Introducing a non-standard and slightly gothic interpretation of the French manicure. While working on the material, we have collected the best ideas and photos of a black jacket for inspiration!

Features of a black jacket on nails

You don't have to reinvent the wheel by coming up with an original nail design. A black jacket is a great example of a fresh take on a traditional manicure. Coal-colored varnishes have not shocked anyone for a long time. For many, a solid black coating has become as classic as red, but today we will talk about introducing this uncompromising color into the delicate world of a jacket (by the way, we told you how to make an exemplary French manicure in this step-by-step instruction).

A spectacular black French manicure, like its classic counterpart, will be appropriate in almost any situation: you can draw a familiar smile on a transparent base, play with textures or perform a curly design on the free tip of the nail. See the video tutorial below for three different ways to create a work with this technique.

Using our selection, choose the design of your choice and make your nail look fashionable in the salon or at home.

Black French manicure: new design - 2023

French with black polish is one of the main trends of the season. The trend originated last year, but plans to reach the top in 2023. What black nail design to choose? Photos with trends from this season's shows below will help you decide.

Matte & textured

Black matte jacket looks very interesting. This is one of the most elegant options that will stay with us this season. By the way, such a nail design looks best on long nails - photo evidence is in front of you.

Black and white

Another fashionable solution in manicure is a monochrome classic that supports the corresponding trend in the collections of leading fashion designers. And don't forget about the "cow" manicure, which has been in favor for several seasons.

Black with red jacket

The combination of black and red evokes several vivid associations at once: make-up in the spirit of old Hollywood, playing cards, the figure of Harlequin. Use one of these looks when creating a nail design, or use a simple two-tone manicure as a sample.

Black jacket with design

3D decor has finally gone beyond Instagram and made it to the catwalks - seize the moment! Complement the manicure with rhinestones, beads, jewelry imitating pearls and precious stones. In the case of a manicure in dark colors, the benefit is double: both fashionable and not so gloomy.

Black jacket with nail shape

It is important to choose a suitable design not only for your mood and taste, but also for the shape of your nails: different combinations will help emphasize the dignity and beauty of your hands. For example, a graceful almond or oval shape will be decorated with classic solutions, and a fashionable “ballerina” shape will be emphasized by both simple and original designs with geometric elements at the tip. We study the issue in more detail in the paragraphs below.

Almond nails

A black jacket on almond-shaped nails looks very elegant, visually lengthening the fingers and giving the hands an elegant look. This combination of design and shape of almond will be the most advantageous on long and medium nails.

Square nails

French manicure on a square shape always looks geometric. An unconventional color will only emphasize the graphic design. Black french on square nails is perfect for short and medium lengths.

Ballerina shape

An unusual shape combined with a bold design will emphasize the length of the nails. A particularly spectacular result on nails of this shape can be achieved using varnishes with a matte finish (or matte top).

Oval nails

The oval shape of the nails will be successfully beaten by a black accent on the tips. It will add contrast to the manicure, and the soft shape will preserve the elegant impression of the result. The combination of this jacket is ideal for medium and short lengths.


Perhaps stilettos - the most extravagant form - will successfully complement the same bold design. By making a black jacket on sharp nails, you will surprise everyone in a dramatic way, and there is no need to be modest!

Black jacket for different nail lengths

Believe me, a black jacket can look great on nails of any length - the main thing is to choose the right design option. A successful combination of length, shape and design not only focuses on nail art, but also emphasizes the beauty of hands.


Even the shortest nails can be decorated with a French manicure: a black accent on the tip of the nail plate will create a bold and non-trivial effect. Look for the most suitable and successful ideas below.


Long elongated nails are simply made for a spectacular black jacket. Experiment with trends, finishes and shapes to find designs that everyone will notice!

Black jacket in combination with other colors and decor

Since black is a universal color, there are countless options for harmonious combinations with it - from classics to bizarre geometric patterns. Your choice of design can make your style look more outrageous or more understated.


The contrasting version of the classic jacket will not let you down, no matter the length and shape of the nails. A matte finish will add an unusual flair to an ordinary design - take note!

Black jacket with white details

With apparent color minimalism, this choice leaves room for the imagination. Alternate white and black on the tips, change the color of the base or go for a two-tone beveled French manicure.

Black jacket with gold

Precious shine will perfectly complement the conciseness of the jacket. Black and gold is a luxurious combination that will make a discreet look more festive. Why not use foil or gold sequins in nail design? How to do it was shown here.

Black jacket with silver

Continuing the theme of precious metals, let's consider another "metal" jacket. Black color in combination with silver will provide a festive look to the manicure, and if you choose a chrome effect, you will get a real high-tech manicure. During the New Year and Christmas holidays, the duet of black and silver will be no less successful than its “collaboration” with gold.

Black jacket with red details

Black and red jacket - a bold classic in a new reading. The result will be impressive, no matter what varnish or gel polish you choose - with wine, and with fiery, and with a scarlet tint.

Combination with blue

Not the most obvious choice, but that just makes it more original. Noble blue will not let you down. A gradient or a matte base under black tips looks especially impressive in this scenario.

Black sequin jacket

Glitter will help make black French manicure as elegant as possible. Try pairing a charcoal finish with metallic glitters. Let your nails sparkle like the night sky!

Black French manicure with rhinestones

On solemn occasions, it is more than appropriate to add luxury to the image by making a black jacket with decor on the nails. Emphasize the “smile” line with rhinestones or lay out an additional pattern (for example, decorating holes with this pattern).

Combination with design

The choice for those who want to move away from the classics as much as possible is a black jacket with an accent. Drawings decorating individual fingers or curly design of the strips themselves on the tips of the nails will work great.


This trendy design is good for nails of any length and works best with a translucent base. Add beveled anthracite lines on one or both sides of the nail plate for an elegant and artistic manicure.

Black Outline French Manicure

Such laconism in design is universal in terms of nail shape. However, this is the most demanding version of the manicure in terms of the quality of the manicure - because it draws maximum attention to the contour and can emphasize both flawlessness and flaws in nail care.


The desired effect can be achieved not only with color, but also with texture - we are ready to recommend this option to lovers of monochrome manicure. A contrasting textural accent at the tip of the nail will certainly add zest to this solution. This approach is subject to any length and shape. Moreover, it will look impressive in both a classic black jacket and a beveled version of a French manicure.


Do you want to draw attention to the tips of your nails, but classic arcs do not inspire? Draw straight lines or draw triangles on the free edges. Geometric design is the best solution in the case of a square or ballerina shape, as it harmoniously echoes the line of the tip of the nail. If desired, you can emphasize the laconic pattern with additional geometric elements.

Which nail look did you like the most? Do not rush to answer - below we have collected a few dozen more successful design options.