We admire the September sky and listen to the advice of the stars

Aries (March 21–April 20)

In September 2023, difficulties cannot be avoided, and Mars, your ruling planet, is to blame. He will be in hard aspect to Saturn all month long. Since Mars is in your sign, and Saturn (also retrograde, that is, inflexible) is in Capricorn, which he also rules, their battle promises to be serious. What should an Aries do? What tactics to choose in such a difficult situation? Try not to get involved in conflicts, take a wait-and-see attitude - and then Mars will be able to help you, especially since on the 10th it will become retrograde, which will allow you to think about the possible consequences of your actions, abandon the “war” with the leadership and not go on the rampage in relationships with friends.It's better to switch to love. Judging by the stars, at the beginning of the month you can meet the man of your dreams, and if you are not too proactive (there are such risks), the dream will become a reality. Until September 6, Venus goes through the sign of Cancer, and this always adds mystery to the novel. Then she will move into Leo, and your relationship will enter a new stage, where love is built on mutual admiration and support. On September 22, the Sun will be in the sign of Libra, and your energy will increase many times over. Keep yourself in shape: go in for fitness, provide your skin with complete care. The latter begins with competent cleansing. We advise you to pay attention to hydrophilic oils. They not only gently remove impurities, but also improve the quality of the skin. We wrote about how it works here.

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

For some, the unfortunate aspects of Venus affect only their personal lives, but for Taurus, much more depends on this planet, because it controls them.In September, Venus will reach harmony only in the last ten days of the month - that's when it will be possible to start new romances. And before that, any attempts are unlikely to succeed. As long as it is in a contradictory aspect to Mars, there will be a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but this will not lead to the desired results. Then there will be a negative aspect to Uranus. The fact is that Venus will be in Leo from September 6, which will make her regal and powerful, and Uranus (the planet of revolutions and incredible incidents) will be in Taurus, a sign not inclined to make concessions. This conflict will last until September 20 and may provoke difficulties with your ex-lover. However, you should not get hung up on your personal life - it is better to concentrate on work tasks. This month you can bet on a career, and let retrograde Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter be in charge of it - this will not hurt you, and from September 13 (when Jupiter turns into a direct movement) things will go uphill. But it is important to look your best. We talked about how to avoid mistakes in office makeup and manicure here and here.

Gemini (22.05–21.06)

For Gemini, this will be a month of creativity: this is indicated by the opposition of the Sun to Neptune (from 4 to 22 September). The Sun is in charge of personal will, and as it travels in Virgo, ruled by your planetary ruler Mercury, you will be craving for great self-expression. And Neptune is the planet of deceit, mysticism and lyrics. The opposition of these celestial bodies promises poetic inspiration, a flight of thought and imagination. Positive changes at work can be expected when Jupiter, which is in the zone of your career, ceases to be retrograde. It will happen on September 13th. From this day, money is likely to enter the personal budget, but not as a surprise, but in direct proportion to the invested forces. Lying on the couch in September is unlikely to succeed. If you have a family, try not to put pressure on your partner. And if there is no family, then the optimal time to search for a prince is the period from September 5 to 27, when Venus will be in Libra.He will meet you for sure. The main thing is to discard all claims to your appearance and feel like a princess. This is easy to achieve with our instructions.

Cancer (06/22–07/22)

People born under this sign are accustomed to work and, it seems, they themselves have come to terms with the fact that their work does not decrease. External pressure continues: the heavy planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have long been in Capricorn. Now they are also retrograde, which is why Cancers are not at all easier. In September, you will have to habitually fight for your financial rights. At first, all efforts will seem futile, but on September 13, when Jupiter (the second ruler of Cancer) ceases to be retrograde, the situation with money will begin to change. Everything promises to finally get better no earlier than September 28, when Saturn (which controls Capricorn) will turn into direct movement. In the meantime, Cancers will have to adapt to the proposed circumstances. There is one consolation: there will be no lack of energy - Mars, which follows Aries, energizes everyone, especially the signs of the cardinal cross (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra).As for the sphere of love, there are two possible scenarios for the development of events: either everything will go wrong almost immediately, as you would like, or it will be a passion that will overcome all obstacles. The second scenario is supported by the fact that Saturn is in opposition to Venus, and all the relationships that are now starting have serious prospects. They will be even better for those whom Cupid's arrow will overtake after September 13th. A manicure with hearts will help to hint that your heart is not free. What it can be and how to make it yourself, you will learn here.

