Telling about new beauty makeup trends that are good not only for catwalks, but also for life in 2023.

New season, new wardrobe and, of course, new makeup trends.

Major makeup trends

If it were our will, we would leave these makeup beauty trends in fashion forever.


It's time to say goodbye to highlighter and shimmery foundation.Matte skin without a hint of shine is in make-up fashion this season. This approach was popular in the 90s and zero. But then the skin was matted so hard that up close the face with makeup looked like a mask and the skin looked unnatural.

Powders of the new generation will not create such an effect, even if you apply them in several layers. The make-up will become matte, but at the same time remain mobile, and the skin will look natural. Examples of such makeup can be seen at the shows of Chloé, Dior, Chanel, Altuzarra.

To make matte skin with make-up look attractive, you can't do without good care. Shining products gave the face a well-groomed look due to the light-reflecting particles in the composition. Matte ones make the skin velvety, but the radiance must come from within. For this, it is important to choose the right care. And it's better to do it with the help of a beautician.


On the autumn catwalks, models demonstrated a variety of makeup options with arrows on the eyelids.They could be feline and sexy like a Dolce & Gabbana show, neat and almost invisible like a Stella McCartney, bold and graphic like a Miu Miu, or strewn with sequins and glitter like a Valentino show.

If you haven't gotten your hands on eye makeup yet, it's time to start practicing. How to choose the right form and what tools to use, we told in this article.

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Everything is clear in lip makeup, so you can’t do without a pencil in the autumn-winter 2023 season. No "kissing" effect, no blurry and careless borders - the ball in lip makeup is ruled by a classic clear contour.

Take a pencil in your hands and hone the skill of drawing a contour. To prevent your hand from shaking, read our tutorial on how to create such a lip makeup first.

To get the best result, you need to know the secret that all makeup artists use when creating a make-up. We talked about him in this article.

As for the color in makeup in 2023, red left behind all competitors. For categorical devotion to this beauty trend, make-up artists from Hermès, Anna Sui and Oscar de la Renta shows acted. The scarlet color on the lips of the models spoke for itself.


Red color in the autumn-winter 2023 season received a privileged place not only in lip makeup, but also in hair coloring. Red strands flashed at the shows of Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens and Dries Van Noten. You do not need to change the color of the hair entirely - just focus on, for example, parting, hair ends or the area at the temples. Yes, and classic paint is not necessary. As an experiment, you can dye your strands red with L'Oréal Paris Colorista rinse-off products.

Fall/Winter 2023 Makeup Trends

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For blondes

Blondes this season just need to start using red lipstick in make-up not only on holidays, combining it with a basic jacket and jeans. Choose bright shades, not classic burgundy, as is customary in autumn. And do not forget about a clear outline: this season it is at the forefront of fashion.

For brunettes

The new catwalk makeup trend - colored accents on the hair - is perfect for brunettes. Contrasting color on a dark background looks impressive and unusual. Shades can be different: orange, like Louis Vuitton, green and red, like Dries Van Noten, or blue, like Altuzarra. We remind you that washable paints can be used. The pigment of these products is as bright as that of long-lasting ones, but the paint is easy to wash off with shampoo, and it does not injure the hair at all.

For redheads

The winning makeup beauty trend for redhead girls is long eyelashes in deep purple and emerald shades, like the models at the Ashish show. These colors in the make-up effectively contrast with red hair.

For brown-haired women

Brown-haired women can adopt almost all beauty trends in the fall-winter 2023 make-up season. Returning to the fashion for matte skin, I would like to note that this make-up technique is especially suitable for girls with dark hair, giving the image a unique chic .