Detailed star forecast for the first month of summer

Aries (March 21–April 20)

The best thing for Aries in June is taking care of the family. You can make repairs, rent a new apartment, or maybe buy a house away from the bustle of the city (or at least look at prices). If you do not have a family yet, this status may change after June 25, when Venus will no longer be retrograde. Until then, new novels will be insignificant and short. But this does not negate the joy and inspiration that they can give you. To look attractive, do not give up makeup. It will not require special efforts from you. It's simple: you need blush that matches the color type and lip gloss, or better, a gentle, caring lipstick, for example from the Color Riche Shine series, L'Oréal Paris, in shade 245 Radiant Dawn.

That's enough to feel confident. Life energy in June is balanced. You will earn moderately and spend wisely. Aries can do it! Well, if you are engaged in Russian business. Domestic manufacturers can now compete with global brands. Your ruling planet Mars moves through the sign of Pisces for most of June, which encourages strategic thinking and holds back your usual agility. At the end of the month, on the 28th, Mars will move into Aries, and then you will begin to act. June is notable for the fact that two eclipses fall on it: the lunar one on June 5 and the solar one on the 21st. And between them is a corridor of eclipses. This is the period when your will can influence little, the time of karma. It makes sense to write down what will happen to you in order to analyze everything later.

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

June can have a discouraging effect on you.Don't be surprised if something goes wrong with the money. There is a high probability that you will need to repay debts or try to get money out of those who owe you. You will have to re-solve some old problems that you seem to have already solved. And all because your ruling planet Venus will be retrograde for almost the entire month and will resume direct movement only on June 25th. In addition, she will be in Gemini, where on June 5 there will be a lunar eclipse, which, of course, will affect Venus. Therefore, we must doubly try to maintain financial and family well-being. The eclipse is not yet a reason to arrange a showdown, although the stars will push you to this. Take care of your loved ones! After the lunar one, there will also be a solar eclipse (June 21), but, fortunately, it will not affect you in any way, but the period between eclipses must be monitored. This is the best way to see your future. In order to survive without loss a month with two eclipses and retrograde Venus, you have to work hard. Then by the end of the month you will understand where to move on.Now you should not get carried away with fancy and time-consuming makeup: lightly emphasize the eyebrows with an eyebrow marker, make a couple of strokes of mascara, and apply a fashionable transparent gloss on the lips. If you want to make a lasting impression, use a trendy neon lipstick or a stick with a metallic effect.

Gemini (22.05–21.06)

June for Gemini will be a month of active work. Career goals will come to the fore. You may decide to change the direction of activity and the company, but even if you stay in the same place, you will have to make a leap to rise to a new level. As for money matters, you have every chance to achieve relative stability, but for this you will have to understand some of the intricacies of financial management. There will be a lunar eclipse in your sign on June 5th. If your birthday is close to this date, be especially careful and careful. Your ruler Mercury is now in Cancer, which promotes composure and enhances strategic thinking, but on June 18 the planet will turn retrograde, and you will have to strain so as not to confuse meetings and not forget the necessary papers.There will be a solar eclipse on June 21, but already in the sign of Cancer, and this will not affect you. However, it is better to monitor the time between eclipses: this can be useful for forecasts for the future. Travel this month is unlikely. Hopes for a new love are also weak, because until June 25, Venus is retrograde. Focus on your career. Working girls highly value time, so they try to choose the most versatile care and makeup products. Take a closer look at the corrective BB cream.

It is suitable even for sensitive skin. In the process of application, it seems that this is more of a care product than decorative cosmetics: the coating turns out to be natural, slightly moist. Complete it with blush and lip gloss.

Cancer (06/22–07/22)

You know well what hard (and sometimes very nervous) work is. In June, there is a high probability of experiencing painfully familiar sensations. Detractors may try to weaken your position, so it is important to be on the lookout, especially at the beginning of the month.The stars do not advise to feel sorry for yourself. But persistent and selfless work promises, as always, to disperse the clouds that have gathered above you. There will be two eclipses this month: a lunar eclipse on June 5 and a solar eclipse on June 21. The Sun will happen in your sign, with Venus and Mercury retrograde. At such moments, the search for a new support in life begins - both literally and philosophically. A lot will have to be rethought. We especially advise you to pay attention to the period between eclipses. The events that will take place at this time will help you realize what changes are ripe in your life. It is better not to wait for new love this month, and if the trip takes place, it will be either a business trip or an urgent trip on family matters. Your ruling planet Jupiter is now moving in the earth sign of Capricorn, and not just walking, but moving in the opposite direction. This alignment is unfavorable for the construction of risky plans - now it is better to do real business with a predictable result. What will please is meeting with friends: there will be many of them, just do not get carried away with alcohol.You must look fresh. To achieve the desired result, the effect of wet skin will help - how to make the appropriate makeup, we told here.

