Star forecasts for the last month of summer-2021

Aries (March 21–April 20)

The month will be full of events. Until August 22, the sun moves in the fiery sign of Leo, which is close to you, that is, there will be a sea of \u200b\u200benergy, and it will actively fuel your ambitions. Incredible labor enthusiasm will be provided by your ruling planet Mars, which follows your own sign. Given the aspects of Mars, you will work desperately, with full dedication. At the same time, it is important to be careful in communicating with management and government agencies, drive carefully and not try to repair electrical appliances on your own - in general, try to minimize any risks that are quite high this month.Be reasonable, and Mars will guarantee you its support. Do not expect super profits: now all the higher planets are retrograde, which means that a financial breakthrough is unlikely. Rather, you will have to repay debts - both literally and figuratively (by completing and redoing projects that have already been submitted). If you're honest, your reputation will only benefit from this. But not a single job. In August, a romantic acquaintance awaits you, which by the end of the month can turn into something more. Change of images will help to maintain mutual interest. Vary is not only makeup, but also hair color. Why not use temporary coloring agents? Try washable colors, because if you wish, you can return to the original shade in a couple of days.

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

Taurus is now in an unusual period - the search for a source of income. You will feel the lack of resources at the beginning of the month, and when Uranus (which is in your sign) turns retrograde, which will happen on August 15, the situation may worsen.However, this is not a reason to give up - the fiery planets will support you: the formidable Mars, which is moving along Aries, and the imperious Sun in the sign of Leo. It is only important to remember that the energy that they generously give must be directed to a peaceful channel, otherwise the power of fire will become destructive, not creative. Crisis situations this month will not be created by circumstances, but by people themselves who are dissatisfied with life. So there is absolutely no need to be nervous. Moreover, your ruling planet Venus promises you a mega-acquaintance. This will be a person whom you will look at as a fan of a folk artist, with awe and reverence. But just this attitude - "who am I - and who is he!" - you have to overcome it. You are beautiful and he needs you. You should not go out of your way, trying to build "Babylons" on your head or make extravagant makeup. Your weapon is nature. To look flawless, but at the same time, as if you did not use cosmetics at all, our material will help.

Gemini (22.05–21.06)

In August, you will be occupied with two things: a trip for which you need to find money, and work, which is precisely designed to provide the necessary financial resources. When you decide on the direction of the trip, find pleasant companions (rest alone is not a vacation for you). At the beginning of the month (while Venus is in your sign, that is, until August 7), there is a high probability of acquaintance, which, if successful, can develop into a harmonious union if you do not have a family yet. Most likely, it will be a meeting with a dynamic, successful and bright person. He is always on the move, and that is what attracts you. Family Gemini stars are advised to think about procreation. At the same time, no one will cancel the work, you will have to work hard, overcoming some difficulties along the way in communicating with the management. The fact is that your ruling planet Mercury at the beginning of the month will be exactly opposite the toughest planets in the horoscope: Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.As the mutual displacement of the celestial bodies, the pressure on you will slightly weaken, but the sediment will remain - you will find reasons for experiences even where there are none. To prevent flies from turning into elephants, put off solving minor household problems (especially those that require the intervention of government officials) for a while. August is better to devote to strategic planning. Mercury in Cancer will support you in this. In order not to leave annoying household "flies" a single chance, make a manicure with a butterfly, dragonfly or ladybug.

Cancer (06/22–07/22)

All heavy planets have been in opposition to your sign for quite a long time, so you have to work hard, not just work. And this month will be no exception. Jupiter, one of your rulers, is now moving in Capricorn, and this promises profit. True, you will have to fight for money, since the planet is moving retrograde. All business processes will stall, it will be necessary to wait and conduct tedious negotiations.In general, hold on! To compensate for all these hardships, Venus is taken, which will move into the sign of Cancer on August 7th. She promises you at least inspiration (if you are a creative person), but most likely love. Even work against such a background will be perceived in a completely different way. There is time and energy for everything. The romance may start with one of your friends. The trigger, most likely, will be some kind of common holiday or a collective trip to the country. After August 22, when both the Sun and Mercury move into Virgo, you should take care of your he alth - schedule a medical examination. Try to follow the regime (including drinking) and the rules of skin care. And do not forget that even decorative cosmetics can be useful. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, carefully read the labels. What to look for, we told in this article.

