To enjoy the very anticipation of the holiday, start thinking about your image in advance. The outfit is usually chosen first, and makeup and hair are created in support. But it is possible and vice versa: first - make-up, and then everything else. And in this case, it should be special, like the ideas from makeup artists collected in our material

Makeup for the New Year - 2023: fashion trends

It seems that the beauty gurus who worked at the autumn-winter 2023/2023 shows decided to completely abandon any restrictions - bold makeup options at the junction of bright trends and real art this season were offered much more than usual .It remains only to choose what you like.


There were practically no experiments with foundations with different finishes in the make-up from the autumn-winter 2023/2023 show. It was important to simply qualitatively align the tone so that it could serve as a clean background for catchy accents on the eyes and lips. There is no more exaggerated attention to the brilliance of the skin - makeup artists aimed for something between a fresh glow and a velvety matte.

Recently, a trend called mochi skin, inspired by Japanese sweets, mochi has appeared: this dessert has a translucent matte texture, and it is perceived as soft and elastic at the same time. Is this not the parameters of he althy skin? The focus is on good turgor, "fullness" of the skin, the effect of natural volume, elasticity, balance between radiance and matte finish. The result looks more natural than, for example, in the case of the glass skin technique, which is aimed at the effect of a glossy radiance of the skin.

All this can be taken into account when creating makeup for the New Year. The tone in it, as in any other festive make-up, should be flawless - even, fresh, emphasizing the quality of the skin; due to visible skin imperfections, beautiful lip or eye makeup will not produce the desired effect. To get an idea of what to strive for, look at the tone at the shows of Proenza Schouler, Boss, Balmain, Sportmax, Carolina Herrera. Try Maybelline New York's Affinitone Foundation.

By the way, blush and highlighter are either absent in many looks or used to a minimum. In autumn and winter - 2023/2023, naturalness rules the ball.


Natural eyebrows are in fashion - without a clear contour, a little fluffy, with a careless comb, which can be obtained with a round brush and a transparent gel. Use, for example, Control Freak by NYX Professional Makeup.

Don't pay too much attention to them. Style them neatly, like at Rag & Bone, Marco de Vincenzo, Molly Goddard and more, and then focus on the main thing: eyes or lips (depending on what you want to emphasize).

However, at several shows, makeup artists hinted at a possible return of thin eyebrows - this was the case at the Prabal Gurung and Anrealage shows, in which the eyebrows of the models were supplemented with “threads” drawn with a pencil with strong pressure. If your New Year's Eve is Gatsby style, then at a party in the style of the 20s, this trend will come in handy.


For those who plan to focus on the eyes in their make-up for the New Year, makeup artists offer dozens of different options: inspired by the classics and far from it, restrained and bright, elegant and whimsical. Everyone can find something to their taste.

Among the simplest and most familiar are black arrows, which in New Year's makeup can be wider and more noticeable than in everyday ones; good examples were at the shows of Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Rag & Bone.

Besides, at the autumn-winter 2023/2023 show, gray smokes often appeared with an emphasis on the contour of the eyes - this was the case with Emilio Pucci, Max Mara. True, this is where the proven beauty solutions ended.

Make-up artists experimented more - and chose, for example, multi-color smoky eyes. They managed to successfully combine colors that are rarely next to each other: blue, yellow, black, purple, green, red. Why not use this idea in makeup for the New Year? You will find out exactly how this makeup looks if you watch the shows of Dries van Noten, Chromat, Matty Bovan and others. And you can easily find all the necessary shades in the Color Queen palette from L’Oréal Paris.

In some current looks, the emphasis was on one bright shade. In the case of Tadashi Shoji, Miu Miu and Prabal Gurung, it was blue and blue, while Self-Portrait opted for red-orange. Among the unconditional favorites was a golden shade: make-up with a precious accent could be seen at the shows of Tom Ford, Christian Cowan, The Blonds.Another play with color was chosen by Ulla Johnson and Off-White. The makeup artists who worked at these shows did not use bright shadows and eyeliners, but colored mascara.


As for lip makeup, there are fewer bold innovations in it than in eye makeup. Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and Ralph & Russo are all in favor of the usual red lips. The choice of texture and finish of lipstick is up to you - it can be matte, radiant, and with color tints, as was the case at the Badgley Mischka show.

Burgundy color is also relevant, confirmed at the shows of Rodarte and Anna Sui. To make makeup with it more original will allow blurring the contour - this technique was used at the Fendi show, where they remembered the previously fashionable effect of kissed lips. How to achieve it, we showed in this video.


Beautiful New Year 2023 Makeup Ideas with Hair Color

Let's consider different options. Do not forget to make a beautiful hairstyle for the New Year 2023 to complete the look.

For blondes

In search of a winning option for a gentle New Year's make-up, blondes should bet on color and create an expressive contrast with an emphasis on the eyes. You can emphasize them, for example, using the smokey technique using one or two shades of shadows: blue, light blue, pink, lilac. In this case, you can refuse the carcass.

Or, on the contrary, paint only your eyelashes with colored mascara. For example, Worth the Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara by NYX Professional Makeup.

But it is better to avoid black color (unless we are talking about classic arrows) and generally strong darkening of the eyes.

Lips can be made up with red or burgundy lipstick, which, as a rule, goes very well with blondes.

For brunettes

Brunettes, unlike blondes, don't have to be afraid of dark shades. Therefore, in addition to colored smoky eyes, smoky ones in dark gray with highlighting the eye contour will also suit them.

