Witches, skeletons, black cats and more in our selection of the best nail designs for the coming Halloween

Even if you are not going to celebrate All Saints Day, we advise you to study this article. Halloween manicure can be completely different, which means that you will definitely find images that you can bring to life at any other time of the year.

Halloween Manicure 2023 Fashion Trends

We can't be serious about Halloween 2023 nail trends, of course, but we've found a few fresh ideas that you can very well adopt this year.

  1. Use classic Halloween characters in your nail design, but let them look cute instead of scary. A colorful sugar skull, a smiling alien, a funny black cat, a wild but very cute ghost in general, you get the idea.

  2. Black and white manicure is one of the powerful trends of 2023, try to play it your own way in preparation for Halloween. For example, paint the faces of Dracula and Frankenstein's monster on your nails with black varnish (the latter can come with the bride). How it looks in real life is clearly shown in the photo below.

  3. Texture nail design requires painstaking work, but the result always looks very impressive, especially if you have long nails. Black manicure in this case will resemble snake skin from a distance.

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Trendy nail polish colors for All Saints Day - 2023

If we are talking about Halloween manicures, the most suitable shades of varnishes are black, orange and white. With their help, you can recreate almost any image that is traditionally associated with this holiday.


No dark shades in preparation for Halloween, you most likely can not do. Black nail polish is the easiest way to create a spooky themed manicure, and in some cases just one coat of nail polish is enough. To heighten the effect, complete the image with mysterious signs or inscriptions: the unknown and incomprehensible are always frightening.

Manicure with black polish can be very discreet and elegant. Take a closer look at the ideas below if you have a more formal event coming up the day after Halloween: with such nail art, both to the feast and to the world.


Use orange to paint a pumpkin, which every Halloween celebration is complete without. In addition, orange polish can also perform as a solo part: too cheerful for Halloween, but very festive (especially if you add sparkles or rhinestones to match!).


White nail polish is the perfect base for a minimalistic manicure that will be appropriate for Halloween and any other occasion.

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Actual techniques for creating Halloween nail designs

A few manicure ideas for those who are not afraid of difficulties.


Decorate the tips of your nails with miniature pumpkin designs or intricate black stripes. It does not look gloomy, but it supports the idea of \u200b\u200bthe holiday.

Lunar manicure

The concept is the same as in the classic jacket: place images of the main characters of Halloween near the holes of the nails. Or separate the lower part of the nail in another original way - for example, as shown in these photos.

Drawings and stickers

In terms of symbolism, perhaps only the New Year can compete with Halloween, and this fact should be taken into account. Draw images of Jack Skellington, bats and crazy clowns on your nails, imitate blood smudges, bruises and scars - the more believable the better!

Cat Eye Manicure

The magnetic manicure technique is great for Halloween nail designs. Moreover, you can use varnishes of any color - such nail art always looks mysterious.

Another unusual manicure technique that you may find useful is the marble manicure. How to make it yourself, look at the video.

Halloween Manicure 2023 for Short Nails

Halloween manicure is associated primarily with long nails (like a canonical witch). But short nails can also be an excellent base for an original and memorable nail design for All Saints Day. How can you decorate your nails for Halloween 2023?

Spider web and spider

The miniature spider has spread its neat webs - such a nail design, you see, looks very touching.


Wash scary bloody messages, short quotes from horror movies and lyrics to your darkest songs on your nails. Well, or just congratulate others on All Saints Day.


A rare Halloween-themed horror film does without blood - support this motif in your nail design (you only need red polish). Well, if you are not too bloodthirsty, use berry and shining shades in your manicure: such “smudges” look more like jam from afar.


Devil fire is another great motif that pushes you to create an unusual Halloween nail design. Decorate the tips of the nails with flames, as in the photo example below.

Black cat

You won't be able to scare anyone with this manicure, but you will definitely be in the spotlight.

Nail design on long nails: Halloween photo ideas

Halloween 2023 long nails provide more room for maneuver: we tell you how to use them to the maximum and what to draw on the nail plate.


The pumpkin image certainly looks great on nails of any length, but if you have long nails, you can create a whole plot canvas! See examples below.

Blood smudges

On long nails, dripping red drops look far less harmless than on short ones. And that's a big plus when it comes to Halloween manicures.


You can draw the whole skeleton on the nail - or literally disassemble it bone by bone, focusing on the skull. Look for inspiration in the photo examples below.


Wrap each nail with cobwebs or “cover” only one with a thin mesh - in any case, it will turn out stylish. And terribly beautiful!

What manicure will you do for Halloween 2023? Leave a comment!