In preparation for the New Year, a manicure is a separate item on the to-do list. You need to have time to think everything over, because there are many other troubles before the holidays. How to decorate nails - with design or without? If yes, with what? We have collected options for the New Year's manicure, which are worth paying attention to in 2023

NEW YEAR MANICURE 2023: fashion trends

Winter 2023 trends show us that the New Year's manicure this time can be one-color. MSGM and Monse offered red and burgundy finishes. Fifth Avenue by Essie will help you follow suit.

Halpern presented a monochromatic manicure with glitter and blue polish, Balenciaga models walked the runway with silver polish on long sharp nails, and Dilara Findikoglu went for a gold finish.

At the Christian Cowan show, one of the manicure options was black, but it did not look gloomy, but festively New Year's and tender - due to the fact that the black base was strewn with voluminous black rhinestones. As a background, you can use the shade "Licorice" from Essie.

3D effect was not uncommon at the shows. Many nail artists have opted for voluminous, jewel-inspired décor with gold details, stones, pearl beads and other multi-dimensional elements. Christian Cowan, The Blonds, Giambattista Valli, Susan Alexandra are the designers who have chosen this path. Their ideas of gentle manicure can be brought to life, preparing for the New Year.

And if you are not yet ready for such a theatrical design of nails, you can always turn to the classics, especially since French and moon manicure received a new, festive New Year's preference at the shows thanks to the design solutions of Moschino, Veronica Beard, Nicole Miller, Prabal Gurung and many others.


How to do a French manicure yourself, we told in this video.

And this one showed the process of creating the moon.

Actual colors for New Year's manicure 2023

  1. Blue and light blue

    Winter is the time of cold shades in New Year's manicure. On frosty days, they look very organic on the nails. As an accent, these colors are self-sufficient and without additions in the form of drawings, patterns, decorations. Especially if you choose blue neon, as they did at the Halpern show.

    At the same time, at the shows there were options for blue and light blue New Year's manicure with decor. So, at the Susan Alexandra show, the blue base was supplemented with pearl beads.

    Pay attention to Essie Caribbean Blue.

  2. Red and Burgundy

    These shades are associated by many with Christmas and New Year holidays - what is not a reason to remember them closer to the point? Moreover, red and burgundy varnishes were often used at the shows of the current season.

    MSGM, Monse, Oscar de la Renta are just a small part of the brands that chose these colors for manicure at their shows. For an image for the New Year, they are suitable in their pure form, without additions. And if you use them in design, it will turn out bright and feminine. Try a manicure, for example, with Essie's "Top Class" shade.

  3. Silver and gold

    These colors showed themselves perfectly in a duet - a manicure from the Nicole Miller show confirms this. However, you can use them separately.

    So, golden decor goes well with nude shades. And silver - with bright neon colors and delicate pastels - blue, lilac, mint, pink varnishes.

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Fashion techniques for creating New Year's nail design - 2023

And what techniques are in trend? We'll tell you now.


The ombre effect is good because it allows you to combine several shades in a manicure - even those that at first glance seem incompatible.

Following the example of the Charlotte Knowles fall/winter show, you can create a seamless transition from one color to another by choosing shades that top the fashion charts of the season. For example, silver and gold. Or red and burgundy.

Another solution that will refresh the ombre effect is to “stretch” a glitter or smaller shimmer along the length of the nail to get a radiant gradient.


French manicure can be played in many ways - so that the result will harmoniously complement any look, no matter what style you choose. At the Moschino, Marco de Vincenzo and Philipp Plein autumn-winter 2023 show, manicures using this technique were performed in different ways - in addition to the classic version, a jacket with sparkles and a curly accent on the tips was shown on the catwalk.

You can also interpret this technique in your own way, changing the shades, the shape of the “smile”, adding decor - for example, rhinestones. And you can also turn the jacket over and throw the arc from the tips to the cuticle. Or move it to the side.


Do you want elegant graphics to be the basis of the New Year's manicure 2023? Then build on the trend towards asymmetry, which was set at the shows of Khaite, 16Arlington and Prabal Gurung.

Asymmetric shapes and lines will look at least original, and successful combinations of colors and textures (for example, glossy varnish with matte) will help enhance the effect.

Jewellery manicure

Replace rhinestones, which have already become familiar in manicure, with sticker stones, 3D sliders with gold or silver details, metal foil or other decor options up to nail piercing pendants - it is also in fashion, which confirms the design of nails models at the Monse fall-winter 2023 show.

Jewel manicure cannot be called practical in everyday life, it looks too luxurious for everyday life, but in a New Year's look, such a solution will be just right.


Beautiful New Year's nail art for long nails: photo with ideas

And here are some more beautiful New Year's manicure options for long nails.

Foil ombre effect

The Blonds models' nails at the fall-winter 2023 show were decorated with a black matte manicure with gold foil. This nail art makes a strong impression. If you decide to follow this example, do not forget that the foil comes in different colors and can be used in very different ways - which is what we propose to do on the eve of the New Year.Multi-colored foil will look like glossy candy wrappers on nails. Are you afraid that the metallic effect will come out too catchy? Then "dilute" it using foil to create an ombre effect.

Space Manicure

Drawings with stars and comets can be safely made shimmery - glitter and varnishes with a metallic effect will come in handy. With this design, nails will remind you of New Year's fireworks and the inexorable approach of the holidays, which are so long-awaited especially this year.

Pearl manicure

The pearly shimmer finish is reminiscent of the shimmer of a snow cover - and this is the first reason to choose it closer to the New Year. The second is that such a varnish, despite its radiance, can serve as an excellent background for both drawings and volumetric decor - with the same rhinestones, for example. They can make a manicure "star" and will keep the festive mood.

Fabulous Manicure

For girls with long nails, there are no restrictions in the choice of design options. They can safely take on nail art with drawings. With a sufficient length of the nail plate, you can draw on it not just snowflakes and stars, but plot pictures from your favorite winter tales - for example, from The Nutcracker.

The best New Year's manicure 2023 for short nails

Several ideas for short nails we offer in the selection below.

Foil Manicure

This technique was very popular at the winter 2023 shows and on New Year's Eve remains relevant, including for short nails. Gold or silver foil, slightly casually applied to the nails in miniature scraps, in the end looks neat and elegant, especially if you choose a neutral nude shade for it as a background.

Star Manicure

If on New Year's Eve you want to make a manicure with drawings that will be unobtrusively associated with the holidays, choose a star design. Unlike snowflakes, Christmas decorations, gift boxes and decoration ribbons, it will not hint so clearly at a specific reason for fun. In addition, drawing stars is easy, and this is important in the case of short nails. For this option, you can choose any shades and add any decor - for example, glitter. Experimenting with such nail art is easy, so don't hold back your imagination.

Jeweled nail art

When creating a voluminous manicure that stands out noticeably in the list of trends, decor is often used, as if borrowed from the arsenal of a jewelry workshop: stones, gold, stickers and "precious" figurines. If you decorate with them nails covered with a colorless varnish or nude coating, the result will make a noble impression.


For several seasons of popularity, many people got bored with glitter. An alternative to it can be varnishes with confetti: colored circles, stars, hearts without a metallic effect and no shine at all. If there is no special varnish, it is easy to put a lot of colored dots on your nails using a toothpick (or a thin brush) and varnishes of different shades.

Which design did you like the most? Have you already decided what manicure you will do on New Year's Eve?