The accent on the lips of brunettes also goes, and by choosing a trendy red or burgundy lipstick, the eyes can be emphasized only slightly.

It is enough to use mascara, as in the shows of Lanvin, Rodarte and Molly Goddard; on these shows, by the way, they used tufts of false eyelashes and created the effect of spider legs.

For redheads

One of the autumn-winter trends seems to be literally made for girls with red hair. We are talking about golden eye makeup, which appeared very often on the fall-winter 2023 shows.Cover your lids with a hazy shimmery gold eyeshadow like at Christian Cowan, or add some golden shimmer to gray smoky eyeshadows as a highlight like at Nicole Miller. The most daring can draw graphic golden arrows, like Lutz Huelle.

Besides, during the holidays, make-up with sparkles is quite justified. Celebrate the New Year in a magical glow. Try to use large glitter, as they did in the make-up of the models at the Gabriela Hearst show.

For brown-haired women

Brown-haired women go with most make-up options: with an emphasis on a catchy color, and with a dark haze on the eyelids, and with a golden glow, and with a juicy shade of berry colors on the lips. True, in their case it is important to focus on the color type - and choose warm shades if the skin and hair tone is warm. With a cold color type, respectively, cold shades are needed.

If you're all for art makeup, opt for bright Twiggy-style makeup like Moncler, inner-corner winged winged winged lines like Vivienne Westwood, or foil winged winged winged lines like Adeam.

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Actual New Year's makeup options based on eye color

Here are some fresh ideas.

Makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyes in makeup need to be “highlighted”. This task is best handled by shadows with a golden shimmer. In the evening make-up for the New Year, you can apply them generously, complementing the brilliant haze with a color-rich outline stroke (for example, with a brown pencil) or arrows.

Makeup for green eyes

Green-eyed smokeies are also good. However, a more daring make-up with bright colors up to neon can also decorate the New Year's look.

Experiment not only with color, but also with shape - apply a catchy shade of shadow along the crease of the eyelid, as in the Monse show.

Makeup for gray and blue eyes

Both gray and blue eyes are cold and light, with a translucent tint; all this must be taken into account when creating a make-up, including for the New Year. Makeup should not dull their natural radiance. On the contrary, it should be emphasized. Light shades of shadows with a silvery shimmer will cope with this (however, a cold shade of gold in combination with blue and gray eyes also looks very impressive).

You can play on the contrast. Burgundy, copper and pink are especially successful in creating it - you can easily see this when looking at the smoky make-up of models at the Missoni show.

How to do makeup for the New Year - 2023 with your own hands: step by step photo instructions

  1. Face

    Apply a base on your face to make your makeup durable and last all New Year's Eve.

    This could be Urban Decay's Quick Fix prep spray.

    Spread long-lasting foundation over the skin and locally cover redness and dark circles under the eyes using a concealer such as Unlimited by Shu Uemura.

  2. Cheekbones

    You can't do without sculpting your face in a festive look. You can turn to contouring techniques or simply emphasize the cheekbones with blush - this alone will make facial features more expressive.

    Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, and lightly darken the skin under the cheekbone with a bronzer or powder like the one in the 3 Steps To Sculpt Face Sculpting Palette from NYX Professional Makeup.

  3. Eyes and eyebrows

    Comb your brows into a neat shape and, if needed, lightly tint with shadow or pencil to add expression.

    Next, start eye makeup. Draw the space between the eyelashes with a brown pencil. Blend it along the lash line from the outside - you should get a light haze that emphasizes the contour. On the lower eyelid with a contrasting color - for example, blue - draw arrows. Use eyeliner or eye shadow to do this - such as Color Queen by L'Oréal Paris in shade No. 11 Majestic. Illuminate the inner corners of the eyes with pearl shadows with a fine pearlescent shimmer. At the end of the make-up, apply mascara to the eyelashes in two layers.

  4. Lips

    Given that a noticeable accent has already been made on the eyes, lips can be left colorless - just apply a balm that will give them a slight glow.

    At the same time, we are talking about a New Year's look, which means that you can afford more. When you're ready, apply a burgundy or plum lipstick to your lips. You can find a suitable option in the Butter Lipstick line from NYX Professional Makeup.


Original ideas for a make-up for the New Year - 2023: a selection of photos

Here are some more ideas.

Neon and gold

In the make-up from the autumn-winter 2023 shows, there were both neon accents and golden shimmer. But usually separate. And you try to connect them. Practice shows that they can successfully complement each other: if you draw neon arrows over a haze of golden shadows, you will get an expressive contrast that will certainly support a fabulous New Year's mood.

Catchy pastel

Pastel shades are most often remembered closer to spring: gentle and touching, they remind us that nature is ready to wake up and delight us with flowering. They appear in make-up with a romantic spring mood. But if you apply them in a denser layer, then the effect will be completely different - extravagant and catchy. Add black arrows to a rich monochromatic coating and you will get a make-up worthy of a bright New Year's look.

Original arrows

Have you wanted to experiment with arrows for a long time? Start this year: welcome 2023 with snow-white lines around the eyes, black split-tail winged winged winged winged winged winged winged winged winged arrows above the creases of the eyelids.

Face art

Ready for a beauty frenzy to get everyone's attention on New Year's Eve? Try face art. It is not necessary to paint over the face and draw it again - you can simply depict something symbolic on it, using colored eyeliner with a metallic effect. As an option - multi-colored stars: it will turn out unusual and festive.

You will find a few more options for a beautiful New Year's makeup in the selection below.