How to decorate your nails if you want to do a French and a classic red manicure at the same time? We offer new items and a selection of photos that will help you make a version of the red jacket that suits your style

Features of a red jacket on nails

This choice is a bold decision that will be easily accepted by those who love the color of passion and French manicure. Season 2023 offers a new interpretation of the classics in 2 in 1 format (read about other trends of the year here). A good example is a red jacket on the nails. Our selection of trends and ideas will help you "try on" a red French manicure on nails of any shape and length so that it successfully complements your individual style.

Red French manicure: new designs - 2023

The fashion trends of this season continue to shock. But even among the most extravagant versions of the 2023 design, which certainly includes the red jacket, you will find options for every taste!


Restrained version of unrestrained manicure - red nail tips with a matte finish. And this is exactly the case when a manicure attracts everyone's attention, while remaining quite simple in execution. However, if you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to entrust the task to a professional: a bright graphic nail design requires precision.


Tattoo effect nail art is a non-trivial solution: complement the red jacket with minimalist designs on individual nails for a rock and roll look. Naughty mood guaranteed!


Minimalism firmly holds its high position in the list of nail trends: an ultra-thin strip of red will make nails of any length spectacular. By the way, we recommend this technique to those who are just starting their experiments with a jacket: if the line is thin, then blots and bumps are not so noticeable.


French is never too much - duplicate a red stripe or make a fashionable contour French manicure. The advantage of this technique is that, depending on the color combinations, the overall impression of the nail design will be different - from dramatic and "gothic" to carefree and summer.

Combination with black or white

Why stop at red when you can make a two-tone jacket? Pair black with red for a vamp look at any length, while classic white softens the radical palette.


The super-popular texture jacket technique rhymes beautifully with rich shades and creates the effect of a French manicure due to a glossy accent on a matte manicure. Of course, you will have to tinker, but the result is definitely worth it.

Red jacket with nail shape

Like a classic French manicure, a red jacket can look good on any shape of the nail plate, the main thing is to choose the right idea.

Square nails

Red jacket will be a great solution for square nails. If the nails are short or medium length, such a manicure can be considered everyday, but on long nails it will look extravagant. Which image is preferable is up to you.

Sharp nails

Are you proud of your stilettos? Put extra emphasis on pointy nails and opt for a classic jacket or a bold heart-shaped design. The choice is not the most obvious, but that's what it's all about: surprise yourself and others!

Oval nails

Even a bright red line applied to the tips of oval nails will look elegant and delicate. This option is good for both short and medium lengths, but on long nails it may look a little “bloody”. Which, however, is not always bad (think about Halloween).

Almond nails

Contour and thin red jacket on almond-shaped nails will emphasize the graceful shape of the nail plate and visually stretch the fingers - the accent will work great on long lengths. Pay special attention to the combination of scarlet with delicate pink, as in the photo below: fresh and bright.

Red French coat with nail length

A red jacket on nails will be an outstanding beauty solution in any case, but a successful combination of design with the length and shape of the nails will help to further emphasize the beauty of the hands. By the way, make sure in advance that not only the nails themselves look well-groomed (we wrote about the basic rules here), but also the skin of the hands: a bright manicure always attracts increased attention.


Unlike many fashion trends, the red jacket does not lose its expressiveness with a decrease in the length of the nails. But this design will most advantageously fall on short nails of a square or oval shape.


Owners of gorgeous long nails can use any version of French manicure, but there is an optimal choice. For example, it is better to try on a classic jacket for an almond shape, and a design with a thin strip at the very tip of the nail for long square nails.

Combination of red jacket with other colors and decor

Scarlet nail tips are spectacular on their own, but this does not mean that this solution cannot be combined with other colors and design options. It is possible and even necessary!

Red and black

Red and black jacket is a radical decision on the cutting edge of fashion. If you like to experiment, combine red tips with a trendy black finish, outline your nails with black and red, or do a two-tone beveled design!

Red jacket with white

Emphasize the audacity of red manicure with classic white tips. The red and white jacket looks very unusual, and you can be sure that your hands will attract attention.

Red jacket with gold

The holidays are coming, so why not prepare everything you need in advance to make the most elegant jacket - red and gold? This will bring the anticipation of magic closer and give you a New Year's mood today.

Combination with beige

Nude is a great alternative to the traditional translucent base and brighter white background. It, like a white base, helps to hide the flaws of the nail and create the impression of a flawless manicure.

Pink combination

A bold combination of colors that you shouldn't be afraid of will give you a summer mood even in the midst of a harsh winter. And we advise you not to stop there: complete the look with the same bold make-up, for example, in neon shades.

Red jacket with a pattern

Red French manicure is already a bold choice, but not everyone can decide to complement it with a design. But in vain! After all, the result depends on you. What options are available?

With picture

Decorate the jacket with a pattern - and then it will become even more daring or, conversely, more calm and restrained. Add a simple pattern to one single nail, or apply images to all nails - as long as the print is minimal.

With an accent on the nail

Complete the jacket with a transparent line, dots or make a textured pattern on individual nails to diversify a simple design. A little accent on one of the nails will make the look a little more playful, while remaining quite restrained.


Highlight the tips of your nails with red triangles or choose a combination of colored lines and shapes in the spirit of abstract artists - geometry is "friends" with almost all manicure trends, and the red jacket is no exception. By the way, how to make a simple nail design in this style, you can read more here and here.


Accentuate the design at the tip of the nail with an additional thin strip of contrasting color. This will highlight the bright red hue and will be an interesting accent in a classic design.

French red glitter manicure

If you think that sequins and red jacket are too much, then you are mistaken. Bold combinations with a metallic sheen seem risky only at first glance. If you lay out a thin line of “smile” with sparkles, then the manicure will turn out beautiful and very festive.

With rhinestones

For quite a long time, the use of rhinestones in nail design was considered bad manners, but a couple of seasons ago, rhinestones were rehabilitated, returned to the catwalks and flooded social media feeds. So let's seize the moment! Small accents in the form of rhinestones on the holes will make the red jacket just luxurious.

With foil

Foil is increasingly used in manicure and allows you to create very artistic, truly artistic nail designs.

For more information on how to make a remarkable nail art using foil, we told in a separate video tutorial: we advise you to watch it right now.

Ideas for a red jacket with gel polish

The main advantage of gel polish in manicure is the durability of the result. The coating can look flawless for several weeks. But there is a catch in such durability: the nails grow back, and doing such a coating too often is not very useful. French is a great solution to this problem. Such a design on a transparent or translucent basis will remain practically unchanged until the time comes to update the manicure. See our selection of photos of a trendy red jacket with gel polish that will delight you for weeks!

Classic Red French

A proven classic in bright colors is an option for lovers of new reading options for an elegant French manicure. And to make the image look even more impressive, choose a shade of varnish, taking into account the tone of your skin. You can study this issue in more detail here.


Worrying that the jacket will suffer as your nails grow back? Make a thin strip, stepping back from the edge, and then the red jacket manicure will remain even if you decide to cut your nails a little.


Another trick that will prolong the life of a jacket is a curly pattern at the free edge of the nail. A beveled design will help achieve the same effect.


A rather simple and unusual variant of nail design is a red jacket. Making it yourself is easy and at home. Such a manicure can be called strategic, because even if you cut your nails as they grow, the area of the red coating will simply decrease, gradually bringing the result closer to the classic French proportions.

Tell us in the comments which image from this article you liked the most! And see a few more manicure options in scarlet tones: