Finding fresh ideas for manicure is a whole thing if you have already tried a lot in nail art. At the same time, it is not necessary to look for new trends, because even the classics can always be looked at from an unexpected angle. Or rather, do a manicure according to your mood!

Nude manicure

Difficult to choose a design? Delicate shades of nude-gamma can always help you out: even if you don’t do nail art, your nails will look their best - neat and well-groomed. At the same time, the nude finish is a great backdrop for drawings and any other decor from your manicure ideas.With such a neutral base, it is difficult to make a design in the spirit of "gouge out your eyes" - the result will be restrained and elegant in any case.

Essie's Craftswoman shade is perfect for a nude manicure.

Neon Manicure

Neon shades are in fashion, but this trend scares many with its flashy brightness. In vain: it is not at all necessary to cover the nails with neon completely. Use acid colors to create eye-catching accents. Surprisingly, they go well even with delicate powdery tones. Therefore, it is not uncommon to come across nail art ideas that use nude and neon at the same time. However, if bold design manicure options do not scare you, you can combine several neon shades in one look.

Reverse French

Do you think French manicure is a boring classic? Surely you just did not try to experiment with it. It's easy: move the "smile" to the opposite side - to the base of the nails. It seems to many that an inverted jacket looks even more elegant, and this is undoubtedly one of the reasons to bring this idea to life. Moreover, in this form there can be a lot of options.

Color French

When looking for new manicure ideas, you can turn to old trends and rethink them. For example, to make the jacket more modern and relevant by replacing the color on the tips of the nails. To get started, watch our video tutorial.

Instead of classic white, you can choose any shade you like. An arc of red color, a thin strip of gold polish that stretches like a thread at the very edge of the nails, or, for example, neon tips - there can be many options. The result, by the way, will be even more interesting if the very shape of the “smile” is also changed.A bright accent on the tips of the nails is especially suitable for those who find that long nails look best with oval, sharp, and almond shapes.

Lunar manicure

Lunar manicure is also a classic. Despite this, they are much less likely to try to “modernize” it than a jacket: even in its most standard form, it looks relevant, in the spirit of trends. Try to make a monochromatic manicure with "empty" holes - and you will see that the monochrome coating on the nails will turn out to be more original than usual. Use, for example, the shade "Provocation" from Essie.

Or alternatively, fill them with color to create contrast. Another idea is to outline the hole with a line, separating it from the main part of the nail, or make it triangular, not rounded - there are a lot of options for experiments, you can come up with something new yourself.

Abstract Manicure Ideas

It's very easy to feel like an artist when doing a manicure. To bring your nail art closer to the world of art, study several abstract paintings and create nail designs based on them. Choose a neutral background (transparent or beige varnish will do), and randomly arrange lines and geometric shapes of different colors on top.It will turn out simply and tastefully - in a stylish art manner.

Pop art nails

Another source of inspiration and manicure ideas for art lovers can be pop art. Drawings in the spirit of paintings by Roy Lichtenstein in the style of comics fit perfectly on the nails. By the way, they are easy to create: they can be any shapes filled with dots, with a black frame.

Checkered Manicure

A checkered print is, on the one hand, a strict graphic with clear lines, on the other hand, a pattern in which you can combine a variety of textures and shades. Therefore, it is never boring with him: you can safely add them to your list of manicure ideas for the near future.

If business looks are your “basic wardrobe”, you can also make a cage in your manicure so that it looks restrained. If you have no style restrictions, feel free to use neon and glitter in your version of the checkered print. By the way, it will become especially relevant closer to the winter holidays, because it reminds of festive packaging for New Year's gifts.


Tie Dye Manicure

Fans of bright trends from the 1960s and 1970s will easily be transported back to that era with a manicure. An interesting idea for nails can be drawings in the style of tie-dye - with the same color stains as on the "varenka" of those years. This is a great way to combine several catchy shades in your nail art, even if at first glance they seem incongruous.

Mineral Manicure Ideas

The big nail trend of recent years, which is definitely worth a try, is a manicure with a mineral pattern. Many nail artists are inspired by the beauty of crystals with their amazing iridescent shades and delicate lace veins. Plus, this texture is easy to repeat on the nails using simple nail art techniques, and some manage to convey the fragile translucency of these stones. Marble and quartz manicures are especially popular, and malachite, opal, and amethyst patterns often appear on the nails.


Botanical Manicure Ideas

If inspiration for nail art can be found even in the world of inanimate nature, as in the case of minerals, then what can we say about plants, flowers and other wonders of flora. Create a manicure with drawings that could well serve as illustrations for a botany textbook.Draw thin twigs and neat leaves on your nails, add delicate buds and already blossoming flowers to them. By the way, you can use this idea at any time of the year - not only in spring and summer. Are you afraid to "overload" a manicure with such a design? Don't paint too many details on one nail, and choose a neutral nude polish for the background.

