Which zodiac signs do stars promise financial victories? And who will be more lucky in love? Read the detailed astro forecast for the next month

Aries (March 21–April 20)

In July there are only two main options for the development of events: either military operations in the broadest sense of these words, or intensive work. The thing is that your ruling planet Mars is at the very beginning of the sign of Aries. And Mars is responsible for both battles and hard work. The choice, of course, is yours. But the fighting spirit of Mars promises you incredible enthusiasm. If Aries is passionate, then there is hardly anyone capable of more. Mars will monitor your life in a broader sense: it will help you earn money, organize a huge number of meetings with friends and make you take care of the house.Ideally, this will be a move or renovation. But if this does not happen, the energy can get an outlet in the process of sorting things out with the family. In order to yell at loved ones, you will be pushed by the unpleasant aspect of Mars to Mercury. It's really hard to resist, but it's worth a try. The ardor not wasted on senseless quarrels will be useful to you in the romantic field. Starting from the second week of July, you can meet the man of your dreams (if you don't have a husband yet) and have a fiery romance with him. It is possible that you will take the leading role in these relationships, because your July is ruled by Mars in Aries - the most powerful male planet. Bright lips will help to emphasize the inner fire. But do not forget that bright lipstick implies a flawless complexion. Check out Maybelline New York's Dream Urban Cover foundation. The skin-friendly formula is complemented by a powerful SPF 50 sunscreen.

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

As far as money is concerned, the so-called "little happiness" will smile at you this month. And your ruling planet Venus will bring it. This planet promotes social adaptation, but you probably know this yourself: for you to please someone (if necessary) is not a problem at all. And your finances will depend on this “like” in July. There are two big planets in your career zone: Jupiter (the planet of luck) and Pluto (the planet of karma or big money). Pluto can be associated with both ups and downs. In your case, most likely, takeoff, because the planet moves in Capricorn, and this is an earth sign, and its logic is clear to you. This month, any changes in the house are favorable: repairs or even moving (even to the country house). It is better not to take long trips. And with extreme sports, it is also better to wait a little - Saturn returns to the sign of Capricorn, and this threatens with increased injury risk. The lack of energy can be filled with a little chocolate "dope" .Or try a trendy chocolate color lipstick. Especially for you, L’Oréal Paris has created a collection of chocolate lipsticks Les Chocolats with a pleasant aroma of chocolate desserts.

Gemini (22.05–21.06)

Despite the fact that your ruling planet Mercury is now retrograde, a joyful month awaits you. Well, firstly, Mercury will turn around on July 12 - not long to wait. Secondly, your sign is Venus. It makes you even more charming and witty, gives you lightness (sometimes on the verge of frivolity) and optimism in any circumstances. It can also give a new impetus to inspiration, especially if you are basically a creative person. At the same time, Mercury in Cancer is responsible for thoughtfulness and a strategic vision of reality. In July, you may want to expand your professional horizons, take specialized online courses, and expand your functionality. This will be the key to career growth. On July 5, a lunar eclipse awaits us, on this day (and 3 more days before and after) you should not make any important decisions and make promises - especially since Mercury will still be retrograde at this moment.It is better to be distracted by something pleasant and funny. For example, make a summer manicure with fruits. Step by step instructions can be found here.

Cancer (06/22–07/22)

For Cancers, July is their favorite month. But this time, he promises to keep you in good shape, not letting you relax too much. Get ready for the fact that both people and circumstances will put pressure on you. There will be a lunar eclipse on July 5th. It is generally accepted that during the period of solar eclipses it is good to finish important projects, and on lunar days it is good to start (but not on the day of the eclipse itself, but after 3 days). Beginnings are indeed possible (both in personal life and in professional life) - especially since changes seem to be overdue. But it is important to consider that at the time of the eclipse, the Moon and Jupiter (your rulers) will be in Capricorn, and this sign is exactly opposite yours, so serious pressure cannot be avoided. However, it can be neutralized. Everything will work out if you “turn on” Capricorn qualities: love of money, corrosiveness, meticulousness and discipline.And take control of your overflowing emotionality. Who will definitely please you is your friends. With them you will rest your soul. Going to a meeting, make spectacular smoky eyes. Urban Decay's 6-color Naked2 Palette will give you just the right amount of intensity. Water Stain, YSL Beauté gloss is suitable for lip makeup: it is almost not felt on the lips, cares for delicate skin and has a light pleasant aroma.

