French is a great idea for New Year's manicure 2023: if in the classic version it seems to you not festive at all, we suggest changing the nail look beyond recognition! We collected a lot of suitable options in this material

New Year's jacket: manicure features

What should a French manicure look like for the New Year? To make the jacket festive, you just need to deviate a little from the classics: change the color on the tips of the nails or the usual shape of the “smile” to turn the French manicure into real nail art.Another obvious solution is to add sequins and rhinestones to the look. Look for inspiration by studying fashion trends and the work of nail artists who bring a lot of fresh ideas and novelties beyond the backstage of the shows. But first, we advise you to remember how to do a basic French manicure.

Silver jacket

The case when just changing the color of the varnish turns a French manicure into a New Year's nail design. The silver shade is symbolic for winter, so instead of white on the tips, you can use it. And if you cover your nails with a matte top on top, your jacket with silver will look even more original.

French New Year manicure with rhinestones

To make the New Year's jacket with rhinestones elegant, use quite a bit of decor. Rhinestones should not become superfluous details in a manicure. Decorate the tips of your nails with them, separated by a thin line of shiny varnish or, for example, metallic tape.

" Side" jacket

To make a jacket on your nails unusual for the New Year, try shifting the usual "smile" from the tips of your nails to the side - let the arc go around the nail plate to the right or left. It can be "filled" with glitter instead of color for a truly festive winter design.

Reverse French

Experimenting with the location of the arc, which is usually drawn on the tips, you can do the following: move it to the opposite side - to the cuticle. A “reverse” jacket is quite suitable for a New Year's manicure, especially if you draw a line with color and paint over the main part of the nail with a shimmer varnish. Or vice versa.

Knitted jacket

Knitted manicure is one of those nail designs that are perfect for winter, but don't look good at other times of the year. This is a must have while the season is on! Use a similar effect in a French manicure for the New Year (by the way, we talked about how to make a “knitted” manicure here). Fill the tips of your nails with soft and cozy fall/winter colors and decorate the top with a knitted pattern, which is usually created with acrylic powder.

French with confetti

In a festive manicure, it is most common to see sparkles, but you can decorate your nails for the New Year in a different way - for example, with the help of confetti.“Sprinkle” the tips with them to get a design close to a jacket: for this, you just need to put multi-colored dots on your nails using a dotter or a regular toothpick. There is also a colored glitter without a metallic effect of different sizes - it is also suitable for a jacket with confetti.

Multilayer French

There can be several stripes on the tips of the nails - not one, but two or three or even more! This will allow you to choose a few favorite colors for your New Year's French manicure. At the same time, you can draw several lines of the same color - indented from each other. The result will not disappoint either.

New Year's jacket with moon manicure

French and moon manicures have perfect compatibility. Take advantage of this if the moon manicure itself seems too simple for a holiday. Lunar jacket for the New Year will complement your look with the right mood if you make glitter the basis of your nail design.

Bright New Year's jacket

Is it necessary to get attached to typical New Year's colors when making a jacket for the winter holidays? Not at all. There are no restrictions and cannot be - the main thing is that you like the manicure and create the right mood. French for New Year's Eve can even be rainbow - bright, cheerful, with the hope that this time the New Year will bring more colors and good mood to life.

Features of New Year's jacket 2023

When looking for manicure ideas to celebrate the New Year 2023 with, it is worth remembering that this will be the year of the Black Tiger. This symbol itself can serve as a source of inspiration - including for those who are inclined to choose a jacket as their New Year's nail design.

French with "liquid" metal

Welcome the Year of the Blue Water Tiger with metallic nail art. How to make sure that this New Year's jacket on the nails becomes part of your image? An ordinary jacket can also complement it - with arcs of silver or, say, gold color at the tips of the nails. Or maybe a more original version of the French manicure with metallic varnish.You can apply it on the tips of your nails in such a way as to create a texture of "liquid" metal: for this you need to abandon clear lines and draw drops, smudges - it will seem that the metal is melting right on the nails.

French with foil

Another way to create a metallic jacket to start next year with is to use foil wrap. Apply it to the tips of your nails after you cover them with nude polish. However, the background may be different; the main thing is that it should be a solid color without a shimmer, otherwise the shine of the foil will not be noticeable. Look for ideas for such a New Year's jacket in the photo below (and how to make a manicure with foil was shown here).

