On a hot summer day, nail art with fruits will refresh like lemonade with ice

Summer manicure with pineapples in 2023 can be both bright and calm nude. Which one to choose is up to you.

When is a pineapple manicure appropriate?

Recently, prejudices regarding issues of style and beauty are becoming less and less. Therefore, you can wear even a manicure with a bold nail design anywhere and with anything - even with a trouser suit to the office.True, if the unity of style is important to you in your images, you still have to think in advance whether it is worth deciding on such a nail design.

Pineapple manicure is a typical summer manicure. Drawings with juicy pineapples in nail art are perfect for a beach holiday. At the same time, it is not necessary to make such a design solely for the sake of a trip to the sea. In the city in the summer, this manicure will also look appropriate.

Much depends on how exactly you make a pineapple manicure. If it has bright neon shades and glitter, then such a nail design will come in handy when creating an image for a party.

A pastel manicure with pineapple patterns, small and neat, can become part of a casual look.

Second, choose a neutral shade as the background, like Essie's Perfect Fit.

Ways to create a pineapple nail design

There are several ways to create a fruit manicure. Below we will show you step by step how to create a pineapple on your nails.

  1. Stickers

    With them, the drawings on the nails will be ready in a couple of minutes.This is the easiest way to create nail art. You only need to apply a base varnish, which will serve as a background for the picture. When the varnish is dry, you can transfer stickers or sliders to your nails, then it remains only to cover them with a top coat. In general, you can do without it: there are stickers with drawings on the entire nail, which you just need to fit to their shape, cutting off the excess.

  2. Stencils

    You can buy ready-made stencils or make them yourself - print small drawings of pineapple and cut along the contour. It is easy to work with them - apply to the nail plate, apply varnish on top, and then remove the stencil. The drawing is ready! It remains only to supplement it with decor, if necessary.

  3. Hand painted

    On the one hand, this is the most difficult option: you need artistic abilities. On the other hand, the result will turn out exactly the way you want.


How to draw a pineapple on nails: step by step photo tutorial

  1. Preparation

    To make nail art look good on nails, they must be neat and well-groomed. Adjust the shape, soften and push back the cuticle - so the manicure will turn out "clean" .

    After degrease the nail plate and apply a base coat on it. When it dries, you will need two more colored layers under the drawing. Useful tips for creating a manicure at home you will find in this video.

  2. Creating a drawing

    When the background layers of varnish dry, you can start creating a picture. First draw an oval in yellow, which will be the main part of the pineapple. Add a few green strokes with sharp "tails" to it - this is how the leaves will turn out.

    And then, using a thin brush and brown varnish, draw a grid with rhombuses over the oval, repeating the texture of a tropical fruit. Place a small dot in each diamond. With the same color, you can add a couple of strokes to the image of the leaves or circle them along the contour. You can do a manicure with a pineapple on one finger, create a pineapple with rhinestones on your nails, or, for example, combine white nails with pineapple designs.

  3. Fixing

    When the design is dry, apply a top coat on the nails and, if necessary, drying - for example, special drops from Essie.


Pineapple Fashion Design Ideas for Short Nails

Golden pineapples

Pineapple drawings already promise to be the main element of your manicure, but you can make it even more noticeable and brighter if you decorate this fruit with gold varnish or gold sparkles. If you only have pineapple designs on a couple of nails, then you can decorate the rest with gold details.

Pastel pineapple manicure

In tropical manicure options, which include pineapple patterns, bright colors usually serve as the basis.Replace them with soft pastel shades and then your nail art will be a harmonious addition to most looks, and not just beach party outfits.

Pineapple Moonlight French

With the help of "pineapple" patterns, you can breathe new life into French manicure and moon design in a classic design. Decorate the holes or tips of the nails with the tops of pineapples - so that the leaves "look" towards the hole.

Matte pineapple manicure

For the most attention to color in your manicure, ditch the glossy finish. Apply a matte top coat over the pineapple design. This will allow the shades to show their saturation to the fullest. In addition, this way the drawings will be better "read" with all the small details.

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Pineapple manicure options for long nails: photo ideas

Concise pineapple manicure

When deciding to do a manicure with drawings, many are afraid that the result will be childishly frivolous and naive, and not elegant. To prevent this from happening, follow the principle of less is more. Let only one nail on each hand be decorated with a neat pattern (in our case, with a pineapple), while the others will have a solid color coating. For example, "On Style" by Essie.

Two-color pineapple manicure

Another idea for those who appreciate minimalism in manicure is to limit yourself to just two colors.In the case of a pineapple design, it would be wiser to choose a yellow tint as the background, and make the drawing, for example, in black. It will be convenient for them to outline the contours of the fruit, as well as to bring out all the small details in its design.

Pineapples on the tips of nails

Pineapple patterns can be used to create an accent on the tips of the nails - like in a French manicure. Only "alive" and more interesting. Draw the top or whole half of a pineapple on the tips so that it reaches the middle of the nails, and add leaves to it to complete the design.

Graphic pineapple

Design pineapples in a graphic manner to turn your design into real art with these drawings. It is not necessary that "masterpieces" be on every nail. Even one or two will be enough. They can be supplemented with coatings in the color of the pattern on other nails.

What designs do you choose for your summer manicure? Share your opinion!