Let's tell you how to make natural gradient eyebrow makeup and what tools to use

What does "ombre eyebrows" mean?

Ombre eyebrow tinting is an option for those who love natural makeup and do not want to radically change the natural shape of their eyebrows. The bottom line is that at the base of the eyebrow, a pencil or shadow is used without pressure, then they intensify the color towards the bend, after which they again make it a little lighter at the tip.

The main secret is in the correct shading of shades. If everything is done correctly, the eyebrows will look natural, but the curve will become more expressive, and the shape will be neat. It is thanks to the most natural effect that this technique has become so fashionable.

How to create a gradient effect on the eyebrows

First, let's figure out how to make a gradient on the eyebrows. The ombre effect can be achieved in several ways.

  1. With cosmetics

    Cosmetics is the easiest and most budgetary way to create a gradient on the eyebrows. You can choose a tool that you feel comfortable working with at home: lipstick, pencil or, for example, shadows. And with their help, place accents the way you like.But you will have to repeat the procedure every day.

  2. Permanent makeup

    Permanent makeup using the ombre technique is very popular. Still, the effect lasts for several years, so you don’t have to spend time on makeup. But this option also has its drawbacks. It is very difficult to find a master who can make a gradient on the eyebrows so that it looks natural. If you don't like the result, it will be very difficult to fix something. In addition, allergic reactions to pigments used during the procedure are not uncommon.

  3. Coloring

    Eyebrow coloring with paint or henna is an absolutely painless process. A special composition will be applied to the eyebrows, paying special attention to the tips. It will take a few minutes for the pigment to set.And then the master will remove it with a cotton pad. From the outside, it will seem that this is the natural color of your eyebrows, but they will look brighter and more expressive. The master selects the shade of paint based on the characteristics of your appearance and preferences. No special care is required after the procedure.

How to choose the right shade?

  • The easiest way to choose the shade of the eyebrow product is to focus on the color of the hair. Brunettes should choose a color a couple of tones lighter than the shade of their hair, blondes - a couple of tones darker.

  • It is worth considering your color type. If your skin tone is warm, brow pencil or eye shadow should also have warm undertones. Eyebrow pencil should not be too dark if the skin is fair. The exception is girls with rich black hair and porcelain skin.

  • If you want to experiment, pay attention to colored pencils, tints and eyebrow gels. For example, on Can't Stop Won't Stop Longwear Brow Ink Kit by NYX Professional Makeup.

    They can be used in makeup for a party. And when it's over, just remove the product with micellar water or hydrophilic oil without damaging the eyebrows.

How to make ombre eyebrows yourself: step by step photo instructions

The key to natural eyebrow makeup is a smooth increase in color intensity from the base to the tail. In this photo tutorial you will find several ways to create an ombre effect using different tools.

Eyebrow pencil

  1. To make the result of coloring with a pencil permanent, you can pre-apply a base for shadows on the eyebrows. For example, Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay.

    Blend it and wait until dry.

  2. With a well-sharpened pencil, draw the end of the eyebrow, smoothly shifting to the middle. The Brow Precise Shaping Pencil from Maybelline New York will come in handy.

    The way the pencil is sharpened determines whether the lines will be rich and clear or not.

  3. As you “fill in” the brow, the pencil lead becomes less sharp. Then you can proceed to the design of the base. First, draw a line along the lower border of the eyebrow.

  4. Next, turn the pencil with the side of the rod to the eyebrow. From the bottom up, fill in the eyebrow from the beginning to the middle. It is impossible to draw a clear line with the side of the rod, so you can easily tone the eyebrow.

  5. Eyebrow pencil may contain wax that fixes the hairs. However, if you apply pressure to the pencil while coloring, the hairs can stick together and look flat as a result. To restore texture and volume to the eyebrows, go through the hairs with a brush with a transparent or colored gel.

  6. The final touch, which will give the eyebrows a special expressiveness, is the outline of the shape with a light shade. For these purposes, you can use a universal beige pencil or concealer a tone lighter than your skin tone. In this case, it is important not to circle the upper part of the eyebrow from the beginning to the middle. The light line emphasizes the borders, and at the base of the eyebrows this effect is not needed at all.


Useful tips for eyebrow makeup with a pencil you will find in this video.


  1. Shadows, like a pencil, will stick better to the base. But this time, don't wait for the primer to dry. On a damp base, the shadows will give a more intense effect, and the line will turn out clear. Thus, even using the same shade of shadows, you can get different color intensities.

  2. With the same shade of shadows (but already on a dry base), tone the base of the eyebrow, moving the brush from bottom to top. Brush movements should be light and jerky.

  3. If you have a darker shade of shadow, draw a line with it along the center of the eyebrow tail. This will create natural shading. You can also use the wet brush technique.After you pick up the shadows on the brush, sprinkle it with water or a fixative. However, this method has a drawback: a wet brush can leave smudges on the shadows in the palette.

  4. Finish your brows with gel and stroke with light concealer if desired. Done!


One of the fastest options for creating a natural gradient on the eyebrows is a combination of color gel and lipstick. In this case, neither the base nor the final fixing is required, since the means used are resistant in themselves.

  1. First, style the hairs with colored eyebrow gel.

    Wait for it to dry. Due to the fact that the hairs have become darker and more voluminous, you can see where you really need to finish the eyebrow, and where there is no such need.

  2. Fill in the eyebrow tail with lipstick. Suitable Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade by NYX Professional Makeup.

  3. With the rest of the product on the brush, place individual accents-strokes at the base of the eyebrow.

Done! Compare how eyebrows look with and without gradient.


No gradient


How to complement makeup with gradient eyebrows?

Gradient eyebrow makeup, if done right, looks very natural, so there are no restrictions on the choice of makeup.

You can apply shimmering shadows on the moving eyelid and draw classic arrows with a black liner to make the look more expressive.

Or try a creative sixties-inspired make-up with blue eye shadow and crease lines.

Or accentuate the eyes with a translucent golden brown haze.

Any makeup will go well with ombre brow makeup.


What makeup to use to repeat the trend: a review of funds

Pay attention to these funds. According to the editors, they will not let you down.

  • Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil, Maybelline New York

    This tool is great for creating a smooth transition between shades. The setting pencil shapes the brows while the powder fills in the spaces between the hairs.

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  • Professional brow kit Brow Artist, L’Oréal Paris

    The Brow Artist set has everything you need for brow design: pigmented wax, dark brown shadows, tweezers and a double-ended brush. With this set, it is easy to emphasize the contour and give the perfect shape to the eyebrows in just a couple of minutes!

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  • Eye & Brow Maestro, Giorgio Armani

    Giorgio Armani Eyebrow Pomade performs several functions at once and is suitable for makeup not only eyebrows, but also eyes. There are as many as 17 shades in the palette, among which there are both universal and those that are more suitable as shadows (for example, platinum and khaki). The tool is easy to apply and blend. Comes with a handy brush.

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