Beauty shopping is taking on new forms in 2023: editor-in-chief Veronika Gnezdilova tried on Armani Beauty Ecstasy Mirror lip gloss online and tells what happened

In the summer of 2023, Armani Beauty introduced a new product - Ecstasy Mirror lip gloss, which performs three tasks at once: moisturizes, gives lips a mirror shine and gives intense color. However, it is not so easy to try a novelty in the current realities: the pandemic continues and, for security reasons, testers do not issue funds in beauty corners. Editor-in-chief of Veronika Gnezdilova decided to check whether it is possible to choose the right product without leaving home, and tested new online services on the site We tell you how it works.

Choosing a shade on the site

The Ecstasy Mirror palette features nine shades ranging from neutral beiges to deep reds. On the official website of the gloss page of Ecstasy Mirror, a new function "Try it online" has appeared. You upload your photo, and the program itself "paints" the lips in the selected shade. Very visual!

Looking at my photos, I immediately decided that the shades No. 100 Infiniti and No. 502 Culmination suit me the most. But before making a final decision, I used one more Armani Beauty service.

Armani Beauty WhatsApp chat

During the pandemic, Armani Beauty has another great online service - WhatsApp chat, where you can directly ask a consultant a question at any time. You can enter it by phone number +7 (991) 777-37-50, the second option is to scan the QR code.

In a WhatsApp chat on the specified phone number, I asked which shades from the Ecstasy Mirror range would suit a girl with dark skin with a yellowish undertone. An Armani Beauty consultant named Regina got in touch in just a minute (!), Asked a few clarifying questions - and confirmed my assumptions: she advised me to pay attention to neutral shades No. 100 Infiniti, No. 101 Beyond and coral No. 502 Culmination. But, following the principle of "measure seven times" , I decided to get the advice of another Armani Beauty expert.

Video consultation with Armani Beauty expert

A video consultation with brand experts is now available for you on the website. Experts will answer any questions related to makeup, help you choose the shade and products for your skin type.

Currently there are four consultation formats:

  • express make-up lesson (15–30 min),

  • beauty coaching (30–45 min),

  • creating a skin care program (30-45 min),

  • creating a perfume wardrobe (15–30 min).

To sign up for a video consultation, it is not necessary to make a purchase - just leave a request through a special chat on the site and agree on a time. There are no bots in the chat, real Armani Beauty consultants answer (by the way, each participant of the video consultation receives a discount on Armani Beauty products and a promotional code that guarantees a gift with any purchase).

I chose an express make-up lesson and at the appointed time I received a FaceTime call from Vladlena Shikanova, Giorgio Armani's senior make-up and care coach.

I asked her what to look for when choosing a shade. Vladlena gave me great advice, which sounded like this:

"If the color of the eyes becomes brighter, then the shade of lipstick suits you."

We also discussed the shades of the new Ecstasy Mirror lipstick. Vladlena agreed that shade No. 502 Culmination would suit me, but noted that it also makes sense to look at nude No. 102 Eclectic and classic red No. 400 Four Hundred for evening outings. I didn’t have any questions about the second one, but the first one seemed purple to me during the “online fitting”. Such shades in life do not suit me, but Vladlena offered to give him a chance.

Results of the experiment

After trying on online and consulting with Armani Beauty experts, I tested three shades in real life:

  • 502 Culmination (recommended by both consultants, plus I liked it initially);

  • shade No. 400 Four Hundred (classic red, this will never be superfluous);

  • shade 102 Eclectic (to be honest, I was skeptical about this color, but decided to listen to the opinion of the Armani Beauty makeup artist).

Shade 102 Eclectic looks more subtle on the lips than in the picture. Reminds me of a dusty rose. For everyday nude makeup, that's it. I think this shade refreshes the face and makes the look sweet and youthful. I admit that I was initially unfair!

Shade 502 Culmination actually contains more pink pigments than you might think from an online try-on. I really like how the tool looks on the lips - it perfectly emphasizes the tan. This gloss is suitable for both daytime and evening make-up.

Shade 400 Four Hundred is practically the same in real life as the online fitting program showed me. Juicy, rich - perfect for a bright look.

Ecstasy Mirror feels very comfortable on the lips. The texture is more like a tint than the usual glossy shine, just weightless. In addition, the gloss is easily washed off with micellar water and does not eat into the skin of the lips.

According to the results of this small experiment, I want to note: I personally prefer offline shopping and will be happy to visit my favorite corners when the restrictions are lifted. But until this happens, convenient online services can become a temporary alternative. The result is inspiring, the main thing is to use all available opportunities and listen to the opinion of professionals.

If you have already tried the new Ecstasy Mirror gloss or tested Armani Beauty's online services, share your experience in the comments.