Understanding how the makeup of a modern business woman should look

Even tone, slight radiance, expressive look - this is what most residents of megacities prefer to look like. Urban makeup is designed to effectively mask flaws and emphasize the dignity of appearance, and its creation should take no more than 15 minutes.

Urban makeup features

In essence, urban makeup aims to create a natural nude look that is suitable for office everyday life and for meeting friends. Well, if at the same time it will be easy to transform it into an evening one using, for example, bright lipstick.

When you do daytime urban makeup, follow a few rules.

  • The main thing is moderation. Aggressive contouring and false eyelashes in the style of American glamor in make-up for everyday work in the city will look out of place. An even tone, a slight accent on the eyes and lipstick in the style of "your lips, only better" is all you need.

  • The list of necessary funds may vary depending on the season. In summer, it is better to use BB- and CC-creams instead of thick tonal foundations; in winter, try to avoid matte lipsticks, as they often dry out the skin, and in cold weather, it already lacks moisture.

  • Makeup accents should be light and take into account the features of appearance. If you have very light skin, it is better to use blush and highlighter instead of bronzer.On tanned girls, on the contrary, means of warm golden hues will look harmonious. Girls with green and blue eyes should pay attention to silver liners and shadows. And if you have brown eyes, make-up for every day is suitable for brown and gold tones.

What makeup do you need?

Everything you need should be at hand. We have prepared a list of tools that will come in handy.

For face tone

  • Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation;

  • Touche Éclat High Cover by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté;

  • Cheek Heat blush by Maybelline New York.

For eyes, eyebrows and lips

  • Plump & Set Brow Artist Mascara by L'Oréal Paris;

  • Brow Blade by Urban Decay;

  • The City Mini 480 Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline New York;

  • Maybelline New York Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick.

How to do urban makeup: step by step photo tutorial

  1. Apply Maybelline New York Fit Me foundation in two shades.

    Light to the central area of the face, and darker to the periphery. Carefully blend the borders. Thus, you will immediately achieve the effect of light contouring. A dark foundation (perhaps this is a cream that you rejected as not suitable for you in shade) may well replace the sculptor.

  2. City life and sleep deprivation are almost synonymous. Therefore, for beautiful makeup, it is important to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. In this case, you can also use a combination of dark and light shades of concealer. The orange pigment in the dark product perfectly covers the purple hues. Apply it on the problem area, blend thoroughly.

  3. Apply light concealer over dark concealer. For example, Touche Éclat High Cover by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

  4. To achieve a lifting effect without resorting to noticeable sculpting, apply Maybelline New York Cheek Heat Blush not in the middle of the apples of the cheeks, but a little higher and blend towards the temples.

    Powder all cream textures.

  5. Use brow gel or mascara to style the hairs in the direction of growth. This way you will see where you need to fill in the gaps and don't overdo it.

  6. Use a thin pencil or marker to draw eyebrows where necessary. To make the eyebrows look expressive, but natural, try not to paint over the space between the hairs tightly. The Brow Blade from Urban Decay will come in handy.

  7. Apply a base on your eyelids. Then highlight the crease with taupe shadows, and apply a nude or light pink shade to the mobile eyelid and the space under the eyebrow.

  8. Using dark brown shadows draw the outer corner, bringing it up towards the temples.

  9. With the same shade, delicately emphasize the lower eyelid. Carefully blend the shadows so that there are no clear boundaries. This must be done so that the eyeliner of the lower eyelid does not visually reduce the size of the eyes.

    You'll find all the shades you need in The City Mini palette in shade 480 by Maybelline New York.

  10. Beige kajal will help refresh your look. Apply it to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. Avoid overly light, and even more so white pencils: against their background, the whites of the eyes will look duller.

  11. To draw a thin line, slightly lower the eyeliner applicator. So you can get as close as possible to the roots.

  12. Then move the applicator up the lashes, still applying light pressure.Press the tip of the applicator against the skin, leaving a stroke on it. Don't draw a line right away. It is much easier to overlap several strokes. To do this, repeat steps 11 and 12 several times, moving the applicator slightly each time. At the outer corner, pull the tail of the arrow up.

  13. Lash your lashes with lengthening mascara.

  14. Apply a nude shade of lipstick, slightly darker than your natural lip color, on your lips. You can choose, for example, "Pamper Yourself" from Maybelline New York's Superstay Ink Crayon line.

    This shade will not look too bright and will harmoniously complement the makeup.

Restrained and sophisticated urban makeup is ready!

And here is another video tutorial from makeup artist YSL Beauty.


How to complement the image of a metropolitan fashionista: manicure, hairstyle, clothes and accessories

  • Groomed hands are very important. After all, it is on them that many pay attention in the first place. No makeup will save if the nails and cuticles look sloppy. For every day in the city, it is best to choose neutral nude coatings - soft pink, beige or transparent varnish. First, they will go with any outfit. And secondly, the lack of coverage at the hole will be less noticeable when the nails begin to grow. If you don't want to go to the salon, do your own manicure. This step-by-step instruction will help you.

  • Few people are ready to spend time every day on styling. Yes, this is not necessary. The main thing is that the hair looks well-groomed and clean. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, we recommend using leave-in products such as oils or masks. They should be applied from the middle of the length to the tips.You will notice a positive effect very soon. Try Garnier's Botanic Therapy Coconut Milk & Macadamia Mask.

  • Choose accessories according to your preferences. But do not try to use all your treasures in one image. A business suit is well complemented by a string of pearls, an airy summer dress - large earrings. And if you are going to celebrate the opening of the veranda of your favorite restaurant, you can use, for example, a silk scarf instead of an elastic band for hair - both beautiful and convenient.


What do you think of the perfect urban makeup? Share your opinion in the comments.