We studied the fall-winter 2023/22 nail trends, set at the latest shows and seen in the works of recognized manicure masters, in order to collect them in one material - for those who are actively preparing for the holidays and want to create Christmas DIY mood

Christmas manicure trends 2023

Winter holidays are a good excuse to paint something special on your nails, like Grinch Stole Christmas. First of all, this applies to those who in everyday life prefer a discreet manicure - without decor and bright colors.In this case, it would be most appropriate to add sparkles or any other accent to the design of the nails. But first, you should study the latest trends to understand which of the fresh ideas you want to put into practice.

Current nail polish colors

  1. Gold, silver

    Judging by the manicure from the shows, precious shades can be used both separately and together - for example, in a moon manicure, as they did for the Nicole Miller show. The design was made on short nails: a short length softens the flashy metallic shine.

    If the eye-catching glitter of silver and gold does not bother you (especially on holidays), then you can apply such varnishes on long nails, as it was at the Balenciaga and Christian Cowan shows.

  2. Red, burgundy

    As Christmas approaches, these classic colors become trendy.

    In the autumn-winter 2023/21 season, many designers offer to wear them on nails: Rag & Bone, GCDS, Oscar de la Renta, Monse, Philipp Plein and many others. Follow their example so that the festive manicure turns out to be bright, but without outrageous. Check out Essie's Hooked Shade.

  3. Nude

    Nude polish in holiday nail art? Why not?!

    This is a great backdrop for glitter manicures or voluminous decorations that are all the rage right now (check out The Blonds show to check out this trend). Useful shade "Craftswoman" from Essie.

  4. Blue, blue, purple

    For those who want to surprise everyone with an unusual manicure for Christmas, we advise you to use catchy colors from a cold range of shades. Chromat used blue neon, Philipp Plein used purple, Halpern used electric blue.

    They are self-sufficient, but at the same time they combine well in nail art. On the occasion of the holiday, they can also be sprinkled with sparkles. Try a manicure with Essie's Evening Dress.

Nail Art Fashion Techniques

French, moon manicure

No season is complete without these manicure techniques, and autumn-winter 2023/21 is no exception. Dealing with them is a pleasure: to get a new, original version of nail art, you just need to replace the usual colors with something more non-standard. At the Veronica Beard show, the moon manicure was played up with shades from the burgundy range, and Moschino decided to make a jacket with a bright pink base.And you can choose a combination of colors that can best convey exactly your Christmas mood.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a jacket can be found in this video.

3D decor

This trend has maintained its position in nail art for more than a season. And by Christmas, it will come in handy. Manicure with decorations (including "piercing" on the nails), like those of Christian Cowan, Monse, The Blonds, Simone Rocha and Giambattista Valli, will become a noticeable accent in a festive look. If you plan on being the center of attention, this move is the way to go.

Negative space

This technique creates the impression that a piece of color has been “cut out” from the general background. The result is liked by supporters of minimalism in nail art and at the same time gives room for creativity: in this manicure, you can use any shades and add decor if you wish: sparkles, rhinestones, foil and much more.Look at the manicures from Prabal Gurung and 16Arlington shows to better imagine negative space and understand how you can experiment with this technique.

Foil Manicure

Glitter will rule the Christmas days. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then try a foil manicure like The Blonds. The masters who worked on this show chose a combination of a black background and gold foil, fixed on top with "scraps" . You can choose from the colors of the Christmas palette as a basis or give preference to a gentle duo of nude and gold.

Here are a few more ideas that are in the spirit of the most magical holiday of the year.


Christmas manicure for long nails: ideas and photos

Contrasting jacket

French looks beautiful on long nails, because it emphasizes their length. This effect can be enhanced in a Christmas manicure. Try, for example, to make the base of the jacket matte, and apply a chameleon varnish or a holographic gloss to the tips. Another interesting option is to use a bright, contrasting shade on the tips and separate it from the main part of the nail with a “metallic” strip - gold or silver.

Garland Manicure

If you have long nails, it means that it is easy to create literally any pattern on them. Closer to Christmas, you can depict garlands with toys hanging on them, Christmas wreaths or a Christmas tree in small lights on your nails. By the way, it is not necessary to draw them - the role of toys in such nail art can be played by curly glitter in the form of circles or stars. The Essie Lightning Effect shade will come in handy.

Precious Manicure

For a casual manicure, voluminous decor in trends is unlikely to linger, but for a festive nail art it is certainly good. You can literally decorate your nails for a couple of days with rhinestones, stones, foil, sparkles - in a word, with something that can turn a nail design into a real decoration.

It is better to take a colorless varnish as a basis for such a manicure: all attention should be on the decor.

Checkered Manicure

Imagine a Christmas gift box wrapped in checkered paper with a glittery ribbon. This picture can be transferred to your nails. Checkered print is another fashion trend. So such a solution for a festive manicure will also be relevant.

Here are some more designs that will look good on long nails.

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Best Christmas nail designs for short nails

Snowflake manicure

This winter motif, it would seem, can hardly surprise - it is so often used in festive decoration. Nevertheless, “snowfall” looks good on nails, and a large snowflake pattern may well fit even on short nails. Draw snowflakes, paying attention to the "purity" of the graphics, on a dark background (for example, blue) and decorate them with large glitter.

" Knitted" manicure

Don't want to overload short nails with drawings? Play with the texture of the cover. A proven option that does not go out of fashion is a “knitted” manicure.

Get a crochet manicure done with acrylic powder in pastel colors or choose trendy shades of red. In both cases, the manicure will turn out to be “cozy” - just right for a home holiday with loved ones.

Gem manicure

“Jewelry” design with stones was very popular at recent shows and in life it also has the right to exist: cover your nails with nude polish, and add a few colored rhinestones of different shapes on top. A spectacular result that attracts attention is guaranteed.

Foil nails

Another runway trend that will definitely come in handy during the winter holidays. Pieces of gold or silver foil look beautiful on any plain surface.

In the color of the foil, you can outline the nail along the contour or emphasize the tips with this shade, like in a French manicure, to get an additional accent.


What manicure do you plan to do for Christmas? Share in the comments!