French manicure was invented in the 1970s, but these days the classic version in restrained colors is fading into the background - colored nails are in fashion! We discuss new designs with the prefix "French" and study the best photo ideas

In addition to the classic version of the French manicure, you can often see a colored jacket on your nails. Moreover, there can be several shades in it, and they are not always applied to the tips of the nails with the usual arc. There are many options for such a jacket, and among them there will definitely be an interesting and unusual solution even for those who love a bold design.

Color French: popular shades

In the 2023 season, there are no rules or strict prohibitions in nail design: a beautiful colored jacket on nails can be created using varnish of any shade. But if you are just in search of new ideas and fresh shades, here are a few suggestions. But first, we advise you to watch this video tutorial.


French with black stripes on the tips of the nails is the opposite of the classic version of this manicure. Despite the fact that black, like white, is considered basic, with it the jacket looks more bold and catchy - the manicure turns into a noticeable accent. True, not as cheerful as a manicure with a multi-colored jacket.


Red color, which is also considered a manicure classic, is another option to replace white to create a colored jacket on the nails. With scarlet tips, it looks restrained and noble - the shades of red speak for themselves.


Wanna get a French manicure for the holidays? Then replace the white “smile” with a strip of golden color. A jacket with such tips will look especially impressive if the main part of the nail plate is covered with a matte top: the shine of gold against such a background will be especially noticeable.


Instead of gold polish in a colored French manicure with a metallic texture, you can also use silver. It can be a metallic lacquer with a matte steel sheen, a lacquer with a shimmer shimmering in the light, or, for example, a holographic coating with iridescent color tints. In addition, when making a jacket, you can sprinkle silver glitter on the tips of your nails, and it’s not at all necessary to try to fit it into an arc shape with clear outlines.

Use, for example, Essie's "Craftswoman" as a background.


For lovers of soft accents - without "flashy" shades, dazzling shine of sparkles and catchy contrasts - a French manicure with pastel on the tips of the nails is perfect. Lilac, blue, mint green, lemon yellow - all of them can be the basis of a French manicure with a clear varnish on most of the nail plate. In addition, you can make a colored jacket on your nails with a combination of different pastel tones: apply one shade to the tips, another to the main part of the nails.

Neon french

If you, on the contrary, like a manicure that helps you express yourself and attract attention, then neon shades will be the best assistants in this matter. Use them in a multi-colored jacket on long nails, emphasizing the tips with wide stripes of color - this option will be the most noticeable. However, neon looks good on short nails too.Try pairing it with soothing shades from the nude range.


Colorful jacket 2023: seasonal trends

No one will judge if you want to do a bright pink manicure in the midst of the New Year holidays, and in June - create a nail design in "gloomy" gray-brown tones: seasonality no longer plays a decisive role either in makeup or in manicure. But if you are more accustomed to dividing shades into “summer” and “winter”, we will tell you what types of color jacket you should choose for manicure in different seasons of 2023.


Colored jacket is a nail design that is just right to wear in the summer: the images become brighter, so God himself ordered to choose bolder shades in nail art. You can stop at one or combine several colors at once in a manicure - apply different ones on each nail. In addition, you can emphasize the tips of the nails in a colored summer jacket using drawings. One option is to decorate the usual white stripes with small images of fruits or leaves of tropical plants.

Essie Mint Glaze would be useful.


In the winter French manicure, shades with a metallic effect are most often found. Shimmering red, green, blue, as well as gold and silver are chosen to accentuate the tips of the nails closer to the holidays - at Christmas and New Year.

And you can also make a winter jacket with white sparkles, thanks to which the manicure will turn out to be “snowy”.


Which version of a multi-colored French manicure to choose in the fall? Give preference to calm, muted colors from the natural range. Mustard, pistachio, swamp green, beige, caramel, brown - every autumn they come back into fashion and become relevant, so that they will come in handy on nails as well. Another win-win shade that falls out of this series somewhat, but is good in itself, is burgundy. Try, for example, "On the Hook" by Essie.

In the autumn jacket, you can also use the trend to decorate your nails with foil - add a few "petals" of gold foil to the color on the tips of your nails as a decoration.


The onset of spring is a great reason to try a jacket in pastel shades. If it is difficult to choose only one, use several, connecting them in a manicure using a gradient. Or approach the design from the other side - decorate the tips of your nails with drawings with flowers or openwork patterns. If desired, they can be circled with a thin line to more noticeably separate the tips from the main part of the nail plate.


Colored jacket for different nail shapes

Considering the shape of nails is important when creating any nail design. We tell you what to pay close attention to in the case of a colored French manicure.

Square nails

In terms of the nuances of execution, French manicure largely depends on the shape of the nails.In the case of a square shape (even if we are talking about a soft square), this is especially noticeable. An arc-smile on square nails will not work. Despite this, French manicure is often done on square nails. Trying on a colored jacket on square nails, you can use the color blocking technique and emphasize the corners of the nail plate on one side and the other with flashes of color. Square nails are an opportunity to make the jacket more graphic with clean and strict lines.

Round nails

On round or oval nails, you can make a classic jacket with a gently curving arc at the tips. Or decide on a small experiment - move this arc to the right or left. Another option is to try a "beveled" jacket, separating the part of the nail closer to the tips from the other with a diagonal. These are small changes that, however, greatly change the perception of familiar design.And you can enhance this effect with the help of color.

Almond nails

The shape of almonds is chosen, as a rule, by the owners of long nails. French is what you need to emphasize the length, and the narrowing of the almond-shaped nails to the tips allows you to beat their shape in different ways.

Color can also participate in these experiments on the form - any of those that are considered atypical for a jacket. When creating a colored jacket, it is not necessary to make a clear emphasis on the tips of almond nails - you can get by with a subtle hint, separating them with a thin line that repeats the shape of almonds.

Sharp nails

With sharp nails, the situation is the same as with the almond shape. However, in this case, when making a jacket, you can also play on contrasts.Let your fingertips have a strong point, and a little lower, in the middle of the nail, soft lines with smooth curves. Draw them in different colors, choose a “multi-layered” jacket with several shades - there are many options, and in the case of long sharp nails, there are more of them than short ones.

Colored French coat, taking into account the length of nails

Many people think that French looks good only on nails of medium length or very long ones, but this is a delusion. Below we have collected a few ideas and suggestions that confirm: French manicure is universal.

Short nails

Small length does not really limit those who are planning to make a colored jacket. When trying on such a manicure for short nails, make sure that the line at the tips is proportional to the length of the nail plate. Perhaps this is the main condition; as for the choice of colors, here you can enjoy complete freedom.

Emphasize the tips with white color - in the classics, and in addition, draw small pictures: stars, hearts, berries or fruits - something that will “dilute” the severity of the French manicure in its usual form.Another option is to move away from how we usually see a jacket, and radically change the shape of the accent on the tips. Drops flowing from the tips to the holes, or flames that “burn” towards the base of the nails are examples of such nail art.

Long nails

In a colored jacket on long nails, you can bring to life a variety of design ideas. Start with alternating bright colors on the tips of your nails, and then move on to more complex French options. For example, with different textures - matte and glossy. You can change the shape of the arc at the tips, move it sideways or even turn it over - a reverse jacket with a colored stripe at the cuticle line is also in fashion. At the same time, if the nails are long, you should use the fact that the tips in such a jacket can be made wide.This allows you to decorate them with drawings or, say, decor with glitter, rhinestones, foil, stickers.

Colored jacket with a pattern

Vegetable and animal prints, simple geometric shapes and complex patterns, 3D manicure with rhinestones or sparkles - there are dozens of ways to diversify a color jacket. Below are some of them.


Draw a wide enough strip on the tips of your nails with white color so that you can make drawings on it.For example, patterns with plant branches, leaves and flower buds. With them, the jacket will become more tender and elegant - use this idea in spring looks with multi-colored French manicure.

Animal print

The details of the animal prints fit easily on the tips of your nails, so your colored jacket with a pattern can be easily decorated with leopard spots or stripes, like a zebra or tiger. And if the nails are long, then in your version of the French manicure you can combine several animal prints at once.

Striped jacket

This is a simple, but at the same time very beautiful version of the French manicure, in which you can use many different colors and get a colorful design. Separate the tips of the nails with a neat line and fill them with colored stripes.They can be both horizontal and vertical. You can make them intersect; you get a pattern in a cage - it is also appropriate in a jacket. However, you can replace both the stripes and the cage in your nail art with classic polka dots - it will playfully decorate your fingertips.

Glitter French manicure

The main feature of the French manicure is the emphasis on the tips of the nails. Thus, it is not at all necessary to clearly outline them by drawing lines in the shape of a smile, as in the classic version. Emphasis can be created in other ways. Even if you sprinkle the tips of your nails with glitter, you get the desired effect. Use more glitter at the very edge of the nail and "stretch" their shine down towards the hole so that the glitter dissipates nicely.

Ideas of a colored jacket with gel polish

Gel polishes today allow you to create the same nail art options as regular polishes. And even more: you can add acrylic powder decor to a multi-colored jacket made with shellac and fix it under a UV lamp along with a durable coating. Acrylic powder is ideal for those who love voluminous textural manicure. Use it to create a "knitted" pattern on the tips of your nails - in winter. And in the summer, you can add voluminous stripes to your jacket that will make your nails look like seashells. However, simpler versions of a colored jacket should also be done with the help of gel polish so that the manicure will please you longer.