Primer, foundation, fixing spray, lipstick - so that the make-up does not lose ground during the day, you need to choose the right cosmetics. Understanding the example of Urban Decay tools

Long-lasting cosmetics is the hallmark of the Urban Decay brand. If you are currently looking for makeup products for a hot pool party, take a look at our selection. These funds will not let you down!


Reliable results are unlikely without these tools.

All Nighter Face Primer

For makeup to show wonders of durability, before applying your usual foundation, prepare your skin with a primer. The purpose of this tool is to even out the skin and prevent the tone from rolling. If you have oily skin or your makeup needs to endure heat and moisture, a primer is a must have. You need to distribute it all over the face with patting movements. A thin layer will be enough for the foundation that you apply on top to last for more than eight hours in its original form.

Stay Naked Foundation

To create an ultra-resistant makeup, foundation must also be distinguished by increased durability. Then the effect of the primer will increase significantly. At Urban Decay, this is the Stay Naked tonal foundation, which remains unchanged on the face for a whole day. In addition to ultra-resistance, the product has other advantages: a wide palette of 35 shades, the ability to adjust the application density and a vegan formula.

All Nighter Fixing Sprays

Another trick to prolong the durability of makeup is to use a fixing spray. If you combine it with a primer and an ultra-resistant foundation, the effect will be triple. The spray should be used to complete the make-up by spraying it on the face crosswise from a distance of 10-15 cm. Do not hesitate - the make-up will be safe and sound all day long.

If you have oily skin and want to keep your skin matte, use All Nighter Ultra Matte.


Pencils, shadows and eyeliner will also become more resistant if you apply a primer on your eyelids.

Primer Potion

Such a base will allow the shadows and pencil pigment to last on the eyelids, without rolling, for a whole day. In addition, it guarantees the same color vibrancy - the shades will not fade during the day.

If wrinkles have already appeared around the eyes, you can use the Primer Potion Anti-Aging anti-aging primer - it will additionally moisturize the skin.


Eyebrow product should also have a decent exposure.

Inked Brow Gel Tint

If you make up your eyebrows with this tool, makeup can hold positions for up to 3 days! The gel has a waterproof formula that is also resistant to sebum. It is convenient to draw hairs with the beveled applicator brush - even a beginner can handle it.

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Long-lasting lip makeup

Urban Decay lips also offer extended wear.

Vice Lip Chemistry

The uniqueness of this lipstick is not only in super durability, but also in the ability of shades to adapt to the color of your lips. The finish is glossy, does not fade on the lips during the day. Beautiful shine without feeling sticky - the perfect lipstick for evening make-up!