Leo (23.07–21.08)

In June there will be two eclipses - on the 5th and 21st, and both will touch Lviv, because without your ruler, the Sun, it will not do here. And let one thing happen in Gemini, and the other in Cancer, they will definitely affect you. Be vigilant: this will be at least a traumatic time, so try to avoid at least obvious risks. For example, if you have always dreamed of skydiving, but have not yet succeeded, then this month you definitely should not fulfill your cherished desire. Any clarification of the relationship will be quite a meaningless exercise. If someone infuriates you, mentally count up to a hundred - the degree of irritation will decrease. Try to focus on something constructive. At work, for example. You have a lot to do now, especially if you are in business.Difficult times are not in vain called the time of opportunity. Think about it! In the emotional realm, a pleasant, non-committal light flirting with someone you meet on a trip - most likely a work one - will help to unwind. To maintain a positive attitude, do spectacular makeup. If office rules allow, combine bright lips with original arrows. Gel pencils will help to draw them. We talked about how to do this in this article.

Virgo (08/22–9/23)

In June you will deal with finances - you will have to fight for a stable income. The most successful strategy is to build a good relationship with management. Turn on your charm. You will be supported by the Sun and Venus in the sign of Gemini, which has the same ruler as you - Mercury. So what if Venus is retrograde - this only means that you yourself should not fall in love with the boss, but you can definitely convince him of your indispensability. To do this, it is necessary to supplement professionalism, which few people doubt, with external attributes of attractiveness.Makeup should be thoughtful and take into account all your individual characteristics. How to paint eyes correctly, we showed in this video.

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With this approach, even the lunar eclipse that will happen in Gemini on June 5th will not interfere with you. It is only important to try to avoid the aggression that Mars will provoke, which is (until June 28) exactly opposite your sign. Keep calm. Otherwise, problems with partners are very possible - both at work and in personal life. It is recommended to be especially careful after June 18, when your ruling planet Mercury will turn retrograde. Only the utmost composure will allow avoiding confusion in business.

Libra (09/24–10/23)

In June, the stars promise Libra good career opportunities.You just need to think about how to turn your usual job into a promising one in terms of social status. Your ruling planet Venus will be retrograde this month until the 25th. This means that some old problems may be revealed, but you will have real chances to solve them correctly this time. If you've been wanting to renovate your home for a long time, now is the time. As for new relationships, Venus retrograde will prevent them from developing into something serious. Maybe this is for the best, because light falling in love and flirting always act inspiringly and, unlike deep feelings, are not associated with torment and fear. Inspiration, by the way, is an indispensable condition for creating artistic makeup or nail design. Why not decorate your nails in the spirit of Mondrian's paintings? What such a manicure looks like can be seen in the material. Or pop art makeup? For example, like this. For your artistic nature, this will be a natural choice. By the way, drawings on the face may well become part of the everyday make-up.You can find examples here.

Scorpio (10/24–11/22)

Scorpio is a water sign, but paradoxically it is ruled by the fiery planet Mars. This month (until the 28th) Mars will be in Pisces. On the one hand, this portends internal throwing and emotional experiences, on the other hand, a strategically correct vision of the situation. Scorpions are close to both. But the problem is that Mars will be in suspense, it will literally “attack” other planets, and this is fraught with accidents, injuries, and an increase in aggression in general. Scorpio, in principle, does not forget anything, but here it can even remember something that was not there. If you don’t want to spend the whole month in quarrels, do yoga, meditation practice - something that has a calming effect, balances the psyche. Do not react to attacks, do not fall for provocations. The release of energy will be constructive only in the working channel. In addition to yoga and meditation, you can add sex: it is also great for relieving tension and strengthening relationships, which will not be easy this month, given the position of Mars.Quite successful practices of psychotherapy can be called both makeup and manicure. You can hardly argue with the fact that the process has a calming effect, and the result is uplifting. In addition, mastering the trends of this summer, you can become a real beauty expert.

