In 2023, there were, frankly, few reasons for joy, and this time they are waiting for the New Year with even more impatience than usual. We offer to start preparing for the holiday right now

New Year is a celebration of new beginnings that require the most positive attitude. In the coming year of the Ox, he should be fighting - with confidence in himself and his strengths, with pressure and readiness to go to the end. To create such a mood, you can use any tricks. Even, it would seem, such a trifle as makeup can help with this.

Features of the 2023 New Year's look

We have to celebrate the year of the White Metal Ox. Already in this name alone, you can draw a lot of ideas for a fashionable and beautiful New Year's look - 2023 (by the way, if you plan to do a themed New Year's manicure, this article will come in handy). Make-up can be light (for example, silver), but, of course, no one forbids using bright colors. It is worth complementing the image with starry shimmer and metallic sheen, so glitter, shimmer, rhinestones and gloss are only welcome, our task is to shine dazzlingly, without embarrassment. Find more glitter makeup ideas here.

Fashionable colors for make-up for the New Year-2021

Even though radiance is preferable in a New Year's look, makeup does not have to be catchy. Sequins do not exclude restraint in the image if you are not ready for extravagant beauty solutions.You will definitely find a compromise that will not contradict your unique style.

  • For brown eyes
    For brown-eyed girls, we would recommend that the main element of your New Year's make-up is the radiance of gold. It is ideally combined with both light and dark brown eyes and perfectly sets off their color when creating makeup using the smokey technique. An option for the brave is a fashionable make-up with contrasting white arrows that will make your eyes stand out even more. In the year of the White Ox, such a reception would be more than appropriate.

  • For blue and gray eyes
    Girls with this eye color have a lot of room for experimentation in the New Year's look - 2023. You can focus on the metallic silver effect by making smoky eyes or drawing arrows. Or you can go the other way and instead of cold shades choose warm ones: the same gold, bronze or copper color. Warm colors will provide contrast that will make the eyes even brighter.

  • For green eyes
    Green colors will help green-eyed girls get a stylish New Year's look, but it is important to choose shades lighter or darker than eye color.In combination with silver or gold, you will get a mysterious and bright accent. Those who gravitate towards calm looks with discreet shine can choose beige-brown shades with shimmer.
    The metallic texture of the shadows goes surprisingly well with the neon colors that are on trend this season. Try to include them in your New Year's creative make-up experiment.

You can find a version of the universal New Year's make-up in the main shades of the year of the White Metallic Ox in our video instruction.

Fashionable colors of clothes and accessories

Those who are inspired by the symbol of the coming year, thinking through the image for the New Year - 2023, things with sequins or lurex will come in handy. Silver glitter will probably be the most relevant in the year of the White Metal Ox, but if you wish, you can, of course, choose any other shade of clothing and accessories with a metallic glow.

Another option is to bet on glitter only in makeup. In this case, it is better to choose a single-color outfit so that it serves as a winning background for a shimmering make-up. Let it be bright, as dictated by the symbol of the year. Light outfits look festive on their own and also serve as an excellent base, which is successfully complemented by catchy accessories and dazzling beauty accents.

New Year's look: fashion makeup with step by step photo instructions

Soft translucent makeup in peach tones and make-up with the effect of a fox look are the key makeup trends-2021. Therefore, a great solution would be to combine elements of both styles in a festive make-up to get an expressive and very feminine look.

You will need:

  • Stay Naked Foundation by Urban Decay;

  • Stay Naked Concealer by Urban Decay;

  • high glass powder from NYX Professional Makeup;

  • Brow Fast Sculpt mascara by Maybelline New York;

  • Ultimate Escape Artist Eyeshadow Palette by NYX Professional Makeup;

  • Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner;

  • L'Oréal Paris Gold Million Eyelash Volume Mascara;

  • Maybelline New York Superstay lipstick.

  1. Apply foundation for an even skin tone. Choose lightweight yet durable foundations.

  2. Use a lighter tone concealer to cover dark circles and lightly sculpt. Unlike special contouring products, the concealer has a light texture, so the correction will look as natural as possible.Apply it from the inner corners of the eyes to the wings of the nose and stretch to the temples. Also highlight the back and tip of the nose to visually make it thinner. All this together will provide a soft lifting effect.

  3. Set cream textures with powder. In order not to overload the skin with matte textures, but to achieve a lasting makeup, try combining two types of powder at once. Apply mattifying on the capricious T-zone, and shining on the periphery of the face.

  4. The trend of recent years - soft fluffy eyebrows - will continue next year. Comb your brows with any brow gel, colored or clear. The main thing is to give texture to the eyebrows and style the hairs.

  5. When the gel dries, fill in the eyebrows with a pencil where necessary, keeping the natural gaps between the hairs.

  6. Highlight the eyelid crease with peach shadows. Unlike the standard brown shade, it will add freshness and lightness to your makeup.

  7. Apply shimmery golden eyeshadow all over your lid.

  8. Draw thin long arrows with brown shadows, corresponding to the fox makeup trend.

  9. Slightly darken the line just above the crease of the eyelid with the same brown shadows to make the makeup more expressive.

  10. From the center of the brown arrow, duplicate it towards the outer corner of the eyes with blue shadows. This will give the makeup a more festive look. All the shadows you need for this make-up can be found in the Ultimate palette by NYX Professional Makeup in the Escape Artist edition.

