Did you notice that in winter you want to wear completely different colors on your nails than in summer? As the weather changes, so does the mood. Not surprisingly, this is reflected in our images - down to the smallest detail. If you are looking for winter manicure ideas right now, you will find them in our selection

New manicure for winter 2023: fashion trends

Winter manicure from fashion shows is not a direct guide to action, but a source of inspiration. Ideas seen on the nails of models can be developed in your own way and adapted to your style, your images.For the winter 2023 season, nail masters offered many solutions that are new and inspire independent experiments.

Volume Manicure

This winter manicure trend is difficult to take root in everyday looks: 3D decor is not very practical. But winter holidays are ahead, which can be used as an occasion for unusual nail art.

Try decorating your nails with voluminous rhinestones, as they did at the Simone Rocha and Giambattista Valli show, or pearl beads, like at the Susan Alexandra show. In both cases, very little decor was used. However, it is not forbidden to literally strew your nails with stones - this is the path chosen by the nail masters who worked on the Christian Cowan show.And at The Blonds show, with the help of voluminous decorative elements, they beat the shape of the models' nails.

Nude shades are suitable as a basis for such nail art, for example, "The Craftswoman" from Essie.

Nail piercing

This trend is for owners of long nails, but only for those who would not mind piercing them at the tips to put in small rings, following the example from the Monse show. With this detail, you will get a bold and daring rock and roll manicure that can really surprise.

Foil Manicure

The metallic effect always comes back in fashion in the winter season, but each time in a new format. This year, nail artists decided to use pieces of gold and silver foil as decoration on the nails. Such a precious manicure became part of the images on The Blonds and Preen shows. It is worth taking note and as a variant of New Year's nail art.

How to make a manicure with foil yourself, we told in this video.

Sloppy manicure

You can't call this a new manicure technique. It is rather a trend in the spirit of the beauty of imperfection. To make a statement, nail artists at the Junko Shimada show decided to skip a couple of nails, as if they had forgotten about them, and at the Khaite show, the models had their nails painted, leaving gaps, as if there was not enough polish on the brush to fill the space with color completely. This casualness has a certain charm that will surely find its fans.


Which nail shape is in fashion for winter 2023?


You can't get away from the classics - both long and short nails with an oval free edge remain in fashion this winter.They look elegant and feminine no matter what design you choose. Examples from the shows of Rodarte, Mark Fast, Philipp Plein, 16Arlington and Susan Alexandra confirm this.


We are not talking about a soft square, but about a wide rectangular shape - such was chosen for the show by Dilara Findikoglu and Halpern and many others. Considering this option for life? Then keep in mind that such nails look quite massive and attract everyone's attention.


"Predatory" nails with sharp tips do not leave the lists of nail trends. This option in the winter 2023 season was supported by Rag & Bone, Balenciaga.

Almond cut nails

Almonds are a safer choice than sharp nails. This form also remains in fashion (the manicure from the Vivienne Westwood show is proof of this), but some nail artists decided to look at it in a new way: for example, at the GCDS show, the models decided to cut off the almond nails at the tips.

Blade nails

Another unusual solution from fashion weeks is wide nails with an oblique cut, like the models from the Charlotte Knowles show. Similar to the blade of a samurai sword, they have become a noticeable accent in the image.

Winter manicure 2023: palette of shades and color combinations


If in spring and summer you did not limit yourself in choosing bright colors, then in winter you can switch to the classic red, besides, it was often seen in catwalk looks - at Oscar de la Renta, MSGM and many others. Fifth Avenue by Essie will come in handy.

Shades of red are suitable for both solid colors and designs with patterns, like Rag & Bone and Philipp Plein.


First of all we are talking about gold and silver. On the eve of the New Year holidays, they will be especially relevant.

You can, by the way, combine these two colors in a single design, as they did at the Nicole Miller show. On holidays, it is also appropriate to add rhinestones, beads and other voluminous decorative elements to a shining gold or silver background.


This winter, black manicure speaks not of a gloomy mood, but of knowledge of fashion trends. The choice in favor of this color was made by nail artists from the Philipp Plein, Khaite, Emilio Pucci and Christian Cowan shows, and at the Simone Rocha show, black rhinestones were used instead of black lacquer on a colorless background - a good option for those who are not ready to darken their nails, but want to look fashionable.


And this is a real holiday for lovers of uncompromisingly bright accents.

