Clowns, zombies and vampires - in this guide we have collected ideas for "terrible" lip makeup. Don't be scared!

There is still enough time before Halloween to choose and learn how to make difficult makeup yourself.

What should be Halloween lip makeup?

Halloween is perhaps the only day of the year when no makeup rules work. Make can be absolutely anything. The only wish is eccentricity. The brighter, scarier and even crazy makeup you do, the better.

Be brave! Draw something chilling on your lips. If you think that you will need professional makeup to create such a make-up, then you are mistaken.

You can do a light Halloween lip makeup using regular cosmetics.

Learn more about what you can't do without to make up your lips for Halloween - in our review below.

What do you need for lip makeup?

You may not have decided on what you want to do on your lips for Halloween, but whatever it is, you will definitely need the cosmetics listed below.

  • Concealer. You need it at the very beginning of makeup. To make the pattern on the lips look bright and catchy, it is necessary to block the natural color of the lips. The concealer is applied to the entire surface and blended with a finger, going beyond the contours so that the lips merge in color with the skin of the face.

  • Powder.After concealer, powder is applied to the lips. This is necessary in order to fix the concealer and allow the cosmetics that will be applied after to be fixed without filling the cracks in the skin of the lips. Concealer and powder are the base for drawing. Without these two tools, no drawing will last long - it will be smeared in just a couple of hours.

  • Pencil. Necessary for drawing fine details, as well as for creating a lip contour. We advise you to use a waterproof agent: it will provide a result that will remain in its original form for a long time. By the way, you can use pencils not only for lips, but also for eyelids.

  • Eyeliner.Looks brighter and catchy than a pencil. Also good for working out small details of the picture.Now in the arsenal of brands there are eyeliners of various colors, from fuchsia to green. And also a lot of funds with a shimmer or in shades of metallic. There is where to roam if you need creative lip makeup!

  • Lipstick.We advise you to use liquid matte instead of classic cream lipstick. These are ultra-resistant products that can stay on the lips for a whole day without smearing after a couple of cocktails. They are not even afraid of kisses!

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How to make up lips for Halloween: step by step photo tutorial

If you're not ready to do a zombie or skeleton makeover yet, you can turn into some animal and make themed art makeup on your lips. For example, in the form of a fox. We have prepared a detailed photo instruction for you.

  1. To hide the contour of the lips, apply concealer on it and carefully blend over the entire surface of the lips. Powder your lips to prepare your skin for lipstick application.

  2. Apply an orange matte lipstick, marking the corners behind the contour of the upper lip at the level of the Cupid's arch and in the center of the lower one.

  3. Then, draw brown lipstick on a beveled brush and draw fur along the lip contour with strokes.

  4. Draw white fur with eyeliner.

  5. Finally draw eyes on the fox.

Makeup ready! Original and cute.

More lip patterns can be found in our video tutorial.

Original scary lip makeup ideas

If you're ready to dare a little more and do some really scary Halloween lip makeup, get inspired by these examples.

Torn lips

A classic "scary" make-up that will require you to practice your skills with black eyeliner and red lipstick.

Sewn lips

Another classic Halloween lip makeup trick. By the way, it might look quite nice.

Blood on lips

White face and red blood dripping lips look very frightening.


Black lipstick and false mouthguards with fangs make it easy to create a vampire look.