We analyze the composition and features of the novelty, which replenished the cult collection of Prodigy Cellglow

Summer 2020 is spent by many in the city or in the country - and they forget about the need to protect their skin from the sun. When going to the sea, we take with us up to five sunscreens (with different textures and levels of UV protection), but this summer there seems to be no such need. However, we want to remind you: the sun's rays are equally dangerous on the beaches of Nice and in the center of Moscow. Therefore, a reliable sunscreen should always be on hand.This summer's favorite is Helena Rubinstein's Prodigy Cellglow The Sheer Rosy UV Fluid. And here's why.

High protection factor

The packaging of the product is marked SPF 50 PA++++ - the maximum possible level of UV protection. SPF 50 filters block 98% of the rays, while the fluid protects the skin from the rays of both spectra: short-wave (UVB) and long-wave (UVA). This means that you will save yourself from premature aging, which provokes excessive exposure to the sun.


In addition to sunscreens, The Sheer Rosy UV Fluid also contains non-obvious ingredients. For example, behind the long Latin name leontopodium alpinum callus lies a valuable component - an extract of the alpine edelweiss flower. It has a powerful antioxidant and lifting effect, soothes and softens the skin.The fluid is enriched with a special fermented yeast oil with anti-inflammatory properties and sunflower seed oil, which perfectly moisturizes and restores the skin after sunbathing.


Sunscreens are often uncomfortable, poorly absorbed and leave unpleasant white stains on the skin (maybe that's why we often “forget” to apply them?). But The Sheer Rosy UV Fluid is a very special case. Weightless silky fluid of pale pink color is distributed quickly and easily, is instantly absorbed, leaving behind only lightness and freshness. The face looks radiant. By the way, the product is suitable even for sensitive skin.


The new fluid from Helena Rubinstein can be used both as an independent tool and instead of a primer. Any foundation spreads evenly over The Sheer Rosy UV Fluid, and it greatly prolongs makeup wear.It contains powder particles that absorb excess sebum.

For more information on how to apply the primer, we talked in a separate video tutorial - you can use the same schemes when applying the fluid.

Easy application

Apply The Sheer Rosy UV Fluid after cleansing skin and applying your base moisturizer: the fluid does not conflict with other textures and does not leave a film on the skin. Spread the product with light massaging movements, wait a minute until the product is absorbed, and, if necessary, apply foundation or mousse on top of this coating. You can use the cushion.

If you have already tried the novelty, share your impressions in the comments.