A costume party is a great excuse to show off your "dark side" . We tell you how to transform into a she-devil for one evening with the help of makeup

If on Halloween you decide to transform into a sinister character, but you want to look beautiful at the same time, the make-up of the devil is what you need. Unlike the image of a zombie, such a choice will preserve human features. First, let's figure out what is typical for him.

Devil makeup for Halloween: creation features

Transforming into the devil with the help of makeup will be somewhat easier than trying to repeat a specific image from a thriller that more than one make-up artist has worked on. In addition, within the framework of such makeup, you can safely experiment. After all, there are no clear rules dictating how a she-devil should look like.

This photo tutorial will help you create a spectacular, but feminine look in wine tones. Expressive eyebrows, an unusual accent in the crease of the eyelid, cherry lipstick and, of course, horns are the main components of the devil's makeup, which can be safely repeated on Halloween.

What makeup do you need?

Get everything you need to create your Halloween devil makeup. You can follow this list if you decide to repeat the chilling makeup at home:

  • Stay Naked Foundation by Urban Decay;

  • Stay Naked Concealer by Urban Decay;

  • Such a Know-It-All eyeshadow palette by NYX Professional Makeup;

  • Jumbo Pencil by NYX Professional Makeup;

  • NYX Professional Makeup Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour;

  • Maybelline New York x Puma cream eyeshadow;

  • Le Liner Signature eyeliner by L'Oréal Paris;

  • Bambi Eye mascara by L'Oréal Paris.

How to make Halloween devil makeup: step by step photo tutorial

Active black and red smokey devil makeup is out of date. In this photo tutorial, you will find a modern yet easy-to-do theme party makeup.

  1. Devil makeup foundation should match your natural skin tone or be slightly warmer.

    Vampire pallor is useless here. Also pay attention to the finish: there should be no excessive radiance so as not to overload an already active makeup. Suitable, for example, Stay Naked from Urban Decay.

  2. Urban Decay's Stay Naked Concealer covers dark circles under the eyes, and also do a little correction.

    To do this, select the center of the forehead, chin, paint over the wings of the nose and draw ascending lines at the outer corners of the eyes.

  3. Powder your face to set creamy textures, then define your face with bronzer. And don't be afraid to go overboard: boldly and generously apply it along the hairline and on the cheekbones.

  4. With a white pencil, draw the base for the horns over the eyebrows. The more curved they are, the more interesting the image will look.

  5. With a black pencil, circle the outline of the picture, without touching the bottom border. The evenness and clarity of the lines are not important here.

  6. With a small brush, blend the black pencil in short, jerky movements. It is important to move the brush from the edge to the center to stretch the black over the white, creating a smooth gradient. This will make the drawing more voluminous. In the places of the bend, pull the black tint closer to the center.

  7. To make the horns look more realistic, create a 3D ledge where they start. To do this, you can use an eyebrow pencil and a light concealer.

  8. Eyebrows toned with a pencil or lipstick. For example, Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour by NYX Professional Makeup.

    At the same time, make the end of the eyebrow longer than usual - this solution will support active eye makeup.

  9. Using red or burgundy shadows, actively highlight the crease of the eyelid, extending it almost to the temple. Tone the moving eyelid with beige shadows.

  10. With a black pencil, paint over the lash line, creating a light feathered arrow. You can completely do without eyeliner.

  11. The same burgundy shadows as in point 9, blend over the lower eyelid. Paint over the mucous membrane and the roots of the eyelashes with a black pencil. Do not forget about the inner corner: this way the look will become as expressive as possible.

  12. Apply two coats of L'Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara to your lashes.

    Eyelashes don't have to look neat, so focus on volume.

    How to achieve three different effects with one mascara, we told in this video.

  13. Blend the burgundy shadows that you applied to the eyelids along the contour of the lips. This technique will give the image a more modern look and will work better than lip makeup with a clear outline. On the central part of the lips, add a little matte burgundy lipstick, applying it with a fingertip.

Devil make-up ready!

Original Devil Makeup Ideas for Girls

Devil makeup for Halloween can look different. Here are some more ideas.

The easiest way to transform into a she-devil is to use black. An even tone, a lacquer effect on the lips and long arrows - this may be quite enough. Such a make-up is also suitable as a basis if you decide to reincarnate as a witch, vampire or other frightening character.

Ready to experiment? Then you can shade fuchsia blush from cheekbones to temples (don't be afraid, you won't look like a clown), draw wide black arrows from the bridge of your nose to the very eyebrows, and apply maroon lacquer on your lips.


How can you add a frightening image of a devil?

Devil makeup for Halloween girls can complement with manicure, styling and accessories. How exactly?

  • In manicure, you should also stick to a gloomy color scheme. Pastel polishes or bright neon are useless in this look. But a black and wine manicure or a minimalist design with blood red polish (no flowers or polka dots) is what you need.

  • To make styling a harmonious addition to the image, give up feminine curls or weaves. It is better to collect hair in a strict ponytail, adding volume at the roots, or make a smooth styling.

  • You shouldn't overload your look with accessories. It is better to choose a suit in black so that it does not distract attention from the makeup and harmonizes with the makeup. You can wear laconic rings or earrings.