Which is better: ombre, shatush or balayage? We understand this article.

On the one hand, bright hair with colored strands or even iridescent tints on curls is in fashion. On the other hand, the trend for naturalness does not slow down - and its followers offer more and more advanced coloring techniques to create a natural effect. Balayazh is one of them. In this article, we will tell you what balayazh is, and also demonstrate in the photo how such coloring looks on the hair.

What is balayage?

Balayage is one of the coloring techniques that achieve the effect of sun-bleached hair. Balayazh was invented a long time ago - in the 70s of the last century in France. As for the name "balayazh" , it is translated from French as "blowing" : the result after balayazh really looks like play of color and light on the surface of the hair under the sun after a light breeze.

To understand what exactly is balayage, you need to understand its differences from ombre and shatush.

When stained with ombre, a soft transition is created from a darker color at the roots to a lighter one at the tips. This is a vertical gradient. In balayazh, lighter and darker strands alternate with each other horizontally: somewhere a light shade may be higher, somewhere lower. And this is the difference between balayage and shatush. This is also coloring with strands, however, they lighten them mainly closer to the tips.With balayage, a light stripe can stretch from the very roots. Another advantage of balayage is the blurry borders between shades. Ombre and shatush have a great contrast.

Popular shades of balayage dyeing


Girls with fair enough hair - blond, wheaten, honey, sand - for balayage choose shades one or two shades lighter than their natural color.

The main thing is that their undertone matches your color type. If it is cold, then the blond for balayage should be ashy. Girls with a warm color type need shades with a golden glow.


With brond, the result is not too light and not too dark. It turns out something between a blonde and a brunette, hence the name - "bronde" .

In this case, a rather dark shade in the base is complemented with a lot of light strands using the balayage technique. The contrast is stronger than in other balayage options, but it still looks harmonious and quite natural. Brond is especially suitable for brown-haired women.

Rose gold

Strands with a barely noticeable pinkish tint can be a great addition to the image of a girl with a beautiful "clean" blond. The balayage technique at work and with this shade will be indispensable.

Caramel shades

This is another option for brown hair with warm undertones. If the bronde is not suitable due to the contrast, you can choose a softer balayage color with caramel strands.

Copper Red

Girls with red hair can also lighten their hair with strands using the balayage technique. The selection of shades depends entirely on the original color. If it is a bright enough red-red color, then you can use a dye of a light copper shade. It will create the desired effect of burnt strands.

Who would suit balayage?

There are hardly any shades of hair (with the exception of very light hair) that would not be balayazh.

Even if you have extraordinary coloring in red, green, blue, pink or purple, there are shades to lighten the strands that will allow you to get expressive overflows. Of course, there will be no effect of burnt hair, as originally intended, but the technique itself will come in handy in this case.

Dark hair

Girls with very dark hair need to be especially careful when choosing shades for coloring. Too strong a contrast between the base and light strands can look vulgar.

Remember how your hair looks after summer. How badly do they burn out? And do they burn out at all? For dark hair, the effect of sun glare is usually sufficient.

Blonde hair

Blondes with very blond hair can't be balayazh: they can't be lightened more. But for those who have light blond hair or, for example, golden honey, you can add even lighter strands to the image. In this case, the effect of burnt hair is the most natural.

Red hair

Balayage can give redheads a truly sunny look. This coloring will help them enhance the natural radiance of the hair, as well as create a volume effect that will decorate any hairstyle.

Balayage technique for hair of different lengths

For short hair

Balayage is possible even on a pixie haircut. In this case, the volume that this coloring allows to achieve will be especially noticeable due to the small distance between the roots and ends of the hair. If you have a bob or bob, as well as naturally straight hair, balayage will also come in handy.

For medium length hair

On medium hair, you have the opportunity to play with levels. On some strands, light highlights may appear higher, on others - lower. The ability to style such hair with curls allows you to make the result of dyeing even more expressive.

For long hair

The problem of lack of volume is familiar to girls with long hair: the stronger they grow, the harder they become. Read about the mask for hair growth at SalonSecret.

Therefore, the highlights and overflows of shades that can be created with the help of balayage can be very useful for them to update and improve the image.


Fashion images with balayage staining: photo examples

Balayage on a red square

If the red color needs to be "revived" , balayazh is the one that will allow you to reveal it in a new way. Even subtle highlights will make the image noticeably fresher. And styling with waves or curls will help evaluate the result.