Sagittarius (11/23–12/22)

You won't need energy in June. And it will come in handy, because you have to control everything at once. No special problems are foreseen with finances, but it is better not to let the financial situation take its course. Your ruling planet Jupiter is now in Capricorn. This promises some income, but you will most likely receive them with delays, since Jupiter is retrograde. It is possible that you will have to change partners or expand your functionality - you will succeed in both. June promises good prospects for Sagittarius, who decide to take care of the house, make repairs. You can build relationships with your family. If you have not yet found your half, then the chances of meeting love will appear only after June 25 - before that, Venus will be retrograde and can again bring you together once again with one of the former.June is also notable for the fact that this month there will be two eclipses: lunar (June 5) and solar (June 21). The lunar will happen in Sagittarius, which means it will affect you directly. On this day, as well as a couple of days before and after it, try not to risk your he alth, especially if you have chronic diseases. You should also be vigilant in contacts with partners: there is a high probability of dishonest attitude to business on their part. By what will happen in your life between eclipses, it will be possible to make a forecast for the future. Now a serious approach to life is welcomed. Restrained natural makeup will help you tune in to the right wave. We talked about the rules for its creation here.

Capricorn (December 23–January 20)

Let's start with finances. Your ruling planet Saturn is now retrograde, which means that the money will come with delays and, most likely, after intense negotiations. This will bring you a lot of negative emotions, but it will not be able to break.Capricorns, like no one else, understand that what does not kill us makes us stronger. Those born under this sign are famous for their financial and strategic thinking. In June, you will clearly see further prospects also because Mars will go through Pisces until the 28th, and this alignment promises to sharpen inner vision. As for the tactics of behavior, it is important not to get involved in disputes and try to smooth out conflicts. There will be two eclipses in June: on the 5th - lunar and on the 21st - solar. The second will not bypass you if you were born in the first decade of Capricorn. On the day of the eclipse and a couple of days after, try to be as careful as possible - both in words and in actions. Don't even dream about traveling yet - not this month. Romance will also have to wait. Venus retrograde prevents new love from entering your life. But after June 25, when she resumes direct traffic, the beginning of a bright and interesting romance is possible. In the meantime, there is time to prepare for it. Choose a spectacular lipstick and work on the quality of the skin: only in this way will the emphasis on the lips be truly seductive.Do not neglect systemic care. And even when choosing decorative cosmetics, give preference to products with a useful composition.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

You will also have to fight for money, but, unlike many, you will be able to emerge victorious from it - there will be ways to restore financial well-being, and their ruler Uranus will help Aquarius in this. The planet of unexpected transformations is now harmoniously located: it is moving along Taurus, which means that good changes will be material. Now you should not be afraid of bold decisions. If you see opportunities, act! It is possible that you have to become a leader (at work or in personal relationships), and this should not be afraid either. In order not to leave the blues a single chance, focus on practical matters - both at work and at home. Get everything in order. If you don’t want to do repairs alone, move in with your boyfriend and arrange housing together. In any case, changes must take place in the house.If you don’t have a personal relationship now, fate may again bring you together with one of the former, which, perhaps, is not bad. What else is special about June? This month we will experience two eclipses: lunar (5th) and solar (21st). Between them is the so-called eclipse corridor. This period should be treated as consciously as possible, paying attention to what will happen to you, what kind of people you will meet. This is the time when the stars give us clues about the future. The main thing is to be able to count them. In order not to forget about it, do space makeup or depict the night sky on your nails. The bravest can enter the eclipse corridor with "galactic" coloring.

Pisces (20.02–20.03)

In June you will be more active than ever. It is important that this excess energy does not fuel aggression, and such a development of events is quite possible, because disturbing thoughts and difficulties with money will push this.It is good if there is an understanding partner nearby with whom you can speak out loud all your fears. Try to analyze your feelings and emotions - this will help them control. Your desire to change the world is commendable, but it is better to start with yourself and in no case blame others. Don't sit idle. If you are not busy enough at your main job, take care of the house, make repairs or rearrangement, create the most comfortable environment for yourself. In a month with two eclipses, this is especially important: on the 5th there will be a lunar one, and on the 21st a solar one. The period in between is called the eclipse corridor, and during this time the foundations for future changes are laid, so it is important to pay special attention to everything that happens in your life. At the end of the month, on June 23rd, your ruling planet Neptune will turn around and start retrograde. Take care of your he alth and be extremely careful. After the 25th, when Venus ceases to be retrograde, there is a high probability of an interesting and promising acquaintance. Why not replace the usual shine with bright lipstick on this occasion? How to make makeup with such an accent, we told here.

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