Leo (23.07–21.08)

Lviv will have no shortage of friendly support in September, and it will come in handy, because there will be a lot of work. In the career zone, you have fiery Mars in Aries (that is, in the sign that it also controls), which means that the planet of work and battles will not deny itself self-expression. Mars loves the bold and fast, and if you know where you can make a breakthrough in work, focus on this area.With the entry of your Venus sign on September 6, the likelihood of new relationships or deepening emotional ties in the family, if one already exists, increases. Venus also gives inspiration. Even if you are not creative yourself, you can inspire others. There is no doubt about your own attractiveness in such periods. The Sun, your ruler, is now moving in the sign of Virgo, forcing you to carefully check everything and put everything in order, which you usually do not tend to. On the 22nd, it will move into the not alien to the beautiful sign of Libra, which will give your manners elegance and artistry. Hollywood makeup will help you look like a real screen star. Step by step instructions can be found here.

Virgo (08/22–9/23)

September is going great! Your attractiveness will be undeniable while the Sun moves in your sign, and when it moves into Libra (September 22), financial flows will also be drawn to you.Everything suggests that this month you will discover your creative potential (or realize that you are expecting a baby). A friendly environment is guaranteed to you, and the stars also promise a long-awaited trip. Even if it turns out to be a business trip, you will meet it with great enthusiasm. Caution should be exercised in the period from September 10 to 20: Neptune (the planet of deception) will stand in opposition to the Sun in Virgo. During this period, do not take anything for granted, especially with regard to romantic promises from men. After September 22, when the Sun will be in Libra (and even better after the 27th, when Mercury that controls you will move into the corrosive sign of Scorpio), weigh the proposals received again and, if you do not find a catch, you can agree. As for cosmetics, this month you could do without it at all - your personality will be so bright. But well-groomed eyebrows have never bothered anyone. We wrote about how to put them in perfect order in our beauty dossier.

Libra (09/24–10/23)

The main efforts of Libra in September will be aimed at raising funds for the family budget. Not that you want it, but that's the way it is. We will have to expand contacts, and for this it will be necessary to come down from the pedestal and go to the people. With your natural penchant for diplomacy, it will not be difficult to establish the necessary connections, especially if you do it gently, “waterlike”, with the inclusion of empathy. It is also better not to turn it off at home, otherwise conflicts are inevitable - especially against the background of a possible relocation or repair. Difficulties will not be critical, and with some effort on your part, everything will be resolved successfully. At the beginning of the month (while Venus is in the sign of Cancer) there is a risk of being captured by the elements of uncontrollable passion. But on September 6, Venus moves into Leo, and you can get things back under control on the emotional front. You will become more powerful and make those who thought you could twist ropes dance to your tune.For everything to be done at the wave of your hand, make sure that your manicure is flawless. We talked about how professionals paint nails in this article, and we introduced new ideas for autumn manicure here.

Scorpio (10/24–11/22)

Scorpions have the most active planets in the zone of work, including their ruler Mars. This suggests that you will have to work hard, but you will not do it without pleasure - delighting your colleagues with impeccable office makeup. You can refresh your memory of the beauty rules for workdays here. As for relationships with loved ones, restraint must be exercised here. Mars is not too harmonious now and will provoke you to quarrels. Moreover, he will try to do everything to upset the meeting with the person who could become your destiny: on September 10, the planet will turn retrograde, almost reaching your partner's house. Of course, Scorpios almost always have fallback options, and in this situation it would be foolish to blame you for this.However, remember that a failed meeting does not mean that this chapter is closed. Your paths will definitely cross again. Everything is going well in the money zone. Income will exceed spending. The latter you will try to minimize. Your second ruling planet, Pluto, will tame your needs: not only does it go through the sign of Capricorn that does not suit it, it is also retrograde all month. This alignment often prepares karmic changes in life. It could be a job change, a move, a divorce or a wedding. We must be prepared for anything, but hope for the best. If the prospect of becoming a bride turns out to be real, knowledge of the wedding makeup trends that we wrote about here will come in handy.

Sagittarius (11/23–12/22)

Sagittarians September is dedicated to the family or the house where you live. There will be some turbulence in romantic relationships, as you have to become a kind of buffer between your chosen one and parents who do not like your "prince" .The search for a compromise will be the main content of September. Love will win and this will become apparent after September 6th when Venus moves into Leo. It will be a fiery passion, with confessions, endless phone calls and a thirst to meet "right now" because the Sun, Mars and Venus are in fire signs. You want to be bright, and our materials will help you with this, no matter what it is about - manicure, makeup or an unusual hair color. At the same time, an emotional upsurge will not only not prevent you from working, but will even help you find additional sources of income. This is indicated by your ruling planet Jupiter, which is now in the house of your personal money. True, until September 13, Jupiter is retrograde, so it is better to spend the first half of the month on vacation. However, a business trip would also be a good solution. For you, a trip to distant lands will help you find answers to many questions and establish the necessary connections.

Capricorn (December 23–January 20)

Slow planets have gathered in your sign, so everything is gradually getting better - both with finances and with the family. The key word is "gradually" . The successful combination of all cases will require efficiency and incredible endurance. In September, you will have the opportunity to actively earn money, but you need to be on the alert. From September 10 to 20, there will be a decade that will incline everyone to deception (or self-deception), so it is better to refrain from risky transactions during this period and think through everything in great detail, not forgetting about control. September is generally good for putting things in order, including cleaning contacts - remove unnecessary or toxic ones without regrets. After such a "weeding" you will see that in the turmoil those who are truly dear to you were ignored. Already at the beginning of the month, while Venus moves in Cancer (until September 6), the choice will become obvious to you, including in the romantic sphere. True, Saturn, which controls you, which will be retrograde until September 29, may prevent you from opening your feelings.But there is time to think everything over, and when it turns around, move on to action. In order for the arrows of your love to hit the very heart of the chosen one, secure them with decorative arrows. How to draw them, we told here, and the new NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear liner will be invaluable help in this matter.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

Recall that on March 25, Saturn left the sign of Capricorn and moved into Aquarius (it is important at the same time that it rules both). The period of self-isolation began, wearing masks, gloves, etc. Turning around, the planet moved back and on July 2 again entered the sign of Capricorn. The epidemic began to decline - restaurants and shops opened. What does it say? About the difference of signs, first of all. Capricorn - for order, for the system, for profit. And Aquarius - for new technologies, including the Internet, virtual dating, remote work. Of course, these changes are not only caused by the walk of Saturn, but, be that as it may, now the planet is back in Capricorn, and the system is being restored.It will finally move into Aquarius only in December, and if you are afraid of a second wave of the virus, most likely it will occur at this time. And now Aquarians are being built into a system that continues to improve. In September, they will fight for personal finances - and they will succeed, because Uranus (the second ruling planet of Aquarius) is also in the house of your money in good aspect to the sign of partners. The stars predict an interesting, unusual approach to work, and they also invite changes on the personal front - especially when Venus moves into Leo (after September 6). They do not promise a wedding, but the romance will be bright! The non-standard development of the life scenario encourages the creation of a non-trivial make-up. Follow our video instructions. And a gentle manicure will help to balance the image - we share ideas here.

Pisces (20.02–20.03)

In September, you should specifically control your emotions and think about what to say and what is better to remain silent.When Mars is in the first house, it is difficult to restrain involuntary aggression. Drink calming teas, try to get enough sleep. Thus, you will already significantly reduce the risk of conflicts. There will be changes in the financial sector: most likely, they will be related to the fact that you will find new partners or other work. Uranus, not the most predictable planet, is responsible for the result. On the romantic side, judging by the stars, everything will turn out favorably. Pisces don't always know how to present themselves correctly, but now everything will work out - especially until September 6, while Venus is in the sign of Cancer close to you. Relations during this period will be tender and spiritual. Then Venus will move into the sign of Leo, and languor will give way to ardor and passion. There is nothing to control here. Act on a whim - and enjoy the moment. Neptune, who controls you, is in the first house of your horoscope: on the one hand, this adds charm to you, on the other hand, it slightly clouds your consciousness. In love, this is not bad, but in all other areas, the stars advise caution from September 10 to 20, when the Sun will be in opposition to Neptune.At this time, it is important not to let yourself be deceived. You can position the heavenly bodies towards yourself with the help of “cosmic” coloring or manicure with motifs of the night sky.