This trend is the exact opposite of the ombre fashion technique. And one more original opportunity to combine two favorite colors at once in hair coloring

Many find it difficult to decide on coloring even in natural tones. But there are those who cannot imagine themselves without changing their hair color - and the bolder and more original this color, the better! If you've tried a lot already (from ombre, contrasting strands and colored tips to neon roots), then split-coloring will give you new sensations.

What is split coloring?

This is a technique in which the hair is divided into two sections to be dyed separately - in different colors. Most often, for split-coloring, they make a classic parting in the middle; the result is a two-tone look with different shades on the right and left sides of the parting. To create split hair, as a rule, bright and contrasting colors are used: blue and pink, purple and acid green, lilac and mint. But you can choose a more relaxed combination - for example, the color of milk chocolate and blond. Or, for example, do split hair coloring with black and white, combine blond with brown or red with black.

True, the majority still prefers to dye their hair using the split technique, using catchy unusual shades. Like "Neon Mermaid" by L'Oréal Paris.

In fact, there are many options for split-coloring. It is not necessary to make a straight straight parting.Divide your hair into sections of your choice. You can, for example, separate the upper layers of the strands from the lower ones, make a diagonal parting, or create not two, but three or more color blocks. The result depends entirely on how far your imagination can go.

Who is split coloring suitable for?

To say that this technique can be contraindicated for someone is impossible. Some girls are crazy about split hair, and someone thinks the idea of dyeing hair, dividing it with a parting, in different colors is crazy. Not sure if split color will look good on you? Well, this is a matter of taste, but you will certainly be inspired by people who are not afraid of bright coloring and boldly experiment with their image.

If you like your natural hair color or a recent coloring, leave this shade on top. Separate the lower strands, making a horizontal parting at the back at the level of the ears, and additionally color only them. If you are ready to transform completely, then a standard split with a parting will do.Read about the color trends for 2023-2024 here.

Split-coloring technique for hair of different lengths

For short hair

Girls with short, boyish pixie cuts can come up with many different split hair styles. The division of the hair into sections in their case will be clearly visible. Consider the shape of these sections. Making a straight parting is as easy as shelling pears, but there are more original solutions. For example, a straight line can be replaced with a zigzag. Or separate the wide hairline from the face and thus get a colored frame for it, and dye the main part of the hair at the back in a different shade.

For medium length hair

If you have a shoulder-length bob or, say, an elongated bob, then the split-color approach should be a little different.

We need to think about how the result will look not only on loose hair, but also in the hairstyle.

In addition to the usual split, you can try the option with the separation of a wide strip of strands near the face. As well as a horizontal split with the creation of a contrast between the strands of the upper and lower layers.

For long hair

Girls with long hair can safely use the same split-color options that are relevant for medium hair. One of the most “safe” options is a split with an emphasis on strands framing the face. This technique allows you to leave the original color on the bulk of the hair.

However, if you use a proven dye with a mild formula and know how to care for your hair after the procedure, you can dye your hair entirely. By the way, if the hair is long, then split coloring with an ombre effect will look interesting: choose your own color scheme for each side and create a transition from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter one at the tips.

Trendy split color ideas

Parted split

This is the basic version. Make a parting and dye your hair to the right and left of it in different shades. Even if in life you comb your hair back or throw it to one side, the result will look beautiful and spectacular anyway.

Split in natural shades

It is not necessary for the sections you divide your hair into to be the same width. One may be more, the other less. And it is not necessary to use bright, catchy colors. You can choose shades from the natural range. Dark chestnut on one side, blond on the other. This is the perfect color for those who can't decide which is better - to be a blonde or a brunette.


You can "remain yourself" on one side, and dye the other part of your hair in one of the neon shades.To avoid the usual two-tone coloring, “hide” a few contrasting strands in the middle layers of neon hair. They can be additionally decorated with an ombre effect with iridescent tints.

Split color with gradient

You can create an ombre effect on each side separately. To preserve the contrast between the two sections, use shades from the corresponding color range for each side of the gradient.

Split hair with bangs accent

If you wear bangs, then in your split coloring you can highlight it with color. And also grab a couple of strands from the face. The shade of the main mass of hair can not be changed. Or, if you want, paint in a contrasting shade.

Split with light strands near the face

If you don't have bangs, do something else. Separate the strands from the face and paint in a contrasting shade.Brunettes can lighten them. And blondes - experiment and complement your image with colored strands. Blue, purple, lilac, turquoise, mint, pink - these and many other shades will do.


What do you need for split hair coloring?


For temporary split-coloring, you can use products like Colorista Washout from L'Oréal Paris, which are washed off after several shampooing sessions.

Check out what our readers think of Colorista Washout here.


And for a result that will last for a long time, you need a permanent dye. Pay attention to The Vivids line from the Color Sensations collection.

And unusual shades from Garnier's Olia collection - Metallic Pink and Neon Pink.

It is important to remember that if you chose a bright shade or light pastel, and your natural color is dark, then the hair will first need to be bleached.

Dye cans, brush, disposable gloves

You will need at least two containers for mixing the compositions, because there will also be two dyes, or even more. With a special wide brush it is convenient to apply paint both on the roots and along the length of the hair. And gloves will help protect the skin of the hands from staining in the process.

Split comb

It is important that this is a comb with a “tail”: it will help to neatly divide the hair into sections.

Fat cream

Apply this product to your face along the hairline so that the paint that gets on it can be easily washed off. Suitable, for example, Nutritic Intense Riche from La Roche-Posay.


It is usually applied to the hair after the dye has been washed off; such a balm is often included in coloring kits.

How to dye your hair at home: step by step photo instructions

  1. Preparation

    Get the supplies and tools you need. Everything should be at hand. Prepare the dye for application to the hair (ideally it should be tested on a small area of skin the day before dyeing): most home kits include cream dye and developing milk, they will need to be mixed. Once you've done that, drape a towel over your shoulders, put on your gloves, and get to work with the hair dye.

    By the way, experts advise dyeing your hair a day or two after washing.

  2. Applying paint

    Divide your hair into sections according to your split color scheme. First, apply the paint on one part of the hair (at this time it is better to collect the second half with an elastic band or fix it with a hairpin), then on the other. Make sure that two shades of paint do not mix with each other on the parting line. Next, you need to wait for the time indicated in the instructions. This is usually around 20-30 minutes. Then wash off the dye. Useful coloring tips you will find in this video.

  3. Result

    As a rule, household home dye is recommended to be washed off until the water stops staining. As soon as it becomes clean and transparent, you can proceed to applying a balm that fixes the shade on the hair. After keeping the balm on the hair for the time specified in the instructions, rinse it off. Now you can dry and style your hair to fully appreciate your new look.


Hair care after dyeing

It's no secret that hair needs special care after dyeing. Even gentle formulas dry them out a bit.

Therefore, at least once a week, “nourish” your hair with masks, use indelible balms and oils. And for cleansing - only products for colored hair. Their composition is designed so that the products do not wash out the pigment from the hair and allow you to maintain the brightness of the color for a long time. Consider, for example, Kiehl's Sunflower Shampoo.

Do you think split coloring is a good idea? Do you like this trend? Write a comment.