Easy to use pencils and inks for all occasions

If you are ready to take an eyebrow pencil even to a desert island, we will support you in this ( although we will also recommend sunscreen). Let's talk about four worthy eyebrow makeup products from L'Oréal Paris, which will definitely not cause any problems.

Brow Artist Designer

The Brow Artist Designer Pencil has a classic powdery texture, thanks to which the product is easily and evenly distributed over the skin.The pigment is quite rich. If you sharpen the lead properly, you can draw individual hairs in a dashed manner. If the tip of the pencil is slightly worn, that's fine too: in this case, Brow Artist Designer will replace the eyebrow shadows and allow you to process the desired area faster.

Brow Artist Designer combines the functions of decorative cosmetics and care products. Don't believe? Take a closer look at the composition: in the list of ingredients you will find carnauba wax and castor oil.

The advantage of this pencil is also that the line contains two universal shades, which means that you will not be tormented by choice. If the hair is blond or ashy, choose the option with the number 301 on the package. For brown-haired women and brunettes, a cool dark brown shade 303 is more suitable. How the pigments look in real life, you can see in the photo below.

Even beginners can work with the Brow Artist Designer pencil. For example, if you overdo it with the amount of pigment, the excess can be easily removed using the brush located at the end of the pencil. It will also help to lay the hairs in the right direction. And try not to lose the special transparent cap: it reliably protects the brush from dust and dirt.

Brow Artist Skinny Definer

The main difference between the Skinny Definer and the Designer pencil is that it doesn't need to be sharpened. In addition, it gives a more saturated color, so fans of graphic eyebrow makeup will especially like it. At the same time, the intensity of the shade and the dramatic curve can always be smoothed out by making the lines less clear with a soft brush.

Anna Zavgorodnyaya Winner of the second season of the Makeup show, national makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in RussiaBrow Artist Skinny Definer Automatic Eyebrow Pencil is a real find for those who love natural eyebrows. The super-thin lead, which does not need to be constantly sharpened, perfectly draws hairs where there are not enough of them. Facilitates the choice of shade is that in the line all three colors with the right cold undertone, which will not make the eyebrows red. And this is a guarantee that the texture will literally merge with the color of the hairs - and no one will ever say that the eyebrows are made up!A thin applicator of only 1.5 millimeters in diameter allows you to draw hairs with jewelry precision and, if necessary, give the eyebrows the desired shape. In Russia, Skinny Definer is sold in three shades: light brown, brown and dark brown.

Plump & Set Brow Artist

Plump & Set Brow Artist isn't the first brow mascara in L'Oréal Paris' portfolio, but it's by far the most advanced. Firstly, she has a shortened brush, which allows you to capture the thinnest and shortest hairs. Secondly, the applicator is not straight, but curved, so it is even more convenient to use it.

Eyebrow mascara can be used both in tandem with a pencil, and as an independent tool. If your eyebrows are not very thick by nature, it is better to first fill in the voids with a pencil, and then style the hairs with tinted mascara. So the eyebrows will look more voluminous. Like the Skinny Definer Automatic Brow Pencil, the mascara comes in three shades, so finding the right pair is easy.

You don't need a pencil to make up thick eyebrows, but styling them with mascara will be useful. Just a couple of strokes of the brush - and what a contrast: the color of the eyebrows becomes more expressive, they look well-groomed and harmonious.

Anna Zavgorodnyaya Winner of the second season of the Makeup show, national makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in RussiaPlump & Set Brow Artist Mascara will help you define your brows in just a couple of minutes. I advise you to try the owners of naughty and long eyebrows: the mascara perfectly fixes the hairs. The product contains microfiber, which will help to add density, and an ultra-thin short brush will help to apply the product accurately. Life hack: if the eyebrows turned out to be too bright when stained with another tool, but there is no time to redo it, you can take the lightest shade of mascara and walk through the hairs. So the eyebrows will become a couple of shades lighter.

We would also like to note a rare durability for this category of products - up to 24 hours.

Plump & Set Brow Artist

Although the serum is part of the Plump & Set tint mascara collection, it differs from them both in appearance (it has a white cap) and in functionality.Transparent gel securely fixes the hairs and strengthens them from the inside. The tool is recommended to be used once or twice a day, carefully combing the eyebrows along the entire length.

Anna Zavgorodnyaya Winner of the second season of the Makeup show, national makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in RussiaAlready tinted or clean eyebrows can be styled with Plump & Set Brow Artist Serum with Keratin Complex and provide full care to the eyebrows without resorting to additional procedures. I note that compared to the colored mascara from the Plump & Set Brow Artist line, this tool gives a moderate fixation.

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