Long blonde with balayage

Someone likes a "clean" color along the entire length.And someone, on the contrary, practically chooses balayage, because monochromatic coloring loses its effectiveness as soon as the hair begins to grow - and the true color of the roots is revealed. For those girls who dye their hair in very light shades, balayage will help maintain the quality of their hair: there is no need to dye them as often as when dyeing in one tone. This will allow you to quickly grow them to the desired length.

Ash Balayage

If you want to try trendy ash gray shades on your hair, balayage will help you with this experiment: you will get an expressive smoky effect.

Ash hair color will look good on any length and with any haircut; the main thing is that it suits your color type: it should be cold.

Pink balayage

Another coloring option in the spirit of trends is with pink strands. And here balayazh will also come in handy if you want to harmoniously combine an unusual shade with your natural hair color.

Caramel strands

For girls with very dark hair, it is most difficult to choose shades in such a way as to get the effect of strands slightly burnt out under the rays of the sun. If you have brown hair that looks almost dark from a distance, use caramel tones in balayage.

Balayage "roasted coconut"

This coloring is best suited for girls whose hair is medium tones - not dark and not light. They use the balayage technique to get shades of "fried coconut" (toasted coconut) - like fried coconut.This "tasty" trend is a great idea for a summer makeover. If you are tired of the "smooth" color, it will help you refresh the image.

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How to make balayage at home?

Balayage is a rather complicated salon procedure. Most often, it requires bleaching strands, which cannot be handled alone - even the masters themselves cannot dye their back sections of hair on their own. Even if an experienced colorist explains to you step by step how to do balayage at home, it is inconvenient, so the result can be seriously affected.

You shouldn't do balayazh at home to yourself. But you can try balayage-style coloring by creating highlights in your hair.

Doing bleaching at home is not safe for your hair. Even if you try to make a light version of balayage with home paint, you will need help. The hair will need to be divided into several sections, selected from each of several strands and a dye is applied on top, “stretching” the color in such a way that the result is a transition from the natural color to a new shade.

Without discoloration, you will not get an expressive contrast. However, glare is likely to work. Thanks to them, you will understand whether it is worth going to the salon for a full-fledged balayage. However, it is better to immediately contact the colorist to get professional coloring that will definitely not disappoint.


Rules for hair care after dyeing

After dyeing, be sure to use shampoo and conditioner with a color retention formula.Thanks to her, these products will not wash out the pigment, so the staining result will last longer. Incorporate masks into your beauty routine (they should be done once a week), leave-in balms that are applied before styling, and nourishing emollient oils. Pay attention, for example, to Elseve "Color Expert" from L'Oréal Paris.

Review of paints for coloring

Pay attention to these tools: they will help you get the desired effect.

  • Color Sensation (Pearl Silk shade), Garnier

    If you have fair enough hair, to create an overflow of shades on the strands, choose colors that promise hair, in addition to a beautiful color, shine. Color Sensation with a pearly effect is fine. The formula of this product contains mother-of-pearl and flower oils, which just add shine to the hair.Thanks to this, the lightening of the strands in the spirit of balayage will be more noticeable.

  • Dia Richesse (shade 7.31 Honey Vanilla), L'Oréal Professionnel

    An option for brunettes with warm hair undertones is caramel shade 7.31 from L'Oréal Professionnel's Dia Richesse line. Thanks to him, you can create a glare effect - the same that appears on the hair under the sun, when the strands are in motion and the reflected light shimmers on the curls.

  • Préférence Permanent Hair Color (shade 6.35 Havana), L’Oréal Paris

    For girls with red hair, L'Oréal Paris's Havana variant of the Préférence shade collection can be a good choice if you want to give your color a little more volume and radiance.Resistant paint promises an effect of up to 8 weeks and shows up well even on fairly dark hair, so it is suitable for lightly lightening strands. You can not worry about the quality of your hair after dyeing: the product makes the strands soft, silky and radiant.

  • Colorista Permanent Gel, L'Oréal Paris

    Blondes who dream of trying balayazh with soft pink strands can take advantage of the paint from the Colorista Permanent Gel collection from L'Oréal Paris. The shade "Rose Gold" is perfectly manifested on blond hair. Moreover, it will suit both platinum blondes and those girls who have a warm shade of blond. In addition to the dye itself, the kit includes an intensive care mask, which is enough for six applications, so that your hair will receive additional care after the procedure.

    Check out what our readers think of Colorista Permanent Gel here.


Have you had a chance to try the balayage technique? Tell us about your impressions in the comments.