Leo (23.07–21.08)

Lions are responsible people, and many take advantage of this, trying to shift their own responsibilities onto you.In August, such a development of events is more than likely. And you can’t hide: as long as the Sun is in your sign (until August 22), you will attract everyone’s attention. Busyness does not interfere with the emergence of a romantic relationship. Mars walks along the fiery Aries and tunes in to the “grab and don’t let go” algorithm. In your case, it will not be difficult to keep interest: you are used to playing leading roles and you know how to look so that it would be impossible to take your eyes off you. Venus in Gemini also contributes to this. The element of air will not let your inner fire go out. On the contrary, it will flare up more and more, especially if you manage to go to the sea with your loved one. The stars do not exclude such a possibility, but they warn against extreme sports. In order to avoid injuries, it is better to give preference to a relaxing beach holiday. Your choices are pool parties and outdoor festivals. Our instructions will help you create a suitable bright summer look.

Virgo (08/22–9/23)

August promises to be a great month for you. You will be able to properly dispose of the energy that Mars in Aries gives, directing it into a peaceful direction. Enthusiasm and courage will be enough for any undertaking, including on the personal front, where a new gentleman may appear, whom, however, you have always considered an old friend. Do not nip his initiative in the bud - and the world will sparkle with new colors. Why not go on vacation together? For you, this prospect is more than real, no matter what they say. If you manage to get to the sea, which in your case is very likely, then you should brush up on the rules of make-up for the beach. And this beauty instruction will help you tan beautifully. As long as your ruler Mercury is in Cancer, you will be able to look at your life strategically. This alignment promises only good, because more often the planets stand up so that the forests for the trees Virgos can not be seen. On August 5, Mercury will move into Leo and will provoke you to disputes - do not give in.We have to wait until August 20th. On this day, he will move into your sign in order to put everything in order, whether it be work or personal life. And on August 22, the Sun will also be in your sign - it's time to sign contracts and launch new projects.

Libra (09/24–10/23)

In August, it will be difficult for you to force yourself to sit still. While Venus is moving in Gemini (the first decade of the month), beautiful distances will beckon you, and, believe me, you should not resist. Work, as practice shows, can be done remotely. Moreover, the trip promises at least an interesting company and, at the most, an affair with a person who will become a breath of fresh air for you, a new source of inspiration. At the beginning of the month, Venus, which rules you, goes through the light and dynamic sign of Gemini, creating all the conditions for a romantic trip, and on August 7 it will move into the sign of Cancer to reveal the depth of your nature to others and interest them even more. Libra loves communication, but even for you it can be too much.This month, some material difficulties and uneven relationships with colleagues are likely. Mercury will help to balance the situation, which will go through Cancer until August 5, which will allow you to understand the essence of the problems, and then move into Leo (where it will stay until August 20) and breathe strength into you to defend your interests. He althy enthusiasm will also not occupy you - Mars is responsible for this, which will stay in the sign of Aries for the whole month. And inner courage will be emphasized by an unbanal look with an emphasis on eyebrows, one of the trends of 2023. We share fashionable makeup ideas with expressive eyebrows here.

Scorpio (10/24–11/22)

Scorpions in August will have battles for financial well-being. One of your rulers, Pluto, is now moving along Capricorn, which, it would seem, should have a positive effect on the financial situation, but the catch is that the planet is moving retrograde, which means that you can earn decent money only by making titanic efforts.Your second ruler Mars (the planet of labor and war) is in the sector of work and in the sign of Aries, that is, now he is stronger than ever and his aspects are very combative - so much so that industrial battles risk developing into serious quarrels and conflicts. It's important to restrain yourself. The Black Moon, which will be next to Mars, will help in this: it will make you think and will not allow you to commit rash acts. On August 7, Venus will move into the water sign of Cancer close to you. It will make it easier for you to open up to someone. The stars will set you up for a possible intimacy with a new acquaintance whom you are likely to meet on a business trip. And in love, and in positional battles at work, a universal weapon is useful - red lipstick. Find out how to choose the right shade here.

