New Year is just around the corner. And I want to meet 2023 fully armed. And what could be better for this occasion than a brilliant makeup?

To begin with, let's discuss makeup trends that will come in handy on New Year's Eve.

Original New Year's Glitter Makeup Ideas: Trends 2023

New Year's makeup with sparkles can look completely different. Everything will depend on what accent you choose. Here are some options.

Sequins on the upper and lower eyelids

How can makeup look with glitter eyeshadows? Why not use contrasting colors on the upper and lower eyelids! How do you like this combination of bronze and blue, for example? It looks unusual, bright and very festive.

For those who are not ready to spend time on New Year's Eve looking for harmonizing shades, makeup with ice purple eyeshadows will be a universal solution - just blend them along the eye contour into a haze. This makeup is suitable for owners of brown eyes, and for those who have green or blue eyes. The hanging eyelid, by the way, is also not a problem in the case of such a make-up, because there are no clear lines in it.

Do you want everyone to look only at you this evening? Get a Christmas makeover with green glitter and a creative lollipop wing.

Shiny brows

Gold or silver glitter will look great on the eyebrows - you will get the image of the Snow Maiden with a grunge tint. Multi-colored glitter is also appropriate for these holidays. It is associated with festive overflows of Christmas tree garlands.

Shimmery lashes

Eyelashes, as if powdered with sparkling snowflakes, will perfectly fit into the New Year's look. They can become the main focus of the image. It remains only to take care of an even skin tone. Such a New Year's make-up with sparkles is suitable for modest women and for bright open natures. It won't attract too much attention, but it certainly won't leave without it.

Glitter on cheekbones

You can add shine to your cheekbones with a highlighter with a large shimmer. For everyday makeup, it is better not to use such a tool, but for the New Year's party it is perfect.Even large "confetti" are not forbidden. New Year's makeup with sparkles on the face will not leave anyone indifferent.

Glitter lip accent

Shiny lipstick is the easiest option for those who don't want to bother. Make up your lips and you're done.

But there is room for imagination here too. You can, for example, emphasize not the entire surface of the lips with gloss, but only the contour.


Features of shiny makeup for the New Year

In order for a brilliant makeup to survive New Year's Eve without noticeable losses, we recommend that you follow some rules.

  1. Choose long lasting products

    Foundation marked “24 hours” and more is what you need. It is better to choose products with a matte finish: they will not give unwanted oily sheen a chance to spoil holiday photos.

  2. Use primer

    If you apply glitter without using a primer, your makeup will quickly lose its presentable look. The glitter will start to flake off and can smear makeup that you have spent a lot of time on. The mood will be ruined. That is why it is so important to use a special basis. For example, Glitter Primer by NYX Professional Makeup.

  3. Don't be afraid to experiment

    Calm shades in the New Year look boring. You already use them in makeup every day. Holidays are conducive to bright colors and unusual combinations. On New Year's Eve, evening makeup looks more appropriate. So try to surprise not only others, but also yourself.

What makeup do you need?

  • Bare With Me Makeup Base by NYX Professional Makeup;

  • Infaillible Foundation by L'Oréal Paris;

  • Stay Naked Concealer by Urban Decay;

  • NYX Professional Makeup Such a Know-It-All Eyeshadow Palette;

  • Glitter Primer by NYX Professional Makeup;

  • glitter loose Glitter Quitter by NYX Professional Makeup;

  • Glide-On 24/7 pencil by Urban Decay;

  • Brow Drama mascara by Maybelline New York;

  • Bambi Eye mascara by L'Oréal Paris;

  • Filler Instinct lipstick from NYX Professional Makeup.

How to do glitter makeup: step by step photo tutorial

Ready? Then we move on to the most interesting part. We will tell you in a step-by-step instruction what glitter makeup to do to welcome the new year 2023!

  1. Since the make-up must last until the morning, choose resistant products. For example, the Infaillible foundation from L'Oréal Paris.

    Because matte foundations can dry out the skin and accentuate its texture, use a moisturizing base with a glowing effect. This way you will achieve the effect of a glow from the inside, while maintaining the durability of makeup.

  2. Urban Decay's Stay Naked Concealer covers dark circles under the eyes.

    To achieve a sculpting effect at the same time, use a concealer a tone lighter than the main skin tone. Apply it in imaginary triangles with apexes at the inner corners of the eyes, on the wings of the nose and at the outer corners of the eyes.

  3. Explicit sculpting is no longer so relevant. Therefore, it is better to emphasize the cheekbones and, in general, add freshness to the image with the help of a translucent bronzer. Apply it on the cheekbones, sides of the forehead and chin.

  4. Apply an eyeshadow base to the entire moving eyelid and eyebrows. Blend dark brown shadows above the crease of the eyelid with a fluffy brush. At the same time, do not pay attention to how the color falls on the moving eyelid. At this stage, only smooth shading of the borders is important.

  5. Now, with a flat brush, apply the shadows on the moving eyelid with rubbing movements. This will achieve greater color intensity. To add depth and definition to your makeup, use an eye shadow one tone darker than the shade above the crease.

  6. Work the space at the roots of the eyelashes with a gel kayal so that there are no gaps left. Suitable Glide-On 24/7 from Urban Decay.

    This will make your makeup look complete. In this case, the eyeliner can be either matte or with shining particles.

  7. On the lower eyelid, change the sequence of actions: first work on the mucous membrane and the roots of the eyelashes with kajal, and then blend the pencil line with brown shadows.

  8. At the outer corners of the eyes, on the areas where confetti is supposed to be scattered, apply a special base for glitter.

    Glitter Primer from NYX Professional Makeup has proven itself.

  9. Using a brush, randomly distribute the smallest glitter. Do not apply it too thickly so as not to overload the makeup. The sequins should look like they naturally fly from the outer corners of the eyes to the temples.

  10. Spot the glitter base where you want to place large items. Place the largest sequins at the corners of the eyes, and medium and small - closer to the temples.

    Glitter Quitter by NYX Professional Makeup will come in handy.

  11. Now that you can see how active the eye makeup is, it's time to shape the eyebrows. Due to the fact that you applied the base not only on the eyelids, but also on the eyebrows, even the usual correction with a pencil will hold securely. Given the saturation of the shadows, the eyebrows need to be made a little darker. And it is important to extend the tail of the eyebrow so that it ends in the same place as the eye makeup.

  12. Don't forget to coat your lashes with volume mascara.

    For example, Bambi Eye by L'Oréal Paris.

  13. Lips with active eye makeup should be neutral. An excellent choice would be a gloss that visually increases the volume.

    Lips with this makeup will look expressive, but at the same time restrained. A suitable option is in the range of NYX Professional Makeup - Filler Instinct.

The image for New Year's Eve is ready!

Another version of the New Year's make-up we showed in this video. Here you will find even more useful life hacks that will come in handy when creating a festive look.

What can I add to the image for New Year's Eve?

To make the New Year look complete, it is important to think about its other components.

  • A win-win option for the New Year is a manicure with red or emerald varnish. Choose the texture to your liking. Do you want glitter? Pay attention to beautiful varnishes with glitter.Are you afraid to overdo it? A matte top will muffle a bright shade. It has been in trend for a long time and definitely does not lose ground.

  • There can be no strict frames in the choice of laying. A holiday shrouded in an atmosphere of magic, on the contrary, encourages experimentation. You should not deny yourself them. Casual curls, funny buns or intricate weaving - all this can be safely brought to life.


What makeup do you plan to do on New Year's Eve?