Leo (23.07–21.08)

Lions in July may feel out of their savannah. Creativity and love will help to avoid unpleasant sensations. Venus is moving in Gemini, which means that conquering hearts will turn into an easy and witty game for you. The catch is that the air sign of Gemini will prevent the development of deep relationships, but flirting can be selfless: it charges with good energy. And you will definitely need it, because your main attention will be concentrated on work, where unexpected difficulties may arise. It is possible that we will have to return to old projects and solve problems that seemed to have been resolved long ago.It is important to understand that you are working for your future, so do not expect a quick return. All the higher planets are now in earth signs, and this portends great labor costs. But while the planet of workaholics Mars is in fiery Aries, you will have enough energy for everything. On July 22, the Sun will enter your sign, and internal resources will receive a new recharge. It does not hurt to "add the sun" to the make-up. Moreover, it is easy to achieve the effect of a light tan at home. This bronzer will help. How to choose the right tool and how to use it, we told in this article.

Virgo (08/22–9/23)

Until autumn, all higher planets are retrograde, so financial problems cannot be avoided. However, if there is an "airbag" , now is the time to invest in real estate. If there are no stocks, you will have to spin. There will be a lot of work. And it will take a lot of effort. The thing is that your ruling planet Mercury is moving backwards, and this always slows down the course of life, everything happens late.However, there is no evil without good. Mercury is in Cancer, which is a serious sign. Such a disposition is favorable for deep elaboration of strategic plans, since it allows you to look at life globally. By July 12, when Mercury turns around and goes straight, you will most likely already have a master plan in place to get out of the crisis. Emotionally, everything will turn out favorably. Mercury in Cancer always gives a setting for close, intimate relationships. The fact that you will be surrounded by love is also indicated by Venus, which in July follows the sign of Gemini, and they, it is worth noting, have the same patron as you. Romantic encounters require appropriate makeup. Our video tutorial will help you create a gentle, fresh and light look.

Libra (09/24–10/23)

If you have the gift of persuasion in negotiations, write well or speak persuasively, speaking in front of a large audience, then you will not have problems with finances.Libra, who have not yet mastered such valuable skills, urgently need to do this. You can do it in a group or you can take a few private lessons. Now difficulties with money are not uncommon, and as long as all the higher planets remain retrograde (until autumn), it makes no sense to count on a sharp improvement in well-being. But investing in the future is still worth it. Relationships that you are ready to plunge into will help to distract from material difficulties: now your ruling planet Venus is in excellent aspect to the male planet Mars. Such an alignment can result in a new love or refresh an old one due to the lightness and wit of Gemini, where Venus stands, and the fiery passion of Aries, where Mars is now located. Venus in Gemini is very curious and easy-going, and her main passion is travel. Therefore, far and near trips with a loved one are more than likely. Makeup on the go is a special art. Tips to help you pack the perfect makeup bag for the road can be found here.

Scorpio (10/24–11/22)

July promises all-consuming passion for Scorpions. This is evidenced by a number of planets that determine your horoscope, including your ruling planet Mars. You will face one task - to maintain a sober mind and inner harmony. Scorpios are violent and vulnerable natures, and every unsuccessful adventure inflicts serious injury on them. However, who knows - maybe this adventure will end for you with a wedding. Married representatives of the sign can be advised to purchase a couple of toys from a sex shop for family use. You will see - personal life will sparkle with new colors. With money, Scorpios do not have any special problems. In any case, there will definitely be fewer difficulties than other signs. Another potential plus of July is the long-awaited trip, which, judging by the stars, promises to be romantic. Against such an emotional background, thoughts about career growth that have been haunting you for a while will give way to an impulse to get creative.And do not hold yourself back - one does not interfere with the other. By the way, makeup can also be creative. Why not make, for example, a make-up in the style of the Impressionists? Video instructions can be found here.