Sagittarius (11/23–12/22)

There is a chance that in August you will change jobs or start your own business (perhaps in partnership with a girlfriend or boyfriend). It won't be easy: Jupiter and Neptune ruling you are now retrograde.Therefore, it would be nice to have a financial airbag that will insure you for a few months until this duo takes off again. Now you must lay a serious foundation for the future. Although Jupiter and Neptune are retrograde, they follow signs that are favorable for you: Jupiter follows Capricorn, and this is always about organizing a system that brings money; Neptune is in Pisces, the sign that he also controls, which means that he is very strong. Stars do not promise long trips in August, but they indicate the opportunity to find love. Venus in the first decade of the month follows the sign of Gemini, which is exactly opposite Sagittarius, which means that the planet will have a powerful influence on you. Relationships that arise at this time have every chance for a long and happy life. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so be sure that a spark will ignite a flame. To stay in good shape, go for a fiery french nail design, which is included in the list of nail trends in 2023, which we talked about here.

Capricorn (December 23–January 20)

In August, Capricorns will be active in various kinds of collaborations. At the same time, you will seriously put pressure on partners (which is not very typical for you) - especially when Mercury moves into the sign of Leo, and this will happen on August 5th. Mars in the fiery sign of Aries will also help defend your point of view. If before that many considered you a quiet girl, now they will have many reasons to change their minds. You don’t have to worry about finances yet, but you still need to be careful with spending. The time for expensive purchases is gone and promises to return only at the end of September, when your ruling planet Saturn will cease to be retrograde and resume direct movement. However, already in January, Saturn will move into Aquarius, and this is a completely unpretentious sign in everyday life, so interest in shopping is likely to fade again. Creative Capricorns in August will be visited by inspiration. But even if you are not particularly inclined to creativity, love will give inspiration.It is almost impossible to get away from it, because after August 7, Venus will move into the sign of Cancer, which is exactly opposite yours, which means that its influence on you will be difficult to overestimate. In anticipation of the dating period, it's time to master the romantic makeup. A video tutorial on the topic can be viewed here.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

There is a lot of work to be done in August, but colleagues and partners will share this burden with you, so you will not feel lonely. Joint search for solutions to problems, mutual support, collective inspiration and enthusiasm - all this allows you to enjoy life even in conditions of an irregular working day. You are ruled by two planets: Uranus on August 15 will turn around and begin to move backward; Saturn is also retrograde until the end of September, although it is in Capricorn, the sign of money. The retrograde of these planets is fraught with deceived expectations, unjustified hopes, disruption of profitable deals. Try to launch projects that are important to you and solve all the difficult moments before August 15, and then bring everything to mind, working through the details.On the personal front, inspiring changes are possible until August 7th as Venus travels through your closest air sign, Gemini. This alignment promises friendly lightness and fun in a relationship. But if you feel that you have found your person, immediately leave the friend zone to surrender to a real deep feeling. It is better not to plan long trips for August. And after the Sun enters the sign of Virgo (August 22), it will be necessary to think about he alth - both physical and emotional. But first, take our quiz about cosmetics that bring peace of mind.

Pisces (20.02–20.03)

Pisces know how to go to the bottom when it suits them, but just as easily rise to the surface. In August, they will swim out, and it’s okay that Neptune, which controls them, is still retrograde, just like the second ruling planet, Jupiter, is also retrograde. This only means that there will be minor difficulties with money, but for Pisces there is nothing surprising in this, because they have not learned to be friends with finances.But there will be plenty of charm! It's enough for everyone, everyone, everyone. The best plan for Pisces is to spend August with family and friends. That is, stop sitting too long at work and shift the balance towards rest. It's time to focus on your personal life. Venus is now in Gemini (which is not bad for you), and on August 7 will move into the sign of Cancer - compassionate and deep - just the way you like it! If a romance starts during this period, it promises to be long and promising. Family Pisces may suddenly begin a new honeymoon. There will be so much inspiration in August that there will be many new ideas that you will want to share at least on social networks, or maybe you will want to launch your own video blog. To keep the attention of the public not only with interesting content, but also with an attractive appearance, you will have to work on the quality of the skin. We recommend taking Korean care as a basis. It will help to achieve the effect of flawless "glass" skin. It remains only to choose a fashionable lipstick - and subscribers will catch your every word, unable to take their eyes off their lips.