Neon blue is offered by Halpern, blue by Chromat and Susan Alexandra, pink by Moschino, and acid yellow by Rag & Bone. You can choose the shade to your taste. Bright colors in manicure excite the imagination and help to “dilute” the gray winter days. Check out Essie's Peach Daiquiri.

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Actual nail art for winter 2023: drawings, patterns, decor

Jewellery manicure

Nails reminiscent of a find from a jewelry box are a real trend. It is promoted on the catwalk by Marco de Vincenzo, The Blonds, Susan Alexandra and other brands, hinting that manicure is a kind of accessory. And masters from all over the world gladly picked up the trend and create design options that are quite acceptable for everyday life. What can we say about the upcoming holidays! For the New Year or Christmas, such a fabulous manicure will come in handy.

Animal print

We were reminded of the relevance of manicure with animalistic drawings at the Philipp Plein show. Choose any of your favorite prints and transfer to your nails. And if you can't decide on a choice, combine several animal motifs in your design: they go surprisingly well with each other.

Color stains

Manicure with drawings requires a lot of strength and patience. It is much easier to create picturesque stains on the nails, similar to drops of colored paint spreading over the water. This option was chosen at the Chromat and Christian Cowan shows. But this technique is popular not only on the podium, but also in salons. As for color solutions, you can use a variety of shades, from pastels to neon - the result will be expressive in any case.

Mineral Manicure

The texture of minerals, impressive play of colors, beautiful veins, the radiance of crystals in the light - all this has been inspiring nail artists for more than a season. And winter 2023 is no exception.

Color stains that create that same mineral effect can be complemented with a shimmer or foil - and this, as we have already said, is another trend that has descended from the catwalk.


When everything is white and white, a bright manicure attracts even more attention. When creating a winter manicure 2023, remember the school geometry course: beautiful clear patterns made up of different geometric shapes are a truly relevant and fashionable statement. It is noteworthy that such a nail design looks great on both short and long nails.

Colorful nails

Colorful nails in juicy shades of Skittles candy are one of the brightest trends of last summer. In the winter season, this fashion trend is undergoing an upgrade: alternate varnishes of soothing pastel colors with dark ones - gray, black, blue, burgundy, wine.

Black and white manicure

Black and white lacquers rarely lie idle, they are always most actively used to create various nail design options.But in winter manicure 2023, it is the classic combination of black and white that comes to the fore. And it doesn’t exude academicism at all: French, moon manicure, artistic abstractions and patterns - black and white manicure can be boring. By the way, we have collected dozens of beautiful black and white manicure ideas here.


Manicure ideas for winter 2023 for short and long nails

For short nails

Neon graphics

In winter, in our latitudes, dull, faded colors and dreary dark shades prevail in nature, so we strongly welcome the fashion for neon coatings. Pair a few neon colors in your color-blocking manicure - this technique looks great on short nails, giving them a neat look with clean lines and geometric shapes.

Reverse French

To make the classic French manicure look good on short nails, the “smile” must be drawn very thin. Therefore, it is worth trying the “vice versa” option - an inverted jacket. Use the colors that are trendy this season, such as burgundy as the main one and gold for drawing an arc at the cuticle. This combination is perfect for a Christmas look.

Glitter Manicure

Nail art with drawings is an ambiguous solution for short nails: it is important not to overload them with small details, plus there is a risk that they are not considered for a short length and will be perceived as an indistinct abstraction. A surer and easier way to decorate short nails is to make a manicure with sparkles: glitter, stickers (for example, in the shape of stars - what you need on a holiday) or rhinestones.

For long nails

With winter patterns

But on long nails there are much more opportunities for nail art. In winter, for a good mood, it is necessary to alternate between a “serious” manicure and a “playful” manicure. Why not make some winter holiday nail art with snowflakes (or even snowmen), Christmas tree garlands or Christmas wreaths with fluffy bows!

Emphasis on tips

Do you want to get a manicure that will emphasize the length of your nails? Opt for a jacket with a wide “smile” and fill it not just with color, but with drawings or patterns. For example, with a fashionable animal print, separating the free edges of the nails with a design from the main part with a neat line.


In the case of long nails, this is another winning way to emphasize the tips. Emphasize them with a brighter color than the area at the base, or decorate with a scattering of sparkles - so that they disperse towards the hole.

Which winter design did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!