Infaillible is a perennial best-seller in the mattifying foundation category. And this year it got even better

Beauty new items appear daily, but not many of them manage to book a place in our beauty bags for many years. Foundation Infaillible is just one of these rare products. Especially girls with oily and combination skin love it, but it is suitable for any skin type without exception. In 2023, the favorite foundation was renovated. The main features - light texture and mattifying effect for 24 hours - are unchanged.But Infaillible is able to surprise with something.

  1. New packaging

  2. The design of the new Infaillible tube has remained recognizable, but now it has become more stylish, minimalistic and modern. The packaging is still compact: the tube is only 12 cm high and fits in any cosmetic bag.

  3. Additional shades

  4. There are 11 shades in the new range (there were eight in the previous one), which means that now it has become even easier to find the perfect tone. From light porcelain to golden amber, there really is plenty to choose from. And if you don’t find the “same” color, you can create a unique tone by mixing two shades of Infaillible: the foundation mixes perfectly with its own kind and with other L’Oréal Paris products.

  5. Whey contains

  6. The foundation formula has undergone a radical change. A special ultra-serum serum appeared in the composition, which provides the skin with hydration and weightless coverage. At the same time, a highly pigmented product helps to hide even serious skin imperfections.

  7. Ultra-matte finish

  8. If you've tried Infaillible at least once, you'll probably agree: this foundation really deserves the epithet "ultra-matte" . Thanks to the new formula, the product guarantees not only exceptional matting of the skin, but also a special softness and silkiness.

  9. SPF protection

  10. When summer ends, SPF cream is often sent to the farthest corner of the beauty closet, but the skin must be protected in the cold season. L’Oréal Paris is aware of our weaknesses, so the new Infaillible contains SPF 18 sunscreens.

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