Sagittarius (11/23–12/22)

In July, Sagittarius will worry about two issues. The first is about money. Searching for their sources will require serious energy costs from you, but in the end everything will work out. Do not expect quick results: while the higher planets and your ruling planet Jupiter are retrograde, things will go slowly, with long delays. Jupiter will turn into direct movement only in September - that's when you can expect a return. Now work on the future. The second question is about relationships. And here, which is nice, you don’t have to strain. Dating will be easy, bright and very creative. It is possible that you will think about the family. If you already have it, focus on solving the first task - increasing well-being. July stars will provoke you to frivolity, but, as you know, they don’t joke with money, and even more so without them.Why not try to attract financial flows with the help of a "golden" make-up? What’s more, it’s a win-win choice. You may not win the lottery, but you will look amazing!

Capricorn (December 23–January 20)

Your planet-ruler Saturn, after standing a little in Aquarius (it was just a period of strict quarantine), returns to your sign. From the sign of virtual reality to the sign of real money and serious business. But as long as Saturn is retrograde (as are all the other higher planets), business will be sluggish. Saturn will unfold only at the beginning of winter, and until then, getting the usual results will require you to redouble your efforts. There will be a lunar eclipse on July 5th, with the Moon in your sign. In addition, the Moon and Sun will be in conjunction with the mystical stars Vega and Sirius. Both promise fame, we alth and success in management, but only to those who are ready to fight for it.Mars (the planet of battles and work) is now moving along Aries, that is, it is as strong as possible, therefore, most likely, you are ready for labor exploits. Capricorn is the only sign that comes out of difficult periods not only more hardened, but also profitable. The fact that in July you will have to deal with not only material issues cannot but rejoice. Love awaits you, and if you are not married, there are chances of finding family happiness. Given the variety of life tasks this month, it is better to choose a universal make-up, that is, a classic one.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

Saturn, one of your ruling planets, is leaving your sign and moving into Capricorn. This sets up pedantry and self-discipline. Since in July you have to deal with material issues, this is only to your advantage. While Mars (the planet of work) is in the sign of Aries and is in aspect to Saturn, he gives everyone the enthusiasm for work, which gives excellent chances to improve their business.There will be a lunar eclipse on July 5th. On this day (as well as 3 days before and after) you must be especially careful, do not quarrel with anyone, do not drive a car, do not do anything extreme. It is better to spend this time at home watching comedy series. So you will avoid the gloomy thoughts that the eclipse will provoke. A new acquaintance will also help to distract from potential negativity, which will be the result of non-binding communication in some random circumstances. While Saturn is retrograde, it is better not to think about marriage. But Venus is in Gemini, and this is an air sign close to you, so relationships will develop easily and bring you nothing but joy. A bright summer manicure will help maintain a good mood. You will find ideas and photo examples in this article.

Pisces (20.02–20.03)

Pisces has two rulers: Neptune (now in Pisces) and Jupiter (in Capricorn). Both are retrograde, which is not good news.You don't need to start anything new. This alignment suggests that it is necessary to refine and close old projects. This applies to personal life no less than to working moments. Something or someone will have to say goodbye. Well, in life sometimes you have to carry out such a cleaning, and you should not be sad about it. While the Sun is in your sister water sign Cancer (until July 22), you can count on the birth of a new relationship. Cancer is characterized by depth and intimacy, add to them the compassion and ability to console, characteristic of Pisces, even in the most hopeless situation, and you will get a recipe for “watery” love. Fire for balance will be added by Venus in the air sign of Gemini and fiery Mars in Aries. In order for all the components to work at their best, learn from Venus in Gemini: behave at ease, smile, keep up the conversation, be witty yourself and pay tribute to the interlocutor's jokes. In this case, the conversation is unlikely to come to a standstill, but if this suddenly happens, your unusual manicure, for example, with inscriptions, can become a new topic for discussion.

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