We tested dozens of new products from different brands and chose the best and most interesting for you

We have already written about the trends in autumn makeup - 2023. Now let's talk about what will help bring these trends to life. In this article - all about the main new cosmetics of the coming season.

YSL Beauty Fall 2023 Makeup Collection

YSL Beauty introduced several new products this fall.

Satin Crush Mono Shadow

These monoshadows are designed to create daytime makeup. Looking at the product in the package, you might think that the shadows will be too shiny on the skin, but in reality they give only a light satin finish - delicate and slightly shimmery.

In principle, they can also be used to create an evening make-up, but then we advise you to apply them in two or three layers to achieve the desired degree of brightness. You should not be afraid that in this case they may begin to crumble. The shadows hold well and do not roll in the folds of the eyelids.

The palette contains four shades of monoshadows: dusty pink, beige, brown and gold. All shades can be applied both individually and in harmonious combinations if you want to achieve a more complex color solution.

Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Wild Collection matte lipstick

The Slim's iconic matte lipstick comes in a chic red and gold snake print bottle this fall. But the content remains the same: a formula enriched with jojoba oil and a long-lasting pigment of juicy colors. Again, we note the square cut of the stick, thanks to which the edge of the lipstick can draw an even contour of the lips without using a pencil.

We talked about The Slim in detail in this article, and you can find examples of makeup that you can do with it here.

Maybelline New Fall 2020 Cosmetics

Let's talk about two lip products that you definitely want to add to your beauty arsenal.

Lifter Gloss with hyaluronic acid

The star of the composition is hyaluronic acid, which is added to moisturize delicate skin.As a result, the lips visually appear more voluminous. Applying gloss is very simple - you can paint your lips with it without even looking in the mirror: a convenient applicator evenly distributes the product over the entire surface.

There are eight shades in the palette: four pinks of different intensity, three from brown and one transparent. There are both glossy and shimmery versions.


Superstay Matte Ink

The iconic matte lipstick has been released in new shades. Five tones of brown and a pleasant aroma of coffee, which is felt on the lips even a couple of hours after applying the product, are the distinguishing features of the novelty.

The essence of lipstick remains the same. It is ultra-resistant, matte finish stays on the lips in its original form all day long. Lipstick is distinguished by rich, deep and bright pigment and a creamy consistency, thanks to which lips do not lose the moisture they need for beauty.Fine tip applicator allows you to contour.

Nyx Cosmetic New Fall 2020

These products are designed for girls who prefer bright makeup and like to experiment with looks.

Epic Wear Metallic Finish Eye Pencil

The novelty has a creamy texture and a metallic iridescent finish. But the main advantage of the pencil is that it is semi-permanent, that is, ultra-resistant. Makeup made with this pencil will last until you remove it with a special make-up remover. It is good for them to draw the mucous membrane, as it quickly hardens and does not wear off for a long time even in this zone.

There are nine shades in the collection of pencils, from silver to emerald. With its creamy texture, blending the line is easy if done quickly.