French with glitter

Perhaps the easiest version of the New Year's French manicure for the meeting of 2023 is with glitter. After active preparation for the holidays, it will require a minimum of effort from you: just apply sparkles to the tips of nails painted with colorless nude varnish. It is not necessary to strive for clear boundaries for applying glitter; you can make it dissipate like stardust. And in order to keep the glitter in your holiday manicure better, make it based on gel polish.

Christmas jacket for nails of different lengths

French is among those manicure options that look good on both short and long nails. When choosing it for a New Year's look, think about how the design can emphasize length. Or, conversely, how length can become part of the design.

Short nails

When doing a New Year's French manicure for short nails, try not to widen the strip at the tips too much. It is better to draw a thin line-arc on them - a thick one will visually shorten both nails and fingers. Swap white for blues, blues, reds or pearl whites with pearly shimmer to choose from among those you associate with Christmas and New Years. And on the main part of the nail, covered with nude varnish, you can add concise drawings.

Long nails

Long French nails are easy to experiment with. Whatever their shape, the length will allow you to highlight the tips of the nails as a separate section and fill it not just with color, but also with ornaments, patterns, drawings - everything that you yourself wish to include in your New Year's French manicure.

Make a striped jacket inspired by candy canes, a jacket with snowflakes on the tips of your nails, or, for example, complement a transparent jacket with glitter glued to the inside of the nail plate (this design, however, can only be done on long notes). If you also don’t discount the classic jacket with white arcs, you can complement it with gold or silver decor.

Christmas jacket for different nail shapes

The shape of the nails can "play along" with you when creating a New Year's jacket, because it involves an emphasis on the tips - and it does not have to be the usual "smile" . Try to take into account the shape of the nails when creating a manicure to get an unusual result.

Square nails

When creating a jacket on square nails (this applies not only to the New Year's version), you cannot get a classic “smile” - the corners do not allow this. At the same time, they can be used in such a way that the jacket turns from a well-known and “hackneyed” design into an original nail art. If you decide that the jacket will be your New Year's design for square nails, try to emphasize the corners of the nail plate with it. On each nail, one of the corners can be separated with color, and the background can be filled with contrasting varnish, including glitter.

Sharp nails

On long, sharp nails, there is also the opportunity to "collect" the image, based on the features of the shape.In a jacket on such nails, you can separate the tips with a straight line and get triangles: the geometry will become an original decoration of a classic jacket. Another option is to choose rhombuses instead of triangles to accentuate the tips. Or, on the contrary, just repeat the shape of the edges, drawing a line separating the tips - and create a full-fledged design on them: the length, as a rule, allows you to do this.

Round and oval nails

For French, the advantage of round and oval nail shapes is their soft bend, which allows you to draw a smooth arc along the edge and get those very “smiles”. In the case of such nails, the classic format of the French manicure is the perfect choice. In terms of execution, the design can be familiar, but in terms of color and decor - New Year's: catchy and shiny.

Almond nails

When creating a New Year's jacket on almond nails, the principle will be the same as on sharp ones. "Almond" is also done if the nails are long enough, which creates the opportunity to decorate the tips with a separate color block or an unusual design. You can use sparkles and rhinestones, stickers and drawings - everything with which your French manicure will take on a festive look.

Review of varnishes for creating a French manicure for the New Year

These Essie nail polishes are good not only for creating a French manicure - and not only for New Year's! Editorial Favorite Ranking for the most beautiful nail design of all time.

  • Shade 52 Over The Knee Boots Essie

    Dark burgundy lacquer, thanks to its expressive shimmery sheen, can make any manicure festive (even a plain one!). Another bonus: this color is useful when creating almost any "New Year's" drawing - an image of a Santa Claus hat, festive Christmas balls or a shining garland.

  • Shade 587 Million mile hues, Essie

    What color is considered the most "festive" ? Of course, gold. A trendy rose gold shade will work, but if you're working long term, an "authentic" yellow gold shade is still a more practical solution.Pair it with burgundy and red for a memorable New Year's look.

  • Shade 01 White Essie

    This lacquer is one of the most popular in the Essie line, which is not surprising: without it, you can’t make a classic jacket, or a fantasy nail art, or a manicure with “New Year’s” patterns. By the way, this is also a great idea for a gift: a universal white lacquer can always be used.

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