Discussing the most fashionable manicure techniques for fall 2023, nail looks and nail polish shades

With the onset of autumn colds, I feel less and less like walking the streets. Let's get a manicure! We have prepared an incredible selection for you: a hundred suitable photos of manicure ideas for autumn 2023. And here are terribly beautiful manicure ideas for All Saints Day. And also - a video tutorial on how to create a basic manicure at home.

Fall Manicure Trends 2023

What other fall 2023 nail design trends should I pay close attention to?

  1. Glitter grains

  2. Shiny nails, richly sprinkled with glitter or decorated with large rhinestones, have been a trend for several years, but everything eventually comes to an end. Fall 2023 tells glitter manicure to be modest, so a polish with small and rare particles of shimmer or glitter is your best friend for the coming season.

  3. Unusual mix

  4. Every season, a certain print comes into fashion: for example, last summer, for some reason, everyone decided to do a “cow” manicure. This fall allows you to combine the incongruous in manicure - mix animal prints, graphic drawings, abstract patterns and inscriptions.The more intricate the image, the better. For a sample sample, we advise you to look at Kylie Jenner's Instagram.

  5. Puzzle

  6. Nail art imitating puzzle pieces is a fresh trend in manicure. How to create such an image? This is a real puzzle - it's better to ask a manicurist for help.

  7. Red line

  8. A strict graphic manicure with dots and stripes is a trend that has been wandering from one list of fashion trends to another for several seasons. Decorate your nails in the fall of 2023 with just one bright strip - you should not cross this red line.

  9. Bright spot

  10. The classic autumn manicure in 2023 is quite dark (if not gloomy), but this season, be sure to dilute it with “summer” shades. Juicy blue, yellow, red, green - let these colors add joy to gray everyday life.

  11. Blobs

  12. Manicure with "blots" is a hit of the autumn-winter season - 2023-2024. Contrary to the name, such a nail design looks neat (with exemplary performance). And very touching: it reminds me of school years.

Which nail shape is in fashion for fall 2023?

If we talk about fashionable nail shapes, then the fall of 2023 will not please us with many surprises. Soft square, oval and almond shapes are still at the peak of popularity. But in recent years, more and more fame goes to long nails of unusual shapes - we'll talk about them.

Sharp long nails

Brand Rodarte is known for its feminine silhouettes - it was all the more surprising to see gothic-inspired manicures at the autumn-winter show.Long pointed nails, painted with maroon glossy varnish, are unexpected, dramatic and impressive at the same time. By the way, a similar look was chosen for the Philipp Plein show - just right for autumn, winter and Halloween.

A few more beautiful manicure ideas for sharp long nails.

Ballerina shape

When ballerina-shaped nails came into fashion, many considered it a bad joke: too extravagant. But the first shock passed, and critics noticed that such a manicure can be very different - elegant, graceful, and festive. We saw an example of the latter at the Alice + Olivia show, but it is not necessary to repeat it literally. More discreet design options for fall 2023 can be found below.

Alice & Olivia

Actual colors in autumn manicure 2023

Five most fashionable nail polish shades for the best fall manicure 2023.


In relation to nude manicure, it is inappropriate to use the adjective "fashionable" - it is always relevant and under any circumstances. We saw the perfect shade at the last autumn-winter show of Vera Wang, but we do not insist on this position: everyone has their own flawless nude.

Vera Wang

Milk chocolate

In a cosmetics store, you are unlikely to pay attention to it - rather give preference to its more noticeable "colleagues" : coffee or red-brown. But in vain! Milk chocolate nail polish evokes pleasant (sweet!) associations and does not contradict the office dress code. Relevant for this autumn.


In any rating of varnishes for this fall, there must be a copy from the red range, and in 2023 we advise you to give preference to brick. Pair it with lighter warm tones like caramel, like on the Veronica Beard show. Also pay attention to matte textures that immediately make the manicure more interesting.

Veronica Beard

Pastel blue

Classic blue has been named Pantone's color of the year 2023, but the nail industry is voting for "creamy" blue. This is ideal for blondes and brunettes, for long and short nails of any shape. In addition, it goes well with beige, gray and other basic colors of the autumn wardrobe.

Dark green

Autumn 2023 - time to look at deep green polishes. Such a manicure will remain restrained and stylish, but will not be banal - you will definitely collect dozens of compliments. Look for examples of such a manicure below.

Trend nail design techniques: autumn-winter season - 2023-2024

New nail design techniques do not appear so often - basically, manicure masters beat existing ones. The most interesting trends from this area are in our selection.


Ombre is one of the most popular manicure techniques of recent years. A few seasons ago, the ombre showed itself from the other side: the gradient transition is now done on more than one nail. To repeat the fashionable look for the fall-winter 2023-2024, you will need five shades of polishes from one range. Paint each nail with your own color, moving from the lightest to the darkest.

However, the classic version of gradient manicure remains a trend. How to repeat it, you will learn from the video below.

French with smudges

Autumn 2023 brings a novelty - a version of the French manicure, in which the varnish seems to spread over the tips (or holes) of the nails. Associations can be completely different, depending on the chosen color of varnish: sugar icing, ink, liquid gold. At the Rodarte show, a nail design was spotted that can be used as the basis for an image for Halloween: “smudges” on the tips of the nails resemble drops of blood.


Which version of the autumn nail design did you like the most? How would you like to welcome autumn 2023? Share your opinion in the comments!