Neo Nude Foundation - for a simple and natural look that doesn't need Instagram filters

Armani Beauty foundations are legendary for a reason: each new formula becomes a bestseller in its category. Those with oily skin keep the matte Maestro on hand, those with dense textures choose Designer Lift, and those who value durability the most cannot imagine life without the Power Fabric line. And, of course, a rare make-up artist in their work does without Luminous Silk, a foundation that provides the skin with a noble glow.

The new foundation seems to be able to please everyone at once. He complemented the successful Neo Nude collection, which was created specifically for fans of the “makeup without makeup” effect. The main task of Neo Nude Foundation is to create an even, radiant tone, ready to become both the base of a nude look and the basis for more daring make-up experiments. What are the main features of the product, we understand together with the national make-up artist of Armani Beauty Anastasia Kirillova.


Achieve the most natural result thanks to a carefully balanced formula that is suitable even for dry skin. Mineral pigments are responsible for uniform coverage (which remains light and invisible), while hyaluronic acid and glycerin provide the right level of skin hydration for up to 24 (!) hours. In addition, Neo Nude Foundation also has a cumulative effect: with regular use, the product replenishes the moisture deficiency in the cells.

Neo Nude Foundation is available in 11 shades, from the lightest zero to number 6 (Medium Warm) - it suits swarthy girls with olive skin tones.


Neo Nude Foundation can be rather called a tonal veil: thanks to its silky texture, the product is distributed with the ease of a serum. When applied, the oil emulsion combines with the water part - and the coating is uniform and radiant. If you have oily skin, the presence of oil in the composition should not confuse you: the foundation provides a pleasant powdery finish.

you will see that the skin in these areas will remain fresh and matte much longer than on the forehead and chin.
Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyAll Armani Beauty products layer well, but Neo Nude Foundation is better to “make friends” with other water-based products. Although oil and silicone-based textures will also make him an excellent company. In summer, I advise you to use a novelty with a primer with a high level of SPF - for example, Maestro UV SPF 50.


The easiest way to distribute Neo Nude Foundation is with your fingertips - with light massage movements. You can apply it with a brush or sponge - the density of the coating will not change from this, but the consumption of the product will increase significantly. We are confident that you will want to use Neo Nude Foundation for as long as possible, so we recommend applying it as a regular moisturizer. By the way, the format of the product itself hints at this: a compact tube of a beautiful powdery color will fit in any cosmetic bag, it is convenient to take it with you wherever you go.

Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyDue to the large amount of water in the composition, Neo Nude Foundation can be used in the eye area, where the skin is thinner and more delicate.The foundation is suitable for all skin types and does not contain glitter, so even oily and combination skin, the product will give a beautiful glow, not an oily sheen.

Nude makeup with Neo Nude Foundation: step by step instructions

If you actively use Instagram filters, then the Neo Nude line is definitely for you: these tools provide the same facetune effect - but in real life! Armani Beauty national make-up artist Anastasia Kirillova shows how to quickly and easily create such a make-up.

  1. Apply Neo Nude Foundation in a thin layer all over the face, including the area under the eyes, blend with a brush or fingers - as you like (shade 03 in the photo).

  2. Using Luminous Silk Moisturizing Concealer in shade 03, work under the eyes and the central area of the face, blend the coating with a finger or brush.

  3. Use A-Contour (shade 20) to define your cheekbones by darkening the under-cheekbone. If necessary, use the same fluid to correct the shape of the nose and the height of the forehead.

  4. Use A-Blush in shade 53 not only on the apples of your cheeks, but also on the lips, in the crease of the eyelid and around the edges of the forehead: this simple trick is great for refreshing the look.

  5. Skin will look even more he althy and rested, and the face will be sculpted and expressive, if you add a little highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and a check above the upper lip. I used A-Highlight in shade 11.

  6. Add a subtle tan to your face. Apply Neo Nude Bronzing Powder (shade 07) with a voluminous fluffy brush along the hairline, on the center of the nose and cheeks.

  7. Use the Smooth Silk Brow Pencil (shade 03 in the photo) to fill in the missing hairs, comb the eyebrows well to remove excess pigment, and style them with a brush.

  8. Eye Tint 11, a neutral shade with radiance, apply to the entire moving eyelid, with a darker shade number 10, draw a line along the eyelashes, blend with a finger or a flat brush.

  9. Finish your lashes with black Eccentrico mascara, lifting them from the roots.

  10. Spread Neo Nude Lip Balm in shade 02 over your lips. You can either use the stick directly or use your fingertips. Makeup is ready!

Have you tried the new Neo Nude Foundation yet? Tell us about your impressions and share your makeup ideas in the comments.