Flame Manicure Ideas

Paintings with flames (these are often seen in the design of sports cars) turned out to be very popular in manicure - this is a real trend of recent seasons, which is used mainly as an accent on the tips of nails. Most often, such a “fiery” nail art is performed in bright colors, sometimes even neon is used. First, the flame itself is drawn, and then it is outlined with a thin outline - it turns out neat and at the same time spectacular graphics.

Color blocking

Color-blocking technique will appeal to lovers of minimalism. There is nothing superfluous in a manicure made according to this principle: its basis is color blocks of different configurations, folded like a puzzle. Using this idea, you can divide your nails into just two sections, or make up to four, five, six color blocks if the length of the nail plate allows them to fit in your nail art. On short nails, there may be fewer blocks.

Essie Mint Glaze would be useful.

Ombre manicure

Another way to combine a few of your favorite shades in your manicure is the ombre effect. Here, unlike color blocking, there will be no clear lines: the border between shades is blurred. As a rule, the color is “stretched” along the nail plate from the base to the tips, but the gradient can also be horizontal: the lightest shade of varnish is applied to the little finger or thumb, and then, on each subsequent nail, an increasingly darker color is used.The ombre effect with the transition from nail to nail looks very beautiful.

Gem design manicure

Recently, manicure ideas with volumetric design are gaining popularity. It would seem that nothing new: rhinestones have long been used in nail art and just create this three-dimensional effect. However, most artists go further and decorate their nails with larger decorations with stones and gold stickers, following the example of jewelers. Such a jewel design looks very festive and can be chosen for a special occasion - however, it is hardly suitable for everyday life, given that 3D manicure in general is not very practical. It is best to make such a decor on a shellac coating so that the decorations hold better.

Space Manicure

Does your inspiration reach beyond the globe? A manicure with intergalactic drawings will help to convey this to others.It is easy to create such a design on your own: apply several shades of varnish (blue, lilac, purple, pink, light blue, dark green, burgundy) on your nails and blur the border between them with a piece of sponge or sponge. When the base is dry, add glitter, rhinestones and star patterns on top to complete the picture.

Glitter Manicure

If you want to make a beautiful, unusual, noticeable manicure, but don't want to spend a lot of effort on its creation, use glitter. It can be both small and large sequins - a standard round shape or curly, in the form of hearts, triangles and stars. Scatter them over the surface of the nail plate after applying the base and fix it with a top - already in this form, the glitter manicure will look spectacular, and it will take quite a bit of time and effort.

Confetti Manicure

This version of a festive manicure is suitable for those who are rather tired of shimmering glitter. Replace the glitter with confetti circles - colorful and bright, but without radiance. This nail art will easily complement your disco party look, and then on weekdays it will remind you of a fun weekend.

Animal prints

If you are hesitant to add animal prints to your wardrobe, having them appear in your manicure is a much lower risk.

You can choose your own pattern for each nail and ultimately collect leopard, giraffe, tiger, zebra prints in the same nail art, and add a snake pattern to them. Even in this case, the result will not be too catchy: such nail art is usually made in natural shades.However, bright colors are not forbidden: if you want, animalistic drawings can also be made in neon shades.

Star Manicure

Star drawings will help to add a little festive mood to the image. The best thing about them is their ease of execution: they can be easily drawn without any experience, using not even a brush, but a toothpick. Stars on the nails are a laconic and elegant design, especially if you bring the idea to life on a colorless or nude background. And if you use varnishes with a metallic effect or glitter on a colored background, you get a great manicure for a party. By the way, the glitter itself also comes in the form of stars - it will completely save you from having to draw the outlines of stars on your nails.

Heart Manicure

You can draw hearts on nails not only for Valentine's Day, although, of course, this occasion for a "heart" manicure is the best. This design idea can be a reflection of your romantic mood at any time of the year. To some, he will seem frivolous and naive, but this also has its own charm.

Foil Manicure

Using pieces of foil in nail art is the trend of the last few seasons. This decor allows you to add a little noble radiance with a metallic effect to the manicure. This is a good idea for a discreet manicure with a slight hint of chic (what you need in the autumn-winter season - on the eve of Christmas and New Year).By the way, if you don’t have special foil in your arsenal, you can decorate your nails with careless strokes of metallic varnish and get a similar result.

Matte manicure

Those who are looking for cool manicure ideas do not have to look for inspiration in nail art. Try to change your usual nail design with the help of textured coatings. Even a plain manicure looks different if you cover it with a trendy matte top. Colors become deeper and more saturated, because their purity is not distracted by the radiance of a glossy finish.

In a manicure with drawings, a matte finish can also be a good finishing touch. In addition, matte varnish is good for designs with a play of textures: for example, you can make nail art with glossy “drops” of varnish on a matte finish.