  11. It's hard to imagine a New Year's makeup without radiance, so sparkles are a great addition to a festive female look for the New Year. It is most convenient to use ready-made eyeliner. The sequins in it are already included in a special resistant base, and a thin brush will allow you to apply them as accurately as possible.

  12. Eyelashes carefully paint over with mascara for volume.

  13. To prevent lipstick from being imprinted on a glass of champagne, choose persistent products. For example, Superstay from Maybelline New York. But to maintain the lightness of makeup in general, apply lipstick with your finger, not with an applicator. This will ensure both the softness of the contour and the weightlessness of the lipstick on the lips due to the thin layer.

Trendy New Year makeup is ready!


Fashion New Year's look ideas for girls

Everyone can do a basic nude makeup and complement it with sparkles. And if the soul asks for something more unusual? Check out our collection of ideas!

Cat eye makeup for New Year

When choosing a New Year's make-up among classic looks, stop at the cat eye: the "cat" effect in the design of the eyes is not in vain considered a win-win. It always draws attention to the eyes and emphasizes their beauty, adding zest to the look. By the way, the cat eye arrows will look more mysterious if they are shaded into a haze. In the New Year - 2023, you can complement it with mother-of-pearl shimmer or silver sequins at the inner corners of the eyes.

Gold glitter makeup

Sequins are a great solution for a fashionable look for the New Year of the White Metal Ox. Stock up on a jar of gold glitter so that on the appointed day, apply it to a haze of brown shadows, shaded at the outer corners. Your task is to create soft wide arrows using glitter. If you wish, you can replay everything and move the shining golden accent to the inner corners of the eyes.

Delicate makeup with metallic effect

Those who love images with a romantic flair and are not ready to change their beauty principles even on New Year's Eve should take a closer look at the products in pink metallic.Use this color to draw a classic arrow over the base beige shadows, and then apply pastel pink shimmery shadows in the crease of the eyelid in an arc. Underline the lower eyelid with more noticeable shimmery shadows or a pencil - this little detail will immediately set the image of a festive tone.

Cut crease makeup

Another classic technique. She will always help out those who are not close to experimenting with makeup even on New Year's Eve. You can emphasize the crease of the eyelid using the cut crease technique with a haze of shadows, or you can use eyeliner - in the second case, the result will be more catchy.

In addition to the black liner (this is the standard solution for cut crease), you can choose a color with a metallic texture: silver, gold, white, blue, blue - any of those that you associate with the New Year.Use them if you feel ready to expand your horizons in 2023, including makeup.

Stylish look for New Year's corporate party

Makeup that will definitely not go unnoticed during the main party of the year. Even if it will be held in Zoom.

Retro look

Retromakeup has some magnetism, always attracts attention and at the same time avoids the risks associated with the development of trendy beauty trends. The combination of red lipstick and black arrows will successfully complement, perhaps, any holiday outfit, from minimalist monochrome to embellished with sequins and iridescent metallic shine in the spirit of the symbol of 2023.

Graphic makeup for the New Year

When going to a New Year's corporate party, transform your usual strict makeup with black arrows: replace the classic eyeliner with a metallic effect liner, and make the arrows wider and longer - you can capture even the inner corners of the eyes with eyeliner.

Colour corporate make-up

You can also change a business image beyond recognition with the help of color. Add an additional bright “layer” to the black stroke of the outline and arrows - blue, emerald, burgundy, copper, bronze. You can choose the shade to your taste, taking into account the color of your outfit for the New Year's corporate party.

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Creative make-up options for an extravagant look

If the phrase "art makeup" does not scare you away, you should study this section carefully: perhaps the best makeup idea for the New Year's party can be found here.

Stylish look for the New Year - 2023 with rhinestones

Preparing to celebrate the New Year - 2023, you can add cat eye, cut crease, and any other makeup in the usual technique with rhinestones, which are always appropriate if there is a festive occasion. Match the decor to the color of the makeup. Add rhinestones to the lines of the arrows and “highlight” the inner corners of the eyes with their help.

Silver makeup with neon accents

Ready to celebrate the New Year brightly? Use a metallic effect and boldly apply glitter all over the moving eyelid, and then complement the shimmering haze with bursts of neon. You can draw arrows with neon eyeliner or bring the mucous membrane with neon kayal, and it is not necessary to select shades, trying to create the perfect pair. Unexpected combinations can also look surprisingly harmonious. By the way, we talked about how to do neon makeup here.

Makeup with pearl decor

White color is one of the most relevant on New Year's Eve 2023. Isn't this a reason to think about pearl tints in your makeup? You can use “snowy” shadows with a pearly glow on your eyelids, or you can decorate them with a different color to your taste and complement it with a decor in the form of pearls. Another eye-catching pearl makeup idea is here.

Metallic graphic makeup

If you're ready to jump on the metallic trend to create a beautiful New Year's Eve 2023 look, try this option: mark the outline of a wide arrow and fill it with creamy shadows with a metallic sheen, complementing them with loose glitter. Apply lighter glitters closer to the inner corners of the eyes, and darker glitters to the outer ones.

Large glitter makeup

To make the image for the New Year not only trendy, but also super festive, use glitter in your makeup without any additions.Let the sparkles be the main and only accent. Apply them to a special primer (like Glitter Primer by NYX Professional Makeup) and complete your makeup with mascara.

What makeup are you going to do for the New Year - 2023? Share your opinion in the comments! But first, check out our selection of other great Christmas makeup ideas.