • Infaillible Loose Matte Powder

    Fine white powder is still a rare guest on the shelves of beauty stores (both online and offline). But she is not spoiled by attention, but in vain: the product does not weigh down the makeup, properly mattifies the skin and at the same time remains invisible.Translucent powder is especially good for girls with oily skin who have to powder repeatedly throughout the day. Such powder is called transparent. To get the effect with the prefix wow-, first read our material on how to use translucent powder correctly.

  • Le Liner Signature Eyeliner 10 Latex Pink

    Pink eyeliner? Why not! If you know how to use pink shades in your eye makeup, then it's easy to create a look that you can't take your eyes off with Le Liner Signature. The automatic pencil is very easy to use. Due to the soft texture of the stylus, it does not injure the mucous membrane. The pigment does not lose saturation during the day. And you can also use the Le Liner Signature pencil in lip makeup and in creating face art. In a word, a multifunctional tool!

If you have used any product from our rating, tell